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Leaving the Condos

It was 2AM and we were out of booze. Everyone was trashed for sure. It had been a great night and we'd been smokin tough. Man Ralph could grow some sickshit!

Kerry had been teasing me all night long. Lifting up her short skirt and flashing me when no one was looking. My dick had been drooling pre cum into my shorts all night.

We said Later to everyone and left the appartment.

It was a hot summer night. I pushed the button to the elavator and started rubbing Kerry's pussy lips thru her skirt as we waited. Ding, the doors opened and we walked in never taking my hand off her pussy. The doors closed and Kerry dropped to her knees and pulled my growing member out to suck it. As my head tilted back and I let out a moan I noticed a camera in the corner of the ceiling. How naughty!

Ding, the elevator doors opened on the ground floor and she kept sucking. It was late, but she just kept blowing me as if we were at home. I saw the Laundry Room down the hall and took her by the hand.

We walked in and the a washer and dryer were both on. Pretty late for laundry I thought to myself as Kelly jerked my dick. Sure enough, I see a security camera in the corner of the ceiling.

I grabbed Kelly by the hips ( she is a small lil hottie, 115 lbs with straight, long black hair, 34b bananna tits and a pear shaped ass) and set her on top of the washing machine that was in use.

Her pussy was wet. She had the perfect cameltoe under her skirt with a growing moist spot on her pink sparkled panties. I moved the fabric aside exposing her pouty lips and began rubbing her clit.

She was going crazy begging for my cock so I started rubbing it on her lips and clit. I slowly entered her parted lips as she moaned yes yes yes baby!

The washer went into spin cycle and seemed to be slightly unbalanced rocking back and forth.

I started fucking her Hard. Real Hard-as the washing machine spun the clothes inside.

Kelly was going nuts slamming her clit into my pubic hair over and over. I was standing. My balls slapped the front of the washer as she sat on it facing me taking my cock into her cum hungry hole. She was sopping wet and juicy. You could hear her pussy slurping up my dick with all her moisture and my pre cum. I heard the ding of the elevator down the hall so I knew I had better shoot it now. Some one would be walking past the entrance to the laundry room any minute!

I pulled her down off the machine and started fucking her mouth. She looked into my eyes as she choked, and gagged on my meat. I exploded with magnum f***e right down her throat. I looked up at the security camera of our frinds building, as I attempted to put my large cock back in my shorts. What a fucking turn on.

Kelly stood up and we kissed passionately. I could taste my cum on her tongue. But she was a good girl and had swallowed it ALL!

Hey you guys, we thought you were gone, our friends said to us glancing into the laundry room.

Just seconds before I was ejaculating into Kelly's very gorgeous mouth...

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