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Slavegirl Island 3.3

Chapter Three (Part Three)


When we went back to the Training Room, we put the girls through postures Number 3 and 4. Though shivering and in shock, they were rather more co-operative. The switches were potent in achieving this. While they weren’t going through their postures, I spent a good deal of the time mauling them. Breasts and buttocks got my attention. So did each cunt. titillated them; stuck a finger in. They got frantic, trying to escape. No way! That kind of thing is excellent for emphasising that a girl is truly a slave. You can possibly imagine what it was like for newly arrived girls to have a hulking brute like myself treat them in that fashion.
Midday arrived.
Time for their first Punishment Session. Time for three of them, at least. The docile Hannah was being spared.
“As I told you earlier,” said Miss Valdi, “on account of your insolent language, you are going to get your first taste of a real cane. Mr. Conrad here will give it to you. Hannah has shown a certain amount of respect, so she will stay where she is.”
I saw panic in their eyes. Could this truly be happening?
Yes... oh yes... it could!
I unchained Lara, Debbie and Kirsten, then led them on collars and chains out of the Training Room. We made our way along the passage-way to the Punishment Room. It was a journey they were going to make frequently in the next few weeks. I heard them sobbing and choking behind me as I led
them along. The high double doors. In we went. There was the Punishment
Block. So very evident. A smattering of guests who looked with interest at our charges, probably realising they were newcomers. I chained each one to he wall. Two more slaves were brought in and chained alongside them. Our three charges were weeping incessantly.
“Take out their gags for the time being,” said Miss Valdi. “I’d like to hear them sing.”
“I agree,” I said.
I removed the ball-gags and great heaving sobbing groans came from all three girls. They exercised their strained jaws. Miss Valdi smiled.
“That’s right, take full advantage while you can. Those gags are going back shortly.”
“Ohhhh... n-no... p-please...”
“P-please stop... oh we’ve done nothing...”
“Ohhh... ohhh... we don’t deserve this...”
All three were quite distraught. I would have been surprised if it had been otherwise. What else could one expect really?
“I’ll give it to them,” I said to Miss Valdi.
“Just as you please,” she answered. I think she was a little put out but, as senior Overseer, it was my right to make such a decision. Her turn would come. The Chief Overseer entered dead on time. Her steely gaze ran over our three.
“Newly arrived?” she enquired.
“Yes, Ma’am,”
“The usual insolence and disobedience?”
“Yes, Ma’am.”
She nodded. “Well then, the normal introductory punishment. Twelve strokes of the Number 3 cane for each.”
“Very good, Ma’am.”
Miss Valdi was already unchaining young Debbie and dragging her, shrieking, to the Punishment Block. I lent a little assistance and we soon had the girl pilloried and her bottom nicely uplifted. I took out the designated rod and swished it a few times. Here was a girl who, for the first time in her life, was going to know the meaning of true pain. Those switch cuts might have seemed painful but they would not compare with strokes from a real cane.
“Stooo... oppp... stooo... oppp...” she was yelling, “how can you... oooohhhh... I... I am a British citizen... stoooo... opppppp!”
A young British citizen got the cane hard across the centre of her backside. It impressed her no end. There were a series of heaving intakes of breath, followed by a series of yells of pain.
“One,” announced Miss Valdi, “eleven to come.”
I gave Debbie the second, really good and hard. The same kind of sounds erupted from her, but even more intensely. Now Debbie must already be aware that all that had been told her was true. That, as a slave, she must submit and obey. Or else. At first, she couldn’t bring herself to believe it.
Now she had no option to believe it. Pain was bringing home the truth to her. With the greatest pleasure, I caned that tightly-rounded young bottom, laying on six strokes from the left and six from the right. The girl’s screams were ear-splitting. Lara and Kirsten, as they watched, must have been in a delirium of terror. Precisely the same was going to happen to them. Debbie was released and was taken back to the wall. Her crumpled face, wet with tears, was almost unrecognisable.
Despite what had been done to her, I knew she would rebel again in the near future. She simply wouldn’t be able to help herself.
Miss Valdi led out Lara. She of the sumptuous bottom. It was a bottom well worth caning and I did so with the utmost pleasure. It was a bigger and softer bottom than Debbie’s. A true delight. I knew, whatever happened to her later, Lara would not forget her first caning. A slave-girl never does.
Or so I have been told.
Kirsten was the last on my list. The girl I fancied most out of the four of them. All the same, that did not mean I would spare her in any way. I caned her just as hard as I had caned Debbie and Lara. She sang most prettily; most lustily.
I gazed with the utmost satisfaction on the twin-tracked stripes I had raised across her curvaceous posterior. Lovely...lovely... lovely!
Then, after the other two girls had been punished (two moderate strappings), Miss Valdi and I led our charges away, re-inserting the gags and chaining them up in the Initial Training Room.
Hannah looked without compassion on the weal-striped rumps we had brought back. They choked, they whimpered, they snowed. Bulging eyes pleaded. All to no avail. We left them to suffer.
Miss Valdi and I returned to the Training Room at three o’clock in the afternoon. They would have had a nice rest.
If you can rest in chains! The three gagged slaves were drooling copiously. Certainly they had a very strong desire to have those gags taken out. You could see it by the pleading in their eyes and the way they shook their heads.
“Getting uncomfortable, is it?” enquired Miss Valdi, surveying them with satisfaction. “Making the jaw ache, eh? Well, perhaps it will teach you not to be so insolent again in the future. Now, we are going to go through the various postures again, just like this morning. But you will do them
altogether.” Miss Valdi smiled.
“And let me tell you at the outset, if there is any resistance or disobedience, you will be down in the Punishment Room and Mr. Conrad will be giving you a second caning.” Their eyes bulged further, dilating
with terror.
“Is that not so, Mr. Conrad?”
“It certainly is, Miss Valdi,” I replied, “and may I say what a great deal of pleasure it gives me to cane the bottom of any girl who is disobedient.” I moved forward and fondled Lara’s breasts.
“You didn’t sound as if you enjoyed it”. She twisted and turned frantically but there was no escaping my mauling. Then I ran a finger between her cunt lips and she twisted even more frantically.
“I’m afraid you’ve got to get used to this kind of attention,” I grinned. “As Miss Valdi informed you, your body no longer belongs to you.”
Then, one by one, I released them and ordered them into
posture Number 1. There was none of the fuss and nonsense we bad had during the morning session. They all got down and got their hindquarters high right away, with thighs well splayed. It is amazing what just one good caning can do. Actually, it seemed to me that Debbie was not splaying sufficiently, so I gave her a couple of cuts with my switch.
“Wider!” I ordered. She splayed very wide indeed. We kept them there for ten minutes. Kirsten began to sob. I would have loved to have fucked her there and then, but it was not the pattern of training. After the posture training, there would be sucking sessions. Then, finally, I would fuck
each one of them. In fact, each girl would have to beg me to fuck her. Very amusing that. Most satisfying.
“You will probably have realised why you are here by now,” said Miss Valdi, strolling up and, lightly flicking each rump as she passed, making them flinch and quiver with dread.
“You are here to be trained both as domestic and sex slaves. You will scrub and clean; you will wait upon guests. You will also service guests, both men and women, in whatever way they wish.”
The three girls shuddered violently. Kirsten sobbed louder.
“You will be trained in the sexual arts by Mr. Conrad and myself. He, of course, will be able to fuck any one of you whenever he so wishes.”
These, I thought, could not have been pleasant words for those girls to hear.
“Posture Number 2.” I ordered at last. They all stood and bent over in the obligatory fashion. Even in so short a time, they had started to be obedient. I went to Kirsten and titillated her cunt.
“I am particularly looking forward to fucking you, my girl,” I said.
Kirsten jerked up, falling to her knees as she tried to evade me. I gave her two hard cuts.
“Bend over,” I said.
She managed to do so. I fondled her again... and once more she twisted away from me. Two more cuts.
“If you do that again, slave, I’ll give you a damn good caning this evening,” I said.
“Get up and bend over.” Heaving with sobs, Kirsten managed to f***e herself to do so. I grinned at Miss Valdi as I parted the cunt lips. Kirsten shuddered and shook violently, but did not actually try to evade me. I was
satisfied. Another step down the slope of submission.
In the same way, I fondled each of the other three. Hannah was completely submissive. Again, I wondered if she was enjoying it. Debbie and Lara behaved very much as Kirsten had done and got several stinging cuts as well as a threat of a caning. In the end, they submitted reasonably well to my
attentions. Satisfying. Very satisfying.
Admirably demonstrating the power of pain.
During the next hour, we went through all the postures.
The girls gave the minimum of trouble. Then we did it all over again. I repeatedly fondled them, feeling them shudder with revulsion... except Hannah. It was all part of their training, having to submit to such things. These posture exercises would continue for four days, by which time, each
girl should be body-perfect in performing them. This discipline was important, ensuring that it was unlikely that they would fail under stress when having to perform them before a guest for the first time.
After the posture exercises, the sexual training would start. Cock sucking to begin with. Need I say that that was a part of their training I very much enjoyed. It is also a part of training that every slave-girl finds most difficult.
The exercise over, they were allowed to stand. We did not even chain them. That was already unnecessary. Each girl now knew that, if she did not stand, posture or move as she was told, she would feel a switch. And possibly be sent for a real caning.
“I think we’ll have the gags out now,” said Miss Valdi.
“Followed by some apologies.” Oh the look of relief in three pairs of eyes, two blue, one brown.
I removed the rubber ball gags and there were happy groans as stretched jaw-muscles were relaxed. How glad they were that that was over. Yet, in fact, they had only been gagged for a few hours. Being gagged for twenty four hours is something else.
Miss Valdi went to Lara.
“Now, slave,” she said, “while your Overseer was rightly shaving your cunt, you had the temerity to call him a ‘b**st’ and a ‘filthy swine’. For
that you were gagged and you will now go to your knees and apologise to him.”
Lara looked bemused and bewildered for a moment. Miss Valdi slashed her switch across the front of the girl’s thighs and, with a breathless cry, Lara fell to her knees, breasts bouncing delightfully.
“Right, Lara. Now say - I apologise, Sir, for my insolent language.”
Lara croaked out the apology, mouth quivering.
“‘I deserved to be gagged...’”
Lara said it.
“‘And to be caned by my Overseer...’”
Again Lara said it, her voice quavering. She was obviously in mortal dread, knowing now that virtually anything could be done to her.
“Kiss your Overseer’s feet...”
Lara hesitated, looking up appealingly. Miss Valdi slashed her switch across a pair of lovely breasts and a high-pitched scream echoed round the room. Lara clasped her juddering orbs but, at the same time, bent and kissed my feet. Most gratifying. The girl was learning.
Miss Valdi moved to a sobbing Debbie. She was massaging her jaw.
“Hands down!” snapped Miss Valdi. Debbie quickly dropped her hands, gulping in dread.
“Debbie,” said Miss Valdi. “I think you expressed a wish to see the British Consul. You will, by now, have realised the futility of that. All the same, you will apologise for it. Kneel.”
Debbie, sweet sixteen, knelt before me, trembling uncontrollably. Doubtless the sight of my prick dangling about twelve inches away from her, was rather disturbing!
“Say - ‘I apologise for my absurd request and my insolent language.’”
Debbie said it, with obvious reluctance. I moved fractionally nearer to her.
“Perhaps, slave,” I said, “you would like to kiss my cock, just to show how sorry you really are.”
At that, something seemed to snap in Debbie. Her head went down and she hammered on the floor with her fists, quite berserk.
“M-Monsters... monsters!” she shrieked. “I... I can’t stand any more... of this I CAN’T I CAN’T!”
Miss Valdi clicked her tongue. “Monsters, eh? She doesn’t seem to have learnt her lesson, does she Mr. Conrad?”
“I’m afraid not,” I said sorrowfully.
“I think it is time for the pear-gag,” said Miss Valdi.
“I quite agree with you...”
Debbie, distraught, tried to scrabble away, but Miss Valdi caught her by the hair and hauled her up. “You’ve asked for it, girl, so you’re going to get it. This time perhaps you will learn to watch your tongue.”
I was already on the way with the heavy iron pear-gag, which was serrated all the way round. The customary thump in the belly ensured a wide-gaping mouth and in went the gag.
Debbie choked violently and her eyes came out like organ stops. She snorted and snorted, wildly shaking her head. It was too much... oh much, too much!
“Twelve hours with that in your mouth should cure you of your insolence,” said Miss Valdi. “Not to mention a caning this evening,” I added. Debbie’s eyes rolled back. I thought she was going to faint but she didn’t.
“Quite so,” said Miss Valdi.
We came to Hannah.
“You have nothing to apologise for, as it happens,” I said.
“Thank you, Sir,” said the darkie meekly. “May I speak, Sir?”
“You may...”
“May I, Sir... to show my respect... kiss your prick?”
“Your request is granted,” I said to Hannah. She knelt before me, and lightly kissed my prick several times. Then she stood again. I moved to Kirsten, seeing the look of shocked horror on her face.
“You’ll be doing that before long,” I said. A rictus spasm contorted her lovely face.
“Kneel,” barked Miss Valdi. Kirsten knelt before me. Her eyes were closed. Obviously she could not bear to look upon my manhood. It was going to be a real delight to get my cock into her mouth and have her suck me in the way I wanted.
“Apologise for your insolent language.”
Kirsten, sobbing again, apologised. It was all rather satisfying. A first day of training, and it had gone well.
Of course, it wasn’t yet over for Debbie. She had the iron gag stretching her jaw and twelve more strokes would shortly be laid across her young bottom. On collars and chains, we led all four out of the Training
Room and back to the large, single cell they occupied. All four were then heavily chained - neck, wrists ankles – and left on their hard bunks. They would have a lot to think about during the long night ahead.
Their first night of true slavery.
Debbie was still making heavy choking sounds as I closed
the door and pulled the bolts.


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