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Sissy comes over

My wife and I had a little cabin at the oceann for the week. Her s****r was out of work and had some time off, so Holly told Sissy she should come on out and stay a couple nights with us. Sissy had broken up with her boyfriend some time ago and had not got out much since.

We had a great day visiting, drinking, and smoking. I was tired and went to bed first. Our place was just a simple one room studio cabin. The wife and I would share the bed and Sissy would take a bunk. I rose as usual at O dark thirty and tried to silently make some coffee, as not to wake the girls. I was wearing my robe and my piss boner was sticking out front. I opened the front door of the cabin and took a huge arching piss off the front porch wondering if either of the s****rs was watching?

I left my robe open and stepped back inside to wait for coffee. I was feeling very horny and secretly hoped Sissy would roll over and see my cock at half mast hanging out the front of my open robe. It's not huge, but is a respectable eight inches and I can just get my hand around it.

I got the laptop out and started surfing amature porn while the coffee brewed. Both s****rs were still sl**ping peacefully as I pumped my now huge erect cock not six feet away in plain sight. I started looking for hot blondes like Sissy. And she is Hot. Sissy stands about 5'10", with flowing long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes, weighs around 135-145, and has Huge 38DD tits with light pink nipples (I have seen them)!

I surfed Milfs, Blondes, BBWs, Deepthroat, Anal, you name it...and was wacking my cock as quietly as I could just feet from my gorgeous wife and her sl**ping s****r. My wife is 5'8", with long black hair, deep brown eyes, weighs about 115, has 36C knockers, and a Kim Kardashian ass that just won't quit (so does Sissy just the blonde version)!

The coffee was ready now and so was I! Putting the laptop in sl**p mode, I got up flying my huge cock and poured myself a cup. Both girls were still sl**ping just feet from my precum leaking cock. Little strings of white precum hung off the tip off my dick as I stood starring at the s****rs.

I starred at Sissy. She was wearing a little tank top and black panties. The covers were thrown half way off her so I had a Pretty good view. Oh My God! She was motioning with her index finger the "come here" sign. Had she seen my huge cock? Was she watching me jack off looking at naked chicks who looked similar to her? My heart was FUCKING pounding in my chest. I couldn't breath. I looked over at my sl**ping wife, and back over at Sissy. My dick was about to burst!

I grabbed the camera and turned it on. I snapped some quick pics with my cock in them and Sissy half naked behind my cock, her mouth part way open as she slept.

It burst out of my dick arching over the corner of Sissys bunk. I was cumming like crazy as I shut the camera off my heart about to pound thru my chest.

Was she really sl**ping? Was my wife?

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