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Krystal lay quietly in your room listening to your Mother trying to suppress her moaning. You knew what we were doing, had known for weeks. Mr. Mike was fucking her & you strained to hear when it would start. There was a muffled sound of a slap & your Mother's agonized groan. I was abusing her now & it excited you. Your panties were drenched even before you touched yourself. You'd been masturbating for some time now, but nothing compared to the way you came as you listened to us. The sounds of flesh on flesh continued & you could hear your Mother sobbing softly. When you'd first heard that, you'd almost burst in on us to protect you, but as you listened, you could hear & feel your Mother's excitement growing & knew that she wasn't in danger at all. Your Mother wanted it & that peeked Krystal's curiosity. You began researching the internet & a whole new world opened to you. At first, you'd been surprised & repelled by what you saw. Couldn't comprehend how the women you saw would allow what was happening to them. After reading many stories & journal entries of the women, you began to understand. Your own first shy fumbling had been to pinch your pink nipples hard as you came. It was if an electrical circuit ran directly from them to your clit. Your orgasm was swift & much more powerful than anything you'd experienced in your short, young life.

After that, you became voracious in your reading & when you searched your Mother's room, you found the box at the rear of her closet. The clips on a chain that you knew now were to clamp nipples, the gags, some with different colored balls & one that looked like a bit that would fit in a horse's mouth. The various dildos & vibrators with some that you thought were to be used in other than a vagina. It excited you terribly to touch them & know that I'd used them with your Mother. You smelled them & looked around guiltily, as you licked a particularly pretty blue plastic phallus that even had veins on it's sides. There were other things that you could only guess at, but just seeing the things you'd spread on the bed excited you so much that you couldn't help rubbing the blue plastic on your pantied sex. When you jerked & came, the thought flashed through your mind. Your Mother came with this too, he used this on her. Ohhh God!!!

You laid there, your pussy almost in agony from the clothes pins you'd attached to your labia. Pouring just a little oil on your clit, you began to massage it, the pleasure immediate & easily built. You were trying to time it. Hoped that you could hold off long enough to cum when we did. When you did that, it was especially strong for you. You knew your Mother was a submissive slut now & the question burned within you. Were you the same, would your man someday dominate you & abuse you, as Mr. Mike was doing. Naturally you thought of Me, wondered what would happen if you just opened the door & went in to us. You had to stop yourself from thinking thoughts like that because your need to cum became unbearable that you couldn't control it. Your Mother was more voluble than usual & you listened to the abuse, her moans & My silence. Tried desperately in your mind to see Mr. Mike fucking your Mother & how I was hurting her. That's when the plan began to emerge & take shape. It frightened you, but excited your more. You knew now that as surely as it grew in your mind that it would be something you had to do. After I'd left the next morning, you began.

"Mom, I'd like to ask you about some things," you began. "The k**s at school can't talk about anything but sex & half the time I don't know what they're talking about & feel pretty stupid." "Well honey," your Mom replied. "I thought we'd talked about all that last year. You know all about the problems of getting pregnant & diseases." "Nooo Mom, that's not what I'm talking about. Sure, I know all about that. The k**s are talking about, well, different sex." Now your Mother looked at you sharply & demanded. "What do you mean different sex!!!"

"They're talking about being tied up & hurt. I don't know what they're talking about, what they mean by being hurt." You noticed the small smile that your Mother tried unsuccessfully to hide. "Honey," she started. "Some women like what they call Alternative sex. It's a little hard to explain, but being tied up is sometimes part of it. It's when a woman gives complete control to the man she's with." You waiting to interrupt, pounced. "Is it like that with you & Mr. Mike," you whispered. "Does he tie you up & hurt you, do you give Him complete control." The questions tumbled from you as if a dam had burst. Your Mother looked shocked & you noticed how her face flushed. She wasn't wearing a bra & her nipples had become erect in the thin house dress she wore.

"Young Lady, THAT's none of your business & I'm surprised at you asking such a thing!!!" You were grinning as you pried further. "I can hear you, you know. I can hear it when you're doing it." Your Mother wiped her hands, sat down looking at you seriously. "What do you mean, you can hear us, have you been spying on Mr. Mike & I!!!" "No Mom, I never did that. I can just hear you through the walls & sometimes it sounds like he's hitting you. I can hear sounds like that & you moaning. Is he hurting you Mom." You knew you'd painted your Mother into a corner & your Mother showing her embarrassment, hesitated before answering. "Krystal, what I do in my bedroom is private." You interrupting again, "But you said we could always talk about anything. You said that, didn't you. Does that mean that I'm supposed to tell you anything, but you can just say your things are private." You could see that your Mother didn't know how to answer, so you continued, slightly bolder now. "He does hurt you, doesn't he. I can hear when he hits you. I know it excites you & I know when you have an orgasm." Your Mother had hung her head, but now she looked up defiantly. "What do you know about orgasms!! Are you telling me that you're sexually active now." You knew she had you & replied, "No Mom, not yet, but I think about it all the time. I want it but I'm a little afraid. Can I tell you something without you getting all ballistic on me." Your Mother looked at you, as you stammered.

"I masturbate when you & Mr. Mike are doing it." You hurried to get it out before you lost your nerve. "I've been doing it for more than a month now, once right outside your door. I couldn't see much, but I could see your arms tied above you & I could hear Him. He kept asking you if you liked it. Then he started slapping your breasts. I heard you tell Him to do it harder. Then I watched Him move, grab you by your hair & start slapping your face while you sucking Him. He called you terrible names & it just seemed to excite you more. I watched YOU when you started playing with your clit & you want to know what!! I came right then, I came so good. I stayed watching you until he came on your face & you came too." Your Mother had begun to softly sob, saying "I'm so embarrassed." She just kept whispering it over & over until you said, "It's Ok Mom, It's Ok. I'm not trying to embarrass you. I just want to know about it. I want to know all about it." When your Mother began, her voice was low & you had to strain to hear her. "I'm a submissive Krystal, do you have any idea what that is." You giggled & said, "I didn't until a month ago, but I know now, I found out about it on the internet. That's where you met Mr. Mike, isn't it. The internet." You continued, telling your Mother that you'd found her secret box & seen what the things were used for. Told her, you'd tried some of them when she & Mr. Mike had gone out.

"Mom," you inquired. "How long have you been like this. You & Daddy didn't do that, did you." Your Mother shook her head miserably. "I've always known I was different, I knew it when I was a little girl, but I didn't know what it meant & I was frightened. I tried to explain it to your Father, but he never understood. When I started chatting with Mr. Mike on the internet, it was like he'd known me all my life. He KNEW what I was thinking sometimes before I did myself. He made me tell Him things I'd never told anyone & it excited me, made me feel wonderful. He taught me that there was nothing wrong with me, that some people were meant to follow a natural order of things. He doesn't make me do things honey, I want to do them for Him. I don't know if you can understand, but when I'm with Him, I feel alive & I haven't felt that way for a very long time. Your Father & I had stopped having sex years before he died & I just thought that was how it was supposed to be. I was afraid to meet Mr. Mike, he was so strong in the things he felt & said to me. Finally, I just couldn't stand it anymore & we met. Nothing happened that first time, we just talked, but he started telling me what he wanted to do to me. There were people there that I thought might hear Him, but I couldn't tell Him to stop. I was so excited, I would have gone with Him right then, but he said, "No", that he wanted me to have time to think about what it would mean. He didn't call or meet me in the chat room for three days & I was almost insane with it. I thought maybe I wasn't good enough, maybe I'd said something that had put Him off. Krystal knew now that your Mother was going to tell it all, your own fingers had found your moist swollen lips & you furtively stroked your pussy as you listened.

"Do you remember when I told you I was going to spend the weekend with Aunt Sally. I had to wait until you went on that school trip. I met Him & we went to Lake Arrowhead. He had booked a cabin & we were all alone. We had some wine & He just took my clothes off. I was so embarrassed, but he kept telling me that it was alright & somehow I began to believe Him. When I was naked, he told me that I was going to be that way for the entire weekend. Just Him telling me that had me almost crazy, then He touched me. Told me I was soaked & just a fucking white slut. Called me so many things & it just excited me more. Then He twisted my nipples & I came." You smiled at yourself, that remembering the first time you'd pinched your own pink nipples & how good it had been. You reached across the table with your left hand taking your Mothers, your right hand continuing it's manipulations. Brightening & sighing, she continued. "He'd brought things. Things I'd never seen before & he explained what each was for & how he was going to use them on me. Many of the things you found in that box are things He brought that first time. He told me that he wanted to hurt me & that frightened me, but he said he wouldn't give me pain I couldn't bear. Wouldn't permanently damage or mark me. The more he told me, the more I wanted Him to do it. He didn't bind me that first time, but he used the nipple clamps & the gag. Somehow, the gag comforted me. I knew I wouldn't have to say anything. The whole weekend was a blur. He did things to me that I hadn't ever imagined. He told me how much it meant to Him that I was bearing it for Him & I felt like a Princess. My body ached when he brought me home & I was exhausted. He made me see what I am that weekend & I can't live without it now."

Krystal's mind was seeing the black man & the things you thought I must have done. Your orgasm took you & you watched your Mother's eyes widen as you trembled. Your Mother's hand tightened on yours & she said, "It's Ok honey, I understand. It's Ok." When you'd calmed, you whispered, "Mom, I have to know. You have to tell me. Am I like you? Am I going to be like that with a man?" Your Mother smiled a soft smile saying, "I don't know honey, it's something that only you'll know, when it happens to you. That probably won't be for a long time, but if you are, you'll know about it. I know you like Mr. Mike. I was afraid you wouldn't & I didn't know what I'd do then. You'll always come first in my life, but I need Him so much Krystal, please try to understand." You laughed & said, "I know that Mom. It's Ok. I'm cool with it. I wanted you to tell me & now you have. Will you tell me more about all of it now." Your Mother nodded & you left to take a shower before leaving for school. There wasn't a chance that you could think about things at school except what your Mother & Mr. Mike were doing. Twice you asked to be excused from class & went to the deserted restroom to get yourself off. You'd become very proficient at it & could work yourself up enough just thinking that you could get off in minutes once you got your panties down. When you got home, you helped your Mother around the house & nothing more was said. It had been a momentous day for you & you hurried through your homework so you could get onto the net & to your favorite sites. Now when you looked at pictures of women bound, gagged or in pain, all you could see was your Mother & that black Man, Mr. Mike, at that moment, was sitting quietly down stair watching television.

After you'd been to the bathroom & gotten ready for bed. You heard us chatting as we came upstairs. Again you lay quietly, waiting. You strained to hear, but was only greeted by silence. When you heard the light tap at your door, you jumped. Thinking your Mother wanted to tell you something, you said, "I'm not sl**ping yet." When I came in, your heart started hammering. I crossed to you & sat at your side on your bed. I sat quietly for a moment & then said. "I understand you & your Mother had quite a talk after I left." You were only wearing a T-shirt & panties, knew that I could see your pink nipples hard in the material, as I continued. "You alright with it. I don't want you to misunderstand." I'd begun to stroke your arm & you felt faint. Now you knew what your Mother had meant about how I spoke. All you wanted Me to do, was continue. "She says you have concerns Krystal, that you think because she's submissive that you might be. I think it's something we should find out about, don't you?"

****** TO BE CONTINUED ******

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