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Fisting Suz

I got to know Suz quite well after she left some comments on one of my fisting stories. We corresponded for a while and much of our correspondence was filthy. Suz was a BBW, 5’ 4’’, with gorgeous brown curly hair that cascaded magically and framed her sweet face beautifully. She fantasised about fisting and insertions, and while she was a fisting virgin, she had had an ex-boyfriend wedge four fingers into her hole that bought her to a massive squirting orgasm. She was 44 although she looked like she was in her 30s and had a huge pair of breasts – 40 DDD in U.S terms. She shared a number of photos of herself including a couple of her yearning pussy. She wanted to see some pictures of me – the person who was mentally and physically turning on her on from a long distance. She said she could see the deviance in my eye from my photos and my big cockhead would look and feel good spanking her clit. Suz masturbated frequently with her fingers and a g-spot vibe at the thought of having her pussy stretched and fisted by me.

As luck would have it, I had the opportunity to wing my way over to Suz’s general part of the world and I asked if it would be appropriate to meet up.

“I would love to meet up with you and stare into those green eyes of yours,” she said, before adding, “and do lots of other things......”

When I booked my flights and accommodation, I included a three day detour to the U.S. city where she lived. I booked a large room in a very upmarket hotel. We had agreed to meet at a specific restaurant and I dressed immaculately in a dark well cut suit and wore a little after shave, but nothing too overpowering. Suz showed up looking both nervous and radiant in a stylish black and white printed dress that really accentuated her stunning boobs. We greeted each other with a kiss and a warm hug like long lost lovers. While this was the first time we had met, we had shared lots of intimate details about each other. Sometimes meeting in real life never lives up to expectations, but with Suz this wasn’t the case and the feeling seemed more than mutual. We got on like a house on fire and I loved her vivacious brown eyes.

The meals were great, but we were both in a bit of a hurry to go. We walked hand in hand and Suz took me to an outdoor mall which had a lovely firepit. We sat down and made out in public like randy teenagers. Our lips danced together and, out tongues darted and tangoed devilishly. We spent about half an hour kissing and our hands roving over each other’s bodies – oblivious to any passersby. Our bodies were radiating lust. My cock was rock hard and I could feel a wetspot on my tight underwear as it oozed pre-cum from its bulbous head, I could smell Suz’s lust. I unashamedly groped her beautiful big boobs in public and then as we hugged we whispered sweet filth.

“Suz, what am I going to do to you tonight?”

“Fist my cunt. My cunt is yours to fist.”

“That’s right Suz, Iook at my hand, my whole hand is going to be wedged into your cunt.”

Suz looked at my hand, “I’ve been dreaming of your fingers and hand in my hole for a long time.”

I stared deeply into Suz’s eyes and said, “I will lavish and ravish you and I am going to work you over for a long time. I will make the flower that is your cunt blossom incredibly. Your pussy will look and feel very different than it did this morning.”

Suz just moaned softly at that thought and the lust in her eyes blazed, and I continued,

“It’s just not going to be my fingers hand and cock in your cunt tonight. I have been shopping and bought all manners of things to feed into your hole. I will slowly and gently open you so you will accept the largest of my offerings.”

I put my hands on the side of breasts and whispered,” These breasts of yours will not want for attention. They will be tied up and clamped, what do you say to that?”

“Please, please yes. Use my tits as you wish, they need your perverted touch.”

“I might start by tying them up in a nice silk sash and when they start to swell up, I will devour your nipples,” I said and despite being in public I pinched them through the layers of fabric.

Your yelp of surprise and overheated sexual desire attracted the overt gaze of others that had almost been certainly looking at us out of the corner of their eyes.

“Let me take you back to my hotel room and use your luscious and willing body. I have been looking forward to plundering your hole for a long, long time.”

With that I got up from the chair and guided you up as well. My hotel was only a short walk from the mall. We walked hurriedly through the lobby, into the lift and then up to my room. As the door closed behind us, we kissed again.

“Close your eyes beautiful,” I whispered to Suz as I set about slowly disrobing her.

“My goodness, your panties are completely soaked,” I said after I had slid them off her

“The thought of you fisting and using me has had me in a state of wetness for days,” replied Suz as I beckoned her to lay on the bed on her back.

“Present your hole to me Suz,” I said as she spread her legs and grab hold of her ankles.

As I knew from her photos and our discussions, her hole was quite tight. It was going to take some time to open it up, but time extremely well spent. Her hole was clearly oozing, but I still put some lube on my fingers and did some exploration, With one and then two fingers I acquainted myself with Suz’s hole. She sighed deeply.

“Sit up Suz and lift up your breasts for me,” I said when I had finished the exploration, and then added,

“What do you want me to do to your breasts Suz?”

“I want you to tie up my big tits and use them. Please can you do that?” said Suz, knowing full well the answer.

“Lift them up and present them to me Suz”, I said as I got some rope out.

Deftly I bound Suz’s big boobs. When I finished, each breast was encircled by four tight loops. Her beautiful breasts started to colour up straight away. I beckoned Suz to look deeply into my eyes while I gently slapped her bound boobs. I covered ever inch of them with light slaps, paying particularly attention to her big nipples. Suz yelped and whimpered as I lightly worked over her breasts. I then bent over and sucked her beautiful nipples. I sucked them hard and sucked them until my jaws were sore.

“Ummmm, that’s so good. ...... fuck...... you’re going to suck them off me..... fuck....,” said Suz before she just started to mumble the word “fuck” over and over again as I inhaled one nipple and then the other over and over again.

“Don’t squirm or grind Suz. Stay perfectly still, close your eyes and focus only on the sensation on your nipples,” I commanded.

She did as best as she could and I allowed her some leeway. By the time I was finished, her nipples were completely wet with my saliva and Suz was panting with lust.

“Now that your tits are throbbing in their bindings and your nipples are over stimulated. I am going to clamp them.”

“Please, please clamp them,” Suz whispered to me, her voice husky with wanting.

As I stared deeply again into Suz’s brown eyes, I could see the lust there that was out of control. I put on the largest pair of clamps I had which had a thick silver chain. Suz squealed when the clamps went on. The chain had a rubber sleeve over part of its length. I directed Suz to lie down on her back, her arms out at a ninety degree angle and her legs open. I then finally took my clothes off. The front of my underwear was soaked with pre-cum, and my cock not surprisingly burst out when released from its confines. As Suz lay spreadeagled on the bed, I jumped up and over her and stood above her, my feet either side of her head. I picked up the chain and started to gently tug on it.

“Look up and look only at my cock and balls,” I commanded.

For the next ten minutes or so, I worked over Suz’s nipples using the chain. Slowly and tantalisingly applying pressure and then releasing it. Stretching her nipples upwards, a bit more each time I did it.

It was then time to get serious. I put the rubber sleeve of the chain into Suz mouth and told her she could not let go of it in any circumstance. As her teeth grasped the chain, it pulled her nipples up considerably. I then put some cuffs on each wrist and then each ankle.

“Grab your ankles,” I said and I attached via a clip a chain to each cuff, first one leg and then the other. I admired my handy work. Suz was now perfectly displayed and ready to start what she desired – to have her cunt opened and fisted and to cum continuously. Her nipples were clamped and the chain attached to the clamps was in her mouth. If she moved her head she pulled her nipples. Her wrists and ankles were chained together, her legs open.

With ease I was able to get two fingers into Suz’s oozing hole. I decided I would give her a quick climax.

“I am going to make you cum Suz, the first of many times. I’ve got two fingers in you and will soon slip in three. Then one of my fingers is going to slowly and smoothly encircle your clit. I want you to arch your neck and pull on your nipples more,” I commanded and Suz obeyed, groaning deeply as she did.

It didn’t take much stimulation for Suz to cum. She flailed against her restraints and even managed to pull one of the nipples clamps off as she came on my probing fingers. As Suz reached the peak of her climax, I squeezed her clit solidly. She came screaming and bucking – an epic crescendo. As Suz lay back panting, I reattached the errant nipple clamp and let her relinquish the chain from her mouth. I unbuckled the chains that attached her wrists and ankles and asked her to get up of the bed.

I laid down where Suz had been and whispered to her, now show me this pre-cum fetish you have.

“With pleasure,” Suz cooed before adding, “I love the taste of pre-cum and I have been longing to taste yours.”

Suz grasped my hard cock at the base with one hand and directed it upwards. She was then busy with her other hand and her mouth. She alternated between using her hand to expertly massage my balls, and opening and closing my peehole, extracting pre-cum as she did and lapping it up greedily from my endlessly oozing cockhead. No man could last long with such attention.

“Now Suz, suck my cock and let me frost your beautiful face with cum,”

Suz obliged and in no time at all, my cock and balls tensed, my back arched and a splatter of cum exploded from my cock.

“Yeah baby.....,” Suz whispered as I coated her face with a load of deeply pent-up cum.

It was exquisite. It was divine, but it was merely an interlude to the main game. Suz sucked my cock as it softened and then I beckoned her back on to the bed. I put the nipple clamps back on and the wrist and ankle cuffs. I again had Suz with her legs spread open, her wrists and ankles chained together, chain in her mouth pulling her clamped nipples upwards. This time I put some pillows under her head and neck so she look towards the full length mirror that was directly opposite the end of the bed. I wanted her to see as best she could, what I would be doing to her greedy cunt.

“Suz, I want you to look at me manipulating and using your hole, and of course do not let go of the chain in your mouth.”

I positioned myself as best I could so as not to completely impede her view. I slipped two lubricated fingers into Suz’s hole and then a third. I worked her cunt to a foaming frenzy, whispering vulgarity as I did.

“I’m going to open you right up........... My fist is going to be lodged deeply in your cunt within the hour.......... I am going to completely occupy your hole............... I’m going to fist you to heaven......”

Suz came twice as I worked her over with three fingers. The second time there was a small squirt. I varied my delving – slow and steady and then short staccato bursts. Sometimes I would angle my fingers slightly upwards, other times I churned them vigorously. When I could withdraw three fingers completely and insert them straight back in, I upped the ante, and squeezed my fourth finger in. Suz threw her head back when she saw and felt my pinkie finger slip in alongside the other three occupants, and gave her own nipples an almighty yank in the process.

With four fingers I fucked Suz as firmly as I could. I did not touch her clit as I wanted her to cum only from my fingers inside of her. I really fucked her hard and I could feel her cunt muscles clenching against my invading digits. When Suz came again it was a gusher – she sprayed her pussy juice across the bed and onto the floor. It was beautiful to watch. Suz screamed through clenched teeth as she came, but she dutifully did not let go of the chain in her mouth.

I left her body alone for the next couple of minutes as I got myself organised for the next round of activities and informed Suz of the proceedings.

“Now Suz, I am now going to shove various things into your hole. I have been shopping myself for just the right items”

I then added, “You can let go of the chain in your mouth as I now want to be in control of your nipple torment.”

Suz dutifully obeyed, panting as she did. I gave the chain a decent pull which elicited a yelp. I decided to start unimaginatively by putting some zucchinis’ into her pussy and fucking them with her. I had bought three different sizes and started from smallest to largest. None of them though were gigantic. I showed Suz each one before I inserted it.

“Feel that churning deep in your hole,” I said as I twisted the largest one deep inside Suz’s pussy and pivoted it around to further stretch her hole.

“Ohh please fuck me with it so I can cum again.... please......,” begged Suz.

With that I took the larger one out of its confines. With Suz’s cunt now vacant she starred at me somewhat perplexed. I showed her the larger zucchini again, and this time turned it around – I was going to put it into fat end first. Her eyes widened when she realised what I was going to do. It took some effort, but it finally popped into her increasingly welcoming hole. I starred pleasingly at the lodger and asked Suz to tell me how it felt.

“Ummmm. My pussy hole feels so full, so beautifully full.”

“I want you to watch your hole closely Suz, I am going to withdraw the zucchini nearly all the way out, before plunging it back into you. It is time I got more serious about giving you what you want. Tell me what you want again?”

“A thoroughly stretched hole, use my hole, I want my fucking hole stretched. I want it filled and stretched,” replied Suz, almost instinctively.

I started fucking her slowly with the zucchini, making sure she kept her eyes on proceedings. The only time she broke her gaze from the view in the mirror was to look at my bobbing hard cock. Suz’s pussy lips started to distend nicely as I slowly withdrew the vegetable before plunging it back in and repeating and Suz groaned gutturally with my efforts. When Suz was obviously building to a climax I fucked her hard really stretching her hole and as she came screaming, I unceremoniously ripped the zucchini from its fleshy confines and yanked on the chain attached to her nipples. She bucked and flailed and yelled, I watched her eyes loll back in her head uncontrollable and enjoyed watching her face racked in orgasm.

As Suz lay back recovering, I surveyed her hole. It was starting to blossom, but there was still more work to do. I opted for a variation on the theme Suz had just experienced.

“Now Suz, I am going to use my inflatable dildo on your hole now. I am going to pump it up and then draw it out of you while it is inflated. I will then deflate it and do it again and again. Your task is to count each squeeze of the bulb before I withdraw the dildo. When your pussy expels the inflated dildo after ten pumps, then I will be happy.”

I asked Suz if she understood and she replied that she did.

“This is going to stretch you out nicely,” I added.

I started with four squeezes of the bulb and slowly popped the inflated toy out of her cunt. Suz dutifully counted...... one....... two......... three......... four. I then tried four pumps twice more before I increased it to five.

“Fuck, your pussy is starting to look stretched now Suz, imagine what it is going to look like when I am finished.”

Suz quickly graduated to six, and groaned ever so deeply when I dragged the inflated invader out of her sodden hole. I repeated six again for a similar result. The next time, Suz dutifully counted the squeezes and when it got to six I stopped, and after a pensive pause, I delivered two more very hard and rapid squeezes of the bulb.

“Seven..................... eight....... fuckin’ hell.” Suz screamed.

I replied rather casually, “Yes Suz straight from six to eight and my, my they were big squeezes too. This is really going to stretch your cunt when it comes out isn’t.”

“Oh my god, FUCK, I feel so full. So fucking unbelievable full”

I teased Suz. I pulled the inflatable dildo partly out before letting it sink back in. I did this numerous times, and I enjoyed watching her cunt lips cling and stretch around the toy. Finally I popped it out and she bucked as I did.

“Very good Suz, Your cunt is staying nice and open now. Still more work to do though - ten squeezes remember.”

Suz didn’t vocalise a response. I reminded her to be a good girl and count. I put the toy back into her yearning hole. I had been fairly slow in my pumping, ensuring a little pause between each pump that Suz had gotten use to. This time though, I unleashed nine rapid and frenzied squeezes, Suz screamed in her counting and I got to nine pumps. This time the distended toy was lodged very firmly in her cunt and I enjoyed pulling hard and firmly to dislodge it. It was one long primeval scream that emanated from Suz as the toy finally vacated her expanded cunt.

“Nearly there Suz, You’ve got to nine. Now one more.”

“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk................................ This is just so fucking obscene,” she replied.

“I take that as compliment,” I added mischievously.

I put the dildo back into her and Suz counted. When I got to ten pumps she triumphantly announced, “fucking ten”.

“Good Suz, now all I have to do is pull it out,”

In response Suz just groaned tunelessly. It took some effort and similar to the pentultimate effort, it took a whole lot of effort to yank it out , but when I did, Suz’s hole gushed uncontrollably.

“Fuck Suz, you have a big wet hole now don’t you. I think you could be ready for my fist.”

As she lay there, Suz watched me expectantly as I lubed up my limb. I used a little bit of artistic licence and lubed halfway up my forearm. I also put a heap of lube on her cunt, even though it was well and truly sodden. I was able to go straight to four fingers and I fucked her that way. I hadn’t planned on giving Suz another climax just yet, but without much warning she simply came and she gushed - three big gushes.

I didn’t allow Suz much respite and after the briefest of interludes, I again had four fingers inside the now very accommodating hole. With less effort than I expected, I was able to slide my thumb in as well.

“Four fingers and my thumb are now inside you Suz and fucking you. It won’t be long before my whole fist is ploughing into what was a tight hole.”

I did know that it is more often than not a huge quantum leap to get in past the knuckles, but I was confident that Suz’s hole would in the end be accepting. Suz came again as my fingers and thumb started to move appreciably easier in the expanding universe that was her cunt. Another geyser arced out of her hole at the peak of her climax.

“Now I will complete the task Suz, my fist is going into your cunt.”

I was easily able to insert my four fingers and thumb back into Suz and with a fair bit of effort and patience, finally my whole hand slid in past the knuckles.

“There you go Suz my fist is in your cunt. You are no longer a fisting virgin.”

I allowed some time for Suz’s hole to get use to being completed filled by my fist. I simply rocked it back and forth ever so gently, and then after a time applied a slight twisting motion. I also started to move my embedded fingers.

“My whole fist is in your vaginal sheath,” I said.

“Ohh fuck yes,” replied Suz.

I slowly started to fist fuck Suz, telling her how her hole was expanded, how her cunt lips clung to my wrist when I withdrew and how they inverted when I drove back in. I settled into a nice rhythm of slow withdrawal, almost to the point where my fist vacated her hole and then a quick and deep plunge back into the ever more accommodating hole. Suz came and came f***efully, her muscular hole convulsing f***efully against my entrenched fist. I did not relent though. For over an hour I kept my fist inside Suz, continually varying the stimulation, taking her hole to a whole new level of acceptance.

Suz was a writhing mess by the time I finally withdrew my fist from her distended hole. It barely closed at all. She had cum countless times and I went through a thorough repertoire of fisting activity. She came hardest when I fisted her hard, pushing upwards inside her, and spanking her clit with my other hand.

Suz had contacted me wanting her hole stretch and to be fisted for the first time. I had obliged and had enjoyed it. I released her from her constraints and we cuddled languidly, before I informed Suz that I my cock needed to be sucked again. I sat on the edge of the bed as Suz knelt between my legs. She greedily savoured more pre-cum before I placed my pussy soaked hands in her hair and massaged her scalp while guiding her bobbing mouth over the pulsating length of my cock. I thrust in to her mouth hard and deep and shot a lovely load of sperm deep into her throat. She sucked me dry.

We were not done yet, but things were certainly drawing to a close. I spent about an hour shoving things into Suz’s cunt. A wickedly shaped solid glass dildo again had her screaming in orgasm. I fucked her from behind with a big thick salami as I spanked her asscheeks. I stuck a cob of corn in and jabbed her hole with it. I stuck an old clunky Nokia phone into her and rang while it was set on vibrate.

It had been a most wonderful get together – mutually depraved. On departing we made arrangements to meet again on my next visit to the U.S, and agreed that next time it would be for an MMF, but that is a story for another time.

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