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My 2 friends and I.

My two friends Steven, Kevin and I always did everything together. We hung out, we would hunt, we would go on vacations with each others families we were together it seemed like every day. One day they both came over and we were going to go hunting Steven and I always hunted together and kevin would go about 350 yards in another part of the woods. When Steven and I got to our spot we were sitting for about an hour when Steven started asking me about girls I have dated and then he asked me if I have ever seen anyones cock. I told him yes and they were all decent sized and I could see he was starting to grow from the stories of me being flashed by cocks. After awhile it got dark and the three of us went back to Steven's house. We all watched a movie in his room, played some video games and then were going to go to bed. We were all laying down in the dark and then Steven lit up a flash light and knowing that me and Kevin would look he flashed us his cock. It was a couple inches from being soft. We all laughed and then I pulled out my soft cock about the same size. Then Kevin said he did not want to and we said ok. He was afraid we would laugh. We told him we wouldn't. He said ok pulled down his shorts and he had about a 3 inch uncut cock, hard. We didn't laugh and Steven grabbed ahold of it and was jerking it. He then started to get hard and he grew a nice big banana curved dick. My cock was still dangling out of my shorts but it was beginning to grow. Jack's eyes grew big as he watched my cock start to grow bigger and bigger. He then says "Your HUGE!" I said "no I'm not I am just as big as you he said ok and started to jerk me. I made him let go I got off the bed and onto my knees. Steven and Kevin both came over to me and I ttook turns sucking on there cocks tasting their pre cum. They were moaning so loud as I deep throated their cocks. Steven then layed me on my back put my legs over his shoulders and jammed his fat cock into my ass. I screamed in pain and pleasure. Kevin then came over and put his little cock into my mouth and I sucked him off while he sucked me while I was being fucked. Kevin then blew a pretty big load of tasty cum on my face and into my mouth. He then sat back and watched Steven gape me open and then I felt a surge of warmth as Steven unloads a huge load of cum into me. He moaned pulled out and I cleaned his cock off with my mouth and tongue. Steven then sucked me until I blew into his throat and he swallowed it down.

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