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The New Place

The wife and I bought our dream home just outside of town. It was a sprawling ranch house that needed tons of work! The view was to die for...

Paint was the first thing on the list and we started the project.

It was a very Hot summer day in the Gulf. My wifes s****r Sissy popped in to see us and our new place. We were now only about 75 miles apart.

Sissy is very thoughtful and offered to help with the paint project right away.

I didn't bring any work cloths though. Sissy said.

Holly asked me if I had a t shirt Sissy could paint in, and I said sure. Holly went down the hall and reappeared with a pair of old cut offs for Sissy.

We drank a beer and burned one. Sissy said I'll be right back and disappeared into the bathroom.

As she changed my wife pulled down my shorts and sucked on my cock and balls for about 60 seconds. It's a little game she plays with me from time to time, and I like it!

She tried to put my cock and balls back in my shorts as Sissy came down the hallway. DAMN she looked good! She is a bit bigger than my wife and the borrowed Daisy Duke cutoffs were skin tight on her 5' 9 " 140 pound body (my wife is only 5'6" and 115). Yes she has deep blue eyes And 36DD tits too.

She had an amazing camel toe and her plump thighs popped out of the legs of the too small and tight cutoffs. I'm pretty sure she saw the huge bulge in my shorts as she sat down beside me and took a toke.

The Shirt I loaned her was a thin old white t shirt
with the sleeves cut off and the neck cut out (basicly a loose fitting tank top).

Her breasts filled out the shirt very well and I couldn't help but notice she took her bra off when changing.

I told her Sissy you look great without your bra.

She slapped my leg in front of her s****r as she handed me the joint. Billy!

Holly shot me a quick dirty look also!

Jeez girls, just having fun I said. OK, lets get to work.

We painted away late into the evening and made sure to take plenty of smoke and drink breaks.
I also took plenty of peeks at Sissy's camel toe. The shorts were way to tight. She looked fucking delicious.

It was HOT. The weather had gotten up to 113 and the humidity wasn't helping.

I also kept looking at my s****r in Laws very large sweaty breasts in my thin white t shirt. We had work lights on in the house to paint by so I could see thru the now sweaty t shirt. God her tits looked so good. So long and thick hanging pretty low (almost to her waist)without her bra and her big pink nipples gently poked the fabric just enough to make my cock twitch and throbb.

As I looked up at Sissys face I saw that she had noticed my throbbing member in my shorts. She smiled at me and I took another hit trying not to blush.

OH BOY. I told the girls I was stepping out for some air. She was staring st my semi hard cock! It was hard to walk with my swollen member wanting out of my shorts. Especially because I was trying to hide it from my wife.

The fresh air felt great. I turned around and looked into the livingroom thru the picture window.

I could see both s****rs working hard inside the house. They were illuminated very well with the worklights and Sissys chest was becoming soaked with sweat. I had purposely given her my thinnest old t shirt and it was paying off big time.

It was still almost 90 out even at midnight now. I figured the girls could not see me in the dark out in the front yard.

I pulled my cock and balls out the top of my shorts and watched the beautiful s****rs working inside.

Their Mom has a very large ass and she passed it on to all her girls. Kim Kardashian has nothing on these girls...

I jerked my cock 15 feet outside the livingroom window watching as the girls bent over getting more paint on their rollers. Those asses side by side, mmmmmm. My cock was at a full eight inches now and so thick my hand would barely fit around it.

Sissys tits hung down about 14 to 16 inches from her chest when she bent over the paint tray. I could now make out her light pink areolas and nipples thru the sweat soaked shirt. The 1500 watt work lights made sure of that.

I have fantasized about Sissy for years. When I was a teen I wished she would walk in as her s****r was sucking my cock. I'd wish she was in the doorway masterbating as she watched us, or better yet sucking my balls as I fucked her little s****r in the f****y home.

Holly had now left the living room to take a pee and it was just Sissy painting away.

My head was spinning. My chest was Pounding. I was jacking off for all it's worth building up a huge load. Did I say Huge?

Sissy turned around and seemed to stare out the window right at my cock! I was caught!!!

Wait, I didn't think you could see outside with it being so dark.

I quickly f***ed my cock back into my shorts and tried to calm down. I took several deep breaths.

Walking back into the house I heard Sissy behind me. "It's huge" she whispered in a very sexy voice. I looked down and saw little white blobs of cum on the top of my shorts under my throbbing boner...

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