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Stopping by

The other day I had business to take care of a few hundred miles from home. My Wifes s****r lives near there so I figured I would surprise her with an overnight visit. She is super sweet and although 10 years my senior she is hot as fuck, 5'10, 135 lbs, blonde hair with gorgeous blue eyes, 38dd tits (she has flashed me accidentally in the past), and a white girls version of the now famous Kim Kardashan ass!

I was excited to see how things would go because we have had some "sexy encounters" in the past. While never touching in a sexual manner or trying to fuck, there have been several occasions when I ended up very hard and excited and even a couple where I secretly shot my load (sort of secretly anyway! ;)).

Her place was at an exclusive downtown building with a fantastic view of the local mountains. After several hours (playing with myself a bit along the way in anticipation) I arrived at Sissy's place. She answered the door in a short pair of Daisy Duke cutoffs and a little tiedye tanktop excentuating her large beautiful breasts. We hugged and she gave me an extra squeeze that was a preview of what was to come. God she looked good! "I just got out of the shower" she said. I noticed the obscured bathroom window was open to the outside. Damn, I thought, if I would have arrived 20 minutes earlier I could have watched her shower through the open window from the driveway.

She opened the fridge and slowly bent over retrieving a cold beer for me as I starred at her big round ass. I love her ass. It's definitely wider than her little s****rs but looks o so inviting! We sat down and I noticed her breasts were sagging very low in her little tank top. No bra this evening...just how I like to see em!

I was exausted and stretched out on the hide a bed in Sissy's living room after she prepared it for me. It was great watching her bend over and tuck in the sheets, her large breasts swinging to and fro as she scampered around the bed finishing it up for me.

I could see down the hall and into her bedroom. The door was open and I was hoping to catch a glimpse of her fantastic body as she changed for bed. My cock grew erect and hard under the weight of my stomach. I caught just a little bit of her backside as she turned out the light and went to bed. Oh my cock was throbbing as I drifted off to sl**p fantasizing...

My piss boner was Huge. Those beers went right thru me. I climbed out of bed and headed down the hall twords the bathroom to relieve myself. My cock stood at attention gently slapping my thighs as I quietly snuck down the hallway in the dark. Sissy had left her door wide open I noticed as I went into the next doorway and took my pee. My eyes were adjusting to the darkness now.

I walked out of the bathroom and paused in Sissy's open bedroom doorway. Slowly I started to pump my cock staring into her bedroom. Oh my god, she was buck naked stretched out across the length of the bed with her big ass facing me! I had not noticed before when I passed by as my eyes were not adjusted to the darkness! Now, you have heard the expression "my heart was pounding" before....But, My Heart WAS Pounding so fucking hard! Her ass looked amazzzzing in the moonlight. I was stunned like a Deer in the headlights of a truck. I didn't know what to do and time froze. I couldn't breath as I thought the sound of my breath might wake her. I was going to pass out. My cock was harder than ever. Again I wrapped my hand around the base of my shaft and started pumping my huge swollen purple dick slowly and deliberately. Oh my god what if she wakes up?! Faster I pumped it now oh god it was throbbing I could feel my heartbeat in my cock and in my head!!!

"You can turn the light on if you want." she said her face burried in her pilow.


I froze with mu huge throbbing member still in my hand.

"That's ok" I managed to quietly say as I made a quick exit down the hall.

Holy Shit!

I climbed back into the bed she had so sexily made for me my heart pounding and my stil erect cock throbbing like you cannot beleive.

Confusion. I was so confused. I can never cheat on my wife I love her so much. But god, Sissy has me so turned on I thought to myself and cum shot across my stomach...

The alarm went off at 5:45 and Sissy handed me a cup of coffee. Not a word was said.

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