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Parked in Front of School

I am an Art Student on the West Coast. One of the girls in my class is named Ann. I have a huge crush on her and she is so damn hot. She is an emo type with black and white hair, medium size boobs and a perfect ass!

The other day between classes I asked Ann if she wanted to step out for a smoke. Sure she said and we started walking down the street to my car. It is a sick Honda tuner and is very fast.

I couldn't take mt eyes off her. Her legs were covered in fishnets with holes all over them. She had on a black vinyl skirt and a little black tank top. Damn she is hot I thought to myself nodding to what ever she was saying as I fantasized about her.

We got to the car and I opened her door for her. Oh you're such a gentleman Jim, she told me as she kissed my mouth with her little tongue. As she got in the car I saw her cute black panties under her vinyl skirt. My dick twitched in my pants.

I got in the car as she finished rolling one up. We smoked out and I put my hand on her leg and started playing with her panty hose. I was running my finger around the holes in the fishnets working my way up her pale white thighs.

She did not resist and started rubbing my leg right under my ballsack. My dick was throbbing in my tight pants. I found a hole in her fishnets on her inner thigh right under her pussy and started exploring. I could feel the moist spot on the crotch of her panties as I played with her clit thru her undies.

Next thing I know she unbuttons my jeans and pulls my erect dick out to see it. I love your cock she said nautily. I was dying! Then she leaned over and started poping it in and out of her mouth, pop, pop, pop, pop...

It was broad daylight out and she was sucking my dick in my car parked on the city street 6inches from the sidewalk. People would walk by and sometimes do a double take. An Office Working Chick actually stoped and watched for a second looking me right in the eye as my dick was hoovered into Anns Emo mouth.

Next Ann stopped sucking and I was like oh no not blue balls. But before I could protest she climbed over the center console and sat on my huge prick grinding it up her sopping wet snatch.

She was bouncing and bouncing riding me like a good little cowgirl!

Oh she was fucking the hell out of me as strangers walked past looking back for a second look. I shot it straight up into her pussy and it was awesome. After climbing off of me she licked up all the cum off my cock. She purred in my ear Ohhhh Jimmmm thank you! We got out of the Honda and headed back to class feeling great...

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