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He shows it to his s****r in Law

Whenever we are in town, we always like to see Sissy when we can. Holly is a gorgeous brunette with 36c tits and an ass to die for. Her big s****r Sissy is a hot blonde with 38d's and is just a bit taller

We had a very nice room and Sissy was going to stop by and smoke some with us. She had called and was running behind, but wanted to know if it was still ok to stop by (it was getting late and we were almost ready for bed). Holly told her "sure, come on up".

I was in bed when the knock at the door came. Holly let her s****r in and gave her a big hug.

Sissy leaned over the bed pressing her belly against my semi hard cock as she hugged me. I have fantasized about her countless times while screwing her s****r or having the cum sucked out of my cock.

I could see down her shirt and her beautiful 38d's welcomed me. "It's good to see you too Sissy" I told her as my cock grew against her tummy thru the thin sheets.

"Sorry I'm so late", she said to us both. "Come on in here" Holly said.

When we are in Hotels etc sneaking a puff or two, we always blow the smoke into the bathroom fan.

The s****rs headed into the bathroom closing the door almost all the way. It was still open about an inch and I could see the girls clearly thru the opening. Holly's back was to me as she loaded and Sissy was facing me looking over her s****rs shoulder.

My dick was fat and thick in my hand now with just a thin sheet covering it up. I pumped it as the girls visited not more than ten feet away. They took turns smoking as I stroked it faster and faster. I was staring at Sissy. Looking at her gorgeous blue eyes as I pumped my fat cock. I could also see my wifes Kim Kardashian ass!

The girls kept visiting as I eased the sheets down exposing my now throbbing eight inch member. I was still looking right at Sissy's face thru the crack in the door. Laying on my back in bed I shot a HUGE load of cum all over as I longed for the s****rs.

Did Sissy see it?!

I pulled up the sheets and drifted off to sl**p.

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