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Popping in on her s****r

We stopped in to say hi to my wifes oldest s****r one morning. Hey you two! She gave me big hug as I entered squishing her huge jugs against my chest. I could see down her incredible cleavage and let my hands rub across her silky night gown covered asscheeks. Now Tammy is a big girl. A fine BBW to be sure. She is a gorgeous brunette with impeccable taste. She always dresses to the nines. This morning she had on a tight black nightie that bareley covered her tits and ass. It was decorated with little pearls around the neck and bottom of the nightie that sat at the top of her thick thighs.

Her breasts are 38 to 40G at least. And her ass is spectacular!

"I'm just finishing up some stuff, have a seat" Tammy said. She was sitting at her computer in the dining room. I sat down next to the computer table next to her but facing her not the monitor.

She typed away as she visited with her s****r and I could not help but admire her fucking awesome tits and cleavage as she worked away.

Every once and a while she would spread her legs. Now this silky black nightie was very short. And she was sitting down facing me! I was only about 18 inches to her left and had a perfect view between her legs.

I think she knew I was watching! She spread them wider and I tried to see if I could smell her pussy as I sat next to her. I could catch faint wiffs as my cock twitched and stretched in my pants.

Again she spread her legs wider and then began opening and closing them a bit at a time, over and over again, as if she was opening and closing her pussy lips just for me! My wife stood back behind her visiting.

My cock was now fully erect in my pants for all who might care to glance at it.

There was a HUGE bulge in my Levi's.

Tammy's face was starting to turn reddish as she worked. She was still opening and closing her legs a couple times a second like a foot tapping nervously. I think she was getting off!

Occasionally she would glance twords my straining erection in my pants but act like she's not looking directly at it.

Finally she exhaled deeply and I think she may have orgasmed right at the computer while talking to her s****r and sitting next to me spreading her legs! I was soooooo turned on! That fucking naughty girl! I excused myself and went into the bathroom to jerk off.

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