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Buck in the Big Easy Part II - First Time GILF

After my fun night with Ann, there were still a few days left on the trade show. I wanted to see Ann again, but the next night she had a company commitment and it didn't look like we'd get together. I saw her several times during the day - I was so horny just looking at her.

During the day, one of the sales reps from a competitor stopped by to chat, and let me know that they were having a little happy hour after the show closed for Linda - who was known as 'Grandma' - because she was closing in on 60 and had been on the road travelling for almost three decades. I decided I'd stop by - I had met her a few times and she was just an average older lady - not bad looking - but had some wear and tear on her.

After I was done with the day's activities, and did some follow up work, I headed for the happy hour, which was at a Bourbon Street bar - when I got there things were in full swing - obviously folks had cut out a little early from the show - there was a band playing zydeco and it was a joyous crowd. I talked with Melissa - the sales rep whom I knew - and we chatted for a while. I saw Linda talking it up with folks and looking like she'd had a few. Melissa suggested I should take Linda for a dance - so I figured why not and asked her. She had obviously had a few and she went a little crazy on the dance floor. After a few songs she was brushing up against me and she squeezed my butt a few times. I was a little taken aback - she was certainly old enough to be my mom. After a while we were tired from dancing and went and had a drink - a lot of the crowd from her company had left and others were getting ready to - even though it wasn't late. I told Linda I was going to head back to my hotel - and she asked if I'd like to have a drink - why not I thought - and we went back to my hotel where we had a drink in the bar. She ran her hands a few times on my leg and after we downed a drink, suggested we had another - I thought she didn't need one - but we got one and asked for it in a to go cup. I suggested we walk back to her hotel - she suggested we have the drink in my room.

I decided why not - and we went to my room - as soon as we got in there she grabbed me and kissed me. Linda was short, curly dark hair, decent size breasts and a biggish butt - she was a grandmother, after all. She squeezed my butt and I returned the favor - squeezing her butt and then squeezing her breasts. She said she hadn't had it for a long time and she started to pull my shirt off - I quickly undressed and then did the same to her. I sucked on her nipples - big, thick nipples on large breasts that sagged some. I pushed her down on the bed and went down on her - she was a little dry, but with my tongue, lips and fingers was able t get her wet. She was moaning as I found her clit with my tongue and told me it had been a long, long time since a man had performed orally on her. I continued to perform oral, while working a finger in and out of her pussy - which was getting wet - but not sopping wet. After a while she told me she needed my cock in her, so I positioned myself and slowing worked my cock into her pussy - she started to make this strange huffing sound - I thought she was having trouble breathing, but she was moving her hips and working with me - this old lady was turning into a really good fuck. I had her short legs by the ankle and was pushing them back towards her head - she asked me to stop - it hurt her hips, but she wanted me to take her from behind.

I flipped her over - she got on her hands and knees - her big butt looking inviting as I worked my cock back into her pussy. She started to rock back on my cock and yelled for me to fuck her hard - she wanted to cum badly. I started to really work her pussy - my balls slapping against her ass as she moved in rhythm with my strokes. I moved one of my legs up past her hip so I could really drive my cock home - she was moaning and making that huffing noise as she yelled she was going to come - she spasmed a few times and her head collapsed onto the bed as I slowed my tempo and kept pumping her. I started to move my thumb towards her asshole - but she told me know - she wasn't ready for anal - it had been too long. She wanted me to lay on my back and she told me she wanted me to cum in her mouth.

She started to suck my cock - more like face fucking my cock - as she moved her head up and down on my cock, she was still making that huffing sound - it sounded like a train was going down on me! She kept sucking my cock until I exploded in her mouth. She sucked and sucked until she got every drop and then sat up and told me she hadn't been with a man since her 55th birthday. She washed up and got dressed and left for hotel. She was wild - my first GILF and by oldest woman I had been with up to that point.

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