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Unforgettable Date with Wife

Let me begin by saying me and my wife have been married for 15 years and are happily married . Our sex life has been wonderful. When I met her she was pretty reserved sexually, but over the years, she has become more openminded. Well the other night my wife surprised me, she sent the k**s to their granparents and planned a date for us. She met me at the door in a short sexy dress. I immediately pulled her to me and grabbed her plump booty, and to my surprise,she was not wearing any panties. It has always been a fantasy of mine for her to go pantiless on one of our dates. My wife use to say that only dirty women would go without panties in public, well tonight, she was my dirty girl.

As soon as we got in the car, I could not keep my hands off her. I kept trying to play with her pussy, but she kept slapping my hands away. She wanted to wait until after we ate dinner because she did not want to smell like sex in the restaurant. All through dinner, all I could think about was my wife sitting next to me with no panties on. I knew her pussy would be soaking wet with anticipation. After the waitress picked up my credit card to pay for the dinner, my wife grabbed my hand and placed it on her freshly shaved wet pussy. I slowly slide my fingers into her juicy pussy and she tried to grind her pussy on my hand without drawing attention, but the waitress returned with my credit card.

As soon as we got in the car, she placed her feet on the dash and spread her pussy for me. I could see the light from the parkinglot lightpole glistening off her wet pussy. I finally got to see my wife's pussy totally shaven and it really turned me on. She suggested we start heading home, which was over an hour away. I was fingering her pussy and driving down the road, when a car began to pulled up beside us at a red light. My wife immediately pulled her feet from the dash and tried to act like nothing was going on. I told her not to worry that they could not see her through the tinted windows.

As we got on the interstate, I told her to lay her seat back and i would let her know when a car was pulling up beside us. She placed her feet back up on the dash of the car and pulled the top of her dress down, revealing her 36dd breasts. As we passed each street light, I was so turned on seeing my wife spread out naked in the passengers seat of our car and the possibility of someone seeing my wife naked.

My wife leaned over and started unzipping my pants while I was driving. She looked around to see if any one was close and the she wrapped her lips around my throbbong cock. There was my wife wih her ass up in th air sucking my cock while we I drove down the intertstate. I glanced in the rearview mirror and noticed a 18 wheeler coming up on the passenger side of our car. I struggled with what to do. Do i warn her or do I act like I was lost in the monent and did not notice the trucker? Well, the thought of a trucker seeing my wife with her ass in the air sucking my cock was too much. As the truck pulled up beside us, I thrusted my cock deeper in her mouth and started rubbing my finger on her puckered asshole. She began to push her ass against my finger and my finger slowly entered her asshole. By this time, I was sure the trucker was getting a good view because he was staying right beside us.

About a minute passed before she realized that the truck was right beside us. She jumped back in her seat and asked me why I did not tell her about the trucker, and my response was that it was hard to pay attention while getting a blowjob. She asked me why it did not bother me for someone to see her naaked, and it said it was not like we were going to see him again. I reached down to finger her pussy again and noticed a large wet spot on the passenger's seat. I told her she must have liked it because her pussy was so wet that she left a puddle on the seat.

After a few minute, she was sucking my cock again with her ass up in the air. I warned her that another truck was comin up on her side but she did not move. She just sucked my cock harder and reached and rolled down the window on her side so the trucker could get a better view. By this time, I could not hold it anymore, and I shot my load down my wife's throat. She turned over with her head still in my lap and placed her feet on the window sill of her door. She raised her pussy up higher and started fingering her pussy while I fondled her breast and pinched her hard nipples. I have never ben so turned on in my life.

The show only lasted a few minutes before we had to exit the interstate. My wife and I were so horny and still had to drive another 30 miles before we got home. I could not wait that long. I laid my seat back as far as i could and still drive, and my wife straddled my throbbing cock. That was the wettest my wife's pussy has ever been. Here I was fucking my wife while driving down the road and her sexy breasts were bouncing for everyone that passed to see. My wife later admitted that she had always fantasized about having sex in front of strangers. Hopefully, we can do it again real soon.

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