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"Dad, I think I'll call Carol and see if she would like to go for a ride if you don't have plans for me," I said as I pushed back from the breakfast table. "Charlie needs to be ridden and this looks as though it will be a great day for it." Dad looked up vacantly from the Sunday paper and nodded agreement with my proposal. He looked toward mom and said, "I sure don't have anything planned, do you Meg?"

Mom's name is Margaret and she has been called Meg since long before either my s****r Sue or I was born. She is tall but not nearly as tall as either dad or me and weighs nearly one hundred fifteen pounds and wears her light brown hair cut moderately long, just off the shoulder. Mom has not let ranch life wear on her and has a life that extends to friends in town. She likes to work out at a fitness center and swims a lot whenever she can find time.

Sue, at eighteen is almost a mirror image of her mother, enough so that sometimes when they travel the sixty miles to shop in the nearest large city, they find themselves being hit upon by guys a good twelve or fifteen years younger than mom.

Both mom and dad are in their mid-forties and both were raised on ranches, dad, right here on the place that has been in the f****y for four generations. My Great Great Grandfather Ira carved the ranch holding from wilderness and through hard work and denial of worldly pleasures built the place to a spread that covers a couple of sections. Most of the land is in pasture, although there is enough bottom grassland to provide all of the hay we need. A lot of the range land is in timber and provides adequate graze for our cattle and horses. One side of the property backs up against National Forest timberland that, with our grazing permit provides all the summer range we need. Grandfather Ira and Grandmother named their first born son Ira. Dad is the the fourth in the f****y to be named Ira.

Carol Peterson and her f****y have the ranch that adjoins ours to the South. They, too, have a couple of sections, also backed against the National Forest and the two ranches border on an old road/trail that at one time traversed the range land and made its way through the mountains to the valley and old mining ghost town to the west. The road now stops at the entrances to the ranches but traces are still visible where wagons once hauled supplies and processed ore to and from active mines.

Carol lives with her parents, Marge and Tom as well as with her b*****r Pete. Pete is my age, nineteen but a couple of months younger and was born almost thirteen months before Sue entered upon the scene. Being the only young people in the area, the four uf us grew up together and palled around together from the time we were able to toddle down the drive so we could get together and play. Each of was put up on a horse as soon as possible and we have since spent countless hours in the saddle.

Naturally, growing up on ranches as we did, seeing the livestock copulate or, at least trying to breed, was an almost everyday event an sex was no mystery to any of us. We all well understood the mechanics of procreation. Also, being on horseback frequently meant there were countless times when it was necessary to answer the call of nature. Our saddlebags always had a small roll of tp stashed inside ready for the inevitable need to clean ourselves. Of course, riding open range meant that modesty had to give way to necessity as generally our horses were the only cover we had. It was easy for Pete and me to duck out of sight behind a horse to piss, but a girl has to squat to pee and horses have notoriously long legs. Seeing pee gush from the girls' pussies was as commonplace as seeing the mares lift their tails to relieve themselves.

Likewise, riding with mom and dad or with Marge and Tom, for that matter, was no different. Age and maturity have nothing to do with answering the call of nature. The older folks did try to turn their backs when they had to pee, though. Early on, both mom and Marge tried to instill a sense of modesty in us k**s, but their efforts were largely unsuccessful and watching each other pee was as commonplace as watching each other swat at pesky flies. Which is not to say that, once our hormons began to flow rampantly, our thoughts didn't turn to naughty fantasies. It is just that Pete and I were not aware that our dreams were shared by our s****rs!

Whenever it is convenient and if it is what we want to do, the four of us ride, fish and hunt together. Being ranch k**s, both girls were taught to handle hunting rifles and fishing gear right along with Pete and me. Pete is far and away the best shot, but the girls are both more proficient than am I. None of the other three can hold a candle to me when it comes to handling a fly line though. Both Tom and dad made it very clear from the get-go that each of us would be responsible for taking care of whatever game we managed to bag and both girls handle dressing-out game chores with as much aplomb as when they brush their teeth.

I went to the phone and dialed the Peterson number and talked to Carol who happened to be closest to their phone when it rang. "Hi Carol," I said as soon as I heard the sound of her voice, "What's happening?" "Same ole, same ole," was the expected reply and I said, "Well then, to break the monotony, why not come along and we can ride somewhere? Maybe up to Hidden Pond and see if they're biting, how's that sound?" "Sounds like a plan," replied Carol, "When?" I was thinking of a reply when Sue caught my eye and said, "Hey Jack, will it be a bother if I come along? Maybe Pete too if he doesn't have any other plans."

I nodded and said, "Hey Carol, Sue just suggested that she and Pete come along. What's he doing today, anything?" Carol said, "Dunno, I'll ask him." She must have put her hand over the mouthpiece, but at that, I distinctly heard her yell, "Hey Pete, Jack, Sue and I are going fishing. Wanta come along?" I didn't hear his reply, but in a moment Carol came back on and said, "Jack, looks as though there will be the four of us. It's far enough up there that we will need to take lunches and stuff. I'll make up some sandwiches for Pete and me, we'll saddle up and meet you at the gate, OK?" I smiled and nodded at Sue while Carol talked, saying, "OK Carol, see ya soon," and broke the connection.

Sue was already making sandwiches when I turned away so I went and located our fishing gear and a cooler box for our lunches and drinks. Then I went to the gun cabinet and got our saddle guns, a couple of Winchester 30-30 carbines, and a box of ammo.

Just before sundown on Saturday, anticipating we might do something with the horses, I brought Charlie and Bess, our rides, into the barn and put them in their stalls so they would be ready to be saddled without having to go out after them in the morning not that finding them would be a problem. They try not to get to far away from the source of carrots or lumps of sugar.

Sue and I walked to the barn, saddled up and walked the horses back down to the back porch where we stowed our gear in saddle bags and scabbards. Once ready, we swung aboard and walked the horses out to the gate where we found Carol and Pete waiting.

All four of the horses were young and eager so we lined them out and let them run for a couple of blocks. After running, they settled down and were willing to walk as we headed toward the trail that would ultimately lead to Hidden Pond and beyond if we wanted to go any further.

The ride was uneventful for the first hour, then Carol, in the lead, reigned in and stopped. Her explanation for stopping was a terse, "Too much coffee." She giggled and said, "No fair looking you guys." Yeah right, every one of us have watched the others pee for longer than any of us can remember. Together, we all stepped from our saddles, tied the reigns loosely to shrubs and relieved ourselves. Both girls nonchalantly loosened their belts, unzipped, tugged their jeans and panties down and squatted to pee. Pete and I unzipped, reached in to drag our dicks into the open and followed the lead set by the girls.

Even after all the times we had shared piss calls, the temptation was too great and I watched intently as orange tinted urine gushed forth from my s****r's and our neighbor's pussies. It wasn't the pee that attracted my gaze, it was the pussy it flowed from that I liked to see. I know the same is true for Sue. She told me one time that piss doesn't do much for her. She just likes to see cocks.

We finished and restored our clothing, got back into our saddles and, once again, walked the horses toward the small lake. We were riding through open timber and were able to ride four abreast for awhile. Suddenly, suddenly Sue said, "You know, we have been taking piss breaks together all our lives. Hell, we even strip and swim together if we feel like it. Do any of you guys ever get the urge to touch each other?" Carol, Pete and I just rode along and looked at one another. I guess we were startled because Sue brought up the subject, not because we were shocked at the notion that any one of ever entertained fantasies about one another.

Our silence dragged on until Sue said, "What, no one has ever thought about touching or are you ashamed to admit it?" I spoke up and said, "Honey, I don't know that this is something we should be talking about." Sue came right back with, "Well, I don't see why the hell not. Anybody that is willing to watch me pee aught to be able to tell me if they want to touch me. Am I right or am I right?" Carol laughed and said, "Sue, of course you are right. Any one of us admits a secret desire or fantasy or whatever to touch, the next thing we will be acting out our fantasies." Sue said, "So. That's bad?"

Seriously, Carol answered, "No Sue, I don't suppose that's bad maybe, its just something different. We rode along in silence for a bit, then Pete said, "Oh what the hell, Sue, suppose I do tell you I often think about playing with your pussy, what would that make me?" Sue grinned and said, "Interesting, that's what." Pete said, "Well, I guess that makes me interested, maybe even interesting. Hell yes, I dream about playing with your tits and pussy. Shyly, he turned to his s****r and said, "Shit, I suppose I might as well admit I would love to play with your body as well."

Carol laughed and said, "You mean to say that all the times you have copped feels when we were wrestling weren't accidents." Pete chuckled and said, "Whatever."

Sue, giggling nervously, said, "This is more like it. Now I guess that I can admit that the sight of you two holding your dicks to piss back there made me want to get naked and stretch out flat on my back with each of you right alongside. My fantasy is that you both are hard as can be and I have a hand on each of your cocks. I dream that I pull your cocks until each of you shoots cum straight into the air. She stared at Carol for a moment and said, "Oh why not? Carol, I hope you won't be to offended, but in the same fantasy, you are kneeling between my thighs and have both hands on my pussy. There, I said it. I hope you all don't think I'm a pervert or something."

Carol grinned and said, "Hey Sue, you just described my favorite fantasy, only it isn't you with your hands full of cock. That would be me. You would be be flat on your tummy licking my pussy. Jesus, I hope that doesn't make me a lez or anything."

The horses took a few more steps while I debated in silence. Finally, I said, "You know, my only problem with all this stuff is, I have never been too clear in my head as to which one of you girls I want to fuck first." Sue was quick to come back with, "Oh good Jack. I guess that means that you do want to fuck me, right?" With sparkling eyes, she said, "So how about it, shall we forget about fishing when we get to the lake and just have fun?" Pete said, "If by fun you mean do stuff to and with each other with tits, pussies and cocks, I'm all for it.

He touched heels to his horse and broke into a gallop. We all followed suit and arrived at the lake in a dead heat. We unsaddled, hobbled the horses so they wouldn't wander off and spread blankets on the sandy shore. We stripped and joined up in the water where we swam and played grab ass for awhile. Not one of us thought to bring a towel so we stood and let the warm breeze and sun dry us off. Just as we were about to sit on the blankets, Carol said, "Jack, I have been thinking, not just today but lots of times, and as much as I want to do it with you, I think I would like to give myself to Pete first, I hope you don't mind." I put my arms around her and we kissed while my hard dick pressed against her tummy and her tits pressed into my bare chest and said, "God Carol, it is your body, your soul. You don't need my approval to make it with your b*****r. Do it if that is what both of you want. She kissed me long and hard, broke away and went to where Pete was reclining on the blanket.

Sue took Carol's place in my arms and said, "You know Jack, I'm glad things are going to work out this way. I really would like to do it with you for the first time. She turned to face Carol and Pete and said, "Now, would you two think it terribly weird if Jack and I watch you do it or would you rather we get lost for a while?" Carol jumped up, went to her saddle bags and returned with a tiny digital camera. She handed it to me and said, "Jack, would you mind taking some pictures of us. Neither of us has ever done it before and we each would like to have photographic proof that it really happened." I grinned and said, "You bet but you will have to agree to get photos of Sue and me doing it as well. I'll always want to be reminded of this day and see my cock stuffed into Sue's pussy."

Carol knelt down beside Pete and said, "How about it Hon, missionary position this first time?" Pete thought for a second and said, "Whatever, I just want to feel my cock in your pussy. However you want it will be fine with me." The initial penetration was fumbling and seemed to take forever, but then Pete's cock found its mark and he began to slide into Carol's slick pussy. Carol's camera was capable of making rapid exposures so I managed to get at least four shots of Pete's cock as it dissapeared into his s****r. Then followed action that could have only been instinctive as the two began bucking and humping against and into one another. Pete's enthusiastic fucking caused his cock to slide free of Carol's pussy at one point but his descending thrust put him right back in her without having to pause and relocate the target.

All too soon, each of them called out that a climax was near and Pete gave one long hard thrust and paused with his cock driven deep while sperm shot all the way to his s****r's womb. After climaxing, both Carol and Pete remained locked in an embrace and kissed. Finally, they separated and thanked one another profusely.

At last, Sue said, "OK you two, you've had yours, now it is our turn. I handed the camera to Pete, turned to Sue with eyebrows raise and said, "OK Hon, how would you like to do it?" With a pixiish grin, Sue said, "Do you have any idea what doggy style means?" Grinning, I said, No, but it sounds like fun. Only thing is, if it means what I think it might, kissing would be near impossible." Sue responded, "Oh shit, that's right and I do want to kiss when I feel your cock slide into me. Guess that leaves the old missionary position, huh?"

My initial thrust into my s****r was accomplished just as ineptly as was Carol and Pete's. The fumbling start was partly because our lips were locked tightly together and partly because even after watching the neighbor k**s, neither of us really knew what we were doing. We were quick studies, though and were quick to find the proper rhythm once I was deep inside. Like Pete, I became a bit too enthusiastic and pulled free of Sue's hot pussy. Her hand was right there though, and she was quick to guide me back until, once again, I found myself buried to the balls. I have jacked off enough so that I knew instantly what was happening when my balls began to tingle and said, "My God Sue, I'm going to cum---right now..." A moment later, sperm was being shot deep inside my s****r and at the same time her groin made a series of tiny thrusts against me and she came as well.

As had Carol and Pete earlier, we remained locked in a tight embrace long after our orgasms and we explored the inside of the other's mouth with extended tongues.

Later on, we ate our sandwiches, drank pop and talked quietly. Carol spoke up and said, "Now can we agree that actually doing it has to be far and away better than dreaming about doing it?" Teasingly, Petre asked, "Fucking you mean?" Carol slapped him playfully on the thigh and said, "Of course I mean fucking, you dumb shit." Pete came right back with, "Does that slap mean I'll never get to fuck my s****r again?" Carol grinned and said, "Just you try to keep from fucking me again and see where it gets you."

I was sitting with my arm around Sue so that I had my hand on her tits and said, "How about it Sue, think we'll ever do it again?" Sue looked up at me and grinning, said, "Oh I seriously doubt we will ever do it more than two or three times a day from now on. 'Course if I'm horny, there is no telling how often we will be doing it in future." She patted my rising manhood and added, "Now take care of this thing, you hear." I am certain I was hearing an order, not a question.

After eating, all four of us got back into the water where we rinsed drying accumulations of sperm from our bodies and that led to each of us fondling and fingering each other's genitales. I stood to one side of Carol and faced toward her. My right hand cupped her pussy and two of my fingers were inserted well up inside her vagina. She leaned against me and murmered softly, "Jack that feels wonderful but wouldn't you rather it was your big hard cock in me?" She was quick to add, "Don't get me wrong Love, if fingering me is what you want to do then I'm all for it. I just want you to know I would be the happiest girl in the world if I could feel you way up inside me."

Sue laughed and said, "Yeah Pete, that makes two of us, so how about it, wanta fuck?" She saw my quick look and said, "Jack, I hope my frankness isn't too offputting. I'm only saying things I have been wanting to say for a very long time now." I looked at her and said, "Offputting?"

The four of us waded ashore and went through the sun drying ritual. Then, when dry, went to the blankets. Carol looked at me and grinning, said, "Jack, one of these days I really want to try a different position, but for this first time, I think I would like to do it missionary style again. I want to feel my tits pressing against your chest. I want to feel your tongue as it explores my mouth and, most of all, I want to feel you thrusting into me and, God, I want to feel you cum in me." She grinned and said, "And cum and cum and, then, cum some more." I grinned and said, "Carol Hon, you'll never know how many times I have imagined hearing you say that."

I was just about to enter her when Carol said, "O wait. Pete would you mind waiting to fuck Sue for a little longer and get some pictures of Jack and me? I want to be able to look at photographs of Jack fucking me for as long as I live." Pete grabbed up the camera and I pushed my raging erection into Carol's willing, wet pussy. Then we fucked, and fucked until, bathed in sweat, we came. I have no idea how much sperm a guy can produce but it felt as though I filled Carol's pussy with enough jism to fill a juice glass.

I guess that Carol and I must think a lot alike because, once I was completly drained, she said, "Jesus Jack, I wonder if anyone ever tried to drink that stuff. I'll bet that if it were in a glass it would be mighty thirst quenching." I grinned and said, "Guess we can try it one of these days if you would like." Beside me, Sue said, "Ok you guys, enough with the bullshit. It is time for Pete and me to fuck now."
As earlier, I took photographs while Pete and my s****r fucked one another and managed to capture images with cum escaping from Sue's pussy and trickling down across her thighs. They were still locked at the hips when I heard a shod hoof strike a rock and the creaking of saddle leather.

The four of us swiveled our heads toward the trail and were shocked to see all four of our parents ride into view. I knew in a moment that trying to cover up would be futile. There was nothing handy to cover up with. Moreover, all four of the adults were smiling broadly and I sensed that, in all likelyhood, none of us were going to be in serious trouble.

The four rode close, stopped and sat while looking down at a scene that should have made any one of them furious. At last dad said, "Finally got up nerve enough to do it huh. There have been times when I wondered if I would live long enough to see this day." Tom laughed and said, "Amen to that," and Marge added, "You k**s will never know how many times I have got wet wondering if I would ever, ever get to look at the sight I am seeing right now."

Whatever starch may have remained in my cock was long gone when I looked up at mom and said, "How about you mom, so far you are the only one who hasn't said anything." She grinned and said, "So you think I should say something huh? How about 'WOW'," she leaned toward dad, aimed a soft punch at his shoulder and said, "I had just about forgoten how big a young stud's cock can be." Then she added, "Whew it is hot riding. Any of you k**s mind if we join you?"

Mom didn't wait for an answer, but she and the others swung from their saddles and dad and tom led the horses to the others and removed the saddles. In the meantime, mom and Marge began to remove their clothing.

Once naked, mom said, "Hey k**s, we didn't bother to bring blankets, mind scrunching closer together so we can share?" Marge looked at the available blanket space and sounded doubtfull when she said, "Meg, even scrunched, I don't believe there will be enough room for the eight of us. Maybe we just better lay on top of one another," and laughed. She added, "We do that, I get dibs on Ira, you can have Tom." Mom giggled and said, "Why Marge, how sweet of you to suggest we share our menfolk. I believe that is a hell of an idea."

The four of us k**s looked at one another in startled disbelief. Not once in all the years we have known one another had we had an inkling there might be some hanky panky going on with the older folks. Sue looked at mom and said, "OK now, just how long have you guys been doing stuff like this?" Marge looked at mom, shrugged and said, "Oh I don't remember, Meg has it been twenty one years or is it twenty two now?" Mom thought a moment and said, "Hell, it must be twenty two now isn't it. We started well before any of the k**s were born."

Dad and Tom rejoined the group, overheard the discussion and wisely remained silent although neither expressed a bit of surprise when invited to lay with his neighbor's wife. I thought briefly, then said, "Ok so you started screwing around long before there were contraceptives, right?" All four of the adults nodded and I said, "Except for rubbers, I guess. I suppose they were available in those days, right?" Again, and still smiling, all four nodded agreement and dad said, "Yeah, I guess they were available in d**gstores then, thing is, in a community no larger than ours, I wasn't and I'm sure Tom wasn't about to start tongues wagging by buying the damn things."

Everyone stayed silent while the implications of what was beeing said settled over us until, finally, Carol said, "I guess that means that any or all of us k**s may be siblings." Mom nodded and smiled before saying, "I guess, but I sure as hell know which two I carried inside me before any of you were born." Marge smiled and said, "Likewise," she looked at Carol and said, "You, young lady were a hell of a load to bear, but I loved every minute of it."

Quietly, mom said, "So now you know. We always knew it would come out sometime. We only hope you don't hate us for being foolish when we were young. Let me explain a bit." She went on to say, "Jack when I became pregnant with you I was scared out of my wits. We had got together to play cards one time and, well, being dumb k**s decided that we loved sex so much we wanted to see what it would be like to sl**p with a different man. Seemed like a hell of an idea at the time so the four of us changed partners and fucked right there on the floor. Afterward, we got scared, changed back to our own mates and fucked some more. I was the one ended up pregnant that first time.

Mom leaned across and kissed me and said, "So Jack, simply put no one knows which of these two hunks is your father." I reached across to dad, tapped him lightly on the shoulder and said, "Well, I guess you folks may be in doubt, but there isn't a doubt in my mind as to sired me. It was you dad and I will always believe that. There were tears in dad's eyes when he said, "God Jack, you don't know how much it gladdens my heart to hear you say that."

Marge picked the story up where mom left off and said, "So anyhow, after you were born Jack, we all decided, right or wrong, that we couldn't just stop. We all were agreed that , if possible, each f****y would have two k**s and that Ira and Tom would share the task of impregnating Meg and I." We are all proud of the way each of you has turned out and I'm damn glad to think that both of 'my' men took an active role in giving me two wonderful k**s." She laughed and said, "Lest there be any doubt in any of your minds, producing four terrific k**s was a hell of a lot of fun. It was hard work but every minute of it was fun." Grinning, she added, "Well maybe carrying two of you around for nine months, changing diapers, feeding you and all of that other shit was a bit of a drag, but getting each of you started was a blast."

Marge looked up at dad and said, "Now Ira, I know nothing will come of it, but I am willing to relive those thrilling days of yesteryear. You up for it?" Dad laughed and said, "Why not try me and see how 'up' I am." Mom, laughing, looked up at Tom and said, "Hoo Boy, big guy, I can already tell that you are 'up', now why don't you put your 'up' in my pussy and fuck hell out of me the way you used to do. Tom laughed and said, "Used to do. You mean like we did two weeks ago when everyone else went into town?" Pete, Sue, Carol and I started to squeeze closer together, then Pete said, "Hell with this, I'm going to get some photos of all this. Should make a hell of an album for our k**s someday." Sue got to her feet and said, "Hell yeah. This I gotta see." She reached and gave me a hand getting up.

Thus our parents had an eager audience of four as our mothers willingly spread their legs for their neighbor menfolk. Mom's pussy was glistening indicating her readiness to receive Tom's massive horsecock and he did not hesitate to accommodate her desire to be fucked. Marge watched her husbands cock as it was swallowed up by mom's pussy. Once fully involved, she said, "Jesus Marge, it is a welcome relief to be fucked by a more reasonably size cock for a change." Tom grinned and said, "Shit Honey, you have never complained about the size of my cock before." Marge grinned and leaned close to mom and Tom and kissed him before looking up at dad and said, "OK Ira, lets not let them have all the fun," and dad shoved his,not insubstantial, dick into his willing neighbor.

I stood directly in back of Carol with my erect cock pressed tightly against her backside and with my arms wrapped around her so that my hands were free to roam over her tits. She leaned her head back onto my shoulder and we allowed our tongues to roam freely in each other's mouth.

Pete was busy snapping pictures of our copulating parents, but Sue managed to stand up close to his butt and rub her pussy against his butt. Her arms were wrapped around his butt and her hands were clasped around his cock.

Pete grinned and said, "Damn it Sue, you sure are making it difficult for me to work this camera." Giggled, Sue exclaimed, "Well, I sure as hell hope so; I was hoping to make it hard but guess I'll just have to settle for difficult."

Mom was the first to cum but Tom's climax did not follow by much and, even though he was silent when he came, mom more than made up and shouted, "Oh God Tom, your hot cum feels good shooting way up inside me." A moment later, those of us watching, saw a large foamy mass of sperm begin to excape around Tom's cock, run down across his balls and drip onto mom's thighs before trickling on down to the blanket. They ceased all motion and simply stayed joined for a short time as they looked aside and watched dad and Marge continue humping and thrusting. Dad started to tense up as his orgasm approached and Marge shouted, "Oh God no Ira, don't cum yet. I'm not quite there yet. Immediately, she stoppped, smiled broadly and called out, "YES, Ira cum in me now. Oh God cum now, I'm ready." Dad's hips gave a series of tremors and he gave one last mighty thrust into our neighbor as he strove to deposit every drop of sperm as far up inside her as possible.

After they came, all four of the adults lay still for a time just basking in the afterglow of sex and the hot sunshine. Then, somewhat tentatively, Sue said, "Mom, dad if you're finished, Jack and I want to do it one more time before we have to head on home." Gleefully, Carol echoed, "Oh yeah you guys, Pete and I want to do it again too."

Dad groaned as he arose from the blanket and said, "Damn, I'm getting to damn old for this shit. Think I am going to have to confine my extra curricular activities to a bed. Tom laughed and said, "Damn Ira, I nearly groaned getting up but listening to you made me bite my lip and stifle it. Getting old is the pitts. Maybe watching these young folk will renew our youth." Marge squeezed his dick, giggled and said, "Just renew this thing old man and I'll be one happy lady."

The two girls got down on the blankets and, seemingly, without saying a word, got on hands and knees and wiggled their butts at Pete and me. Sue was grinning when she looked back over her shoulder and said, "Hey Jack, know anything about 'doggy style'?" I answered, "No, but it certainly seems as though I am going to find out." Pete grinned and said, "You guys get started so I'll know what to do then Carol, you're going to get it and get it good." Carol laughed and said, "Hey b*o, I expect that any way I get it will be good. No shut up and fuck me."

Pete and I penetrated our s****rs at the same time and proceeded to ride them enthusiastically until Carol whooped, "YO everyone, I'm cumming and---hot damn, Pete just filled me full. Oh God, does it ever feel good to be filled with hot cum." Grinning, she looked back over her shoulder and said, "Thank you Pete, thank you. I really needed that."

Right then, I shoved hard into my s****r, paused and exploded a tremendous load of cum into my own s****r. She called back, "Jack, please don't stop fucking me now, I need a few more strokes before I get off. I resumed thrusting into her upturned pussy and a moment later, she sighed and said, "Oh man, that has to be the greatest feeling ever. Can't think of a thing I would rather do than cum and be filled with my b*****r's cum."

We got up from the blankets and the eight of us walked into the water and rinsed as much of our sexual outpourings away as possible, considering we had neither soap nor washcloths. Once back on the beach, we prepared ourselves and the horses for the trip back to the ranches, mounted up and started to ride.

The trip back home was somber, each of us lost in our own thoughts. Wherever possible, we rode two by two. Tom and Marge were in the lead followed by mom and dad then Carol and Pete. Sue and I brought up the drag riding close enough together that often we were able to hold hands. At some point, Sue asked, "Jack, do you finde the events today kind of weird?" I looked at her in silence for a moment, then said, "Sue, I think I found ALL of the day's events to be weird in some way or another." I quickly modified my statement and said, "Leastwise most everything that has happened from the moment Carol had to pee this morning 'til now has been weird in one way or another.

Sue nodded and said, "Well I never expected to see mom fuck Tom or dad do Marge for that matter." I grinned and said, "So just when did you expect to ever see mom and dad fucking anyone?" Pretending to be annoyed, Sue said, "Come on Jack, you know what I meant." Sobered, I said, "Yeah Sue, I know. Guess you probably don't know it, but I have had an urge to tickle your pussy with my dick for a hell of a long time. Didn't have a reason in the world to think it would ever happen though."

Sue nodded thoughtfully, then said, "Well Jack, you'll never know the number of times I have fingered my pussy at night and wished it was you doing me. Hell, most every night I lay on my back and hump up at my fingers and wish my fingers were your cock." She laughed and said, "Guess I'll need to broaden my horizons a bit. I have two delicious cocks to imagine fucking me now." "Hon, you don't need to dream of this one any longer. I'm available any time you feel horny." Sue laughed gaily and asked, "All the time, night or day?"

Once back at the house, we stopped near the back porch, dismounted and unloaded our day gear. Then dad and I led the horses back to the barn and got them ready to go out into the corral.

Mom and Sue were busy preparing dinner when dad and I finished with the horses and walked into the house. Mom looked up as we entered and said, "Oh here you are. I thought that since it is getting late, we would just have something simple for dinner. Burgers and potato salad be enough for you guys?" Both dad and I assured her that burgers would be just fine and I volunteered to get the barbecue going. Mom said, "OK, burgers and salad it'll be then. I have an apple pie for later on if anyone is hungry before we go to bed.

The four of us had just returned from a day ride to Hidden Pond. Sue and I along with Carol and Pete Peterson from the adjoining ranch had ridden to the lake early in the day. Later, mom and dad as well as Marge and Tom Peterson, Carol and Pete's parents joined us at the lake. Events at the lake afterward were, to say the least, startling. First, the older folk had nonchalantly removed their clothing and joined us while we were skinny-dipping. Then, as though seeing our parent's nude for the first time was not enough, we learned of the circumstances surrounding the conception of each of us k**s. I could easily understand how I was conceived and, after thinking about the story on the ride back home, even had to admit, grudgingly, that our parent's behavior leading to the subsequent pregnancies made some sort of sense.

Anyhow, in spite of, or perhaps, because of, the way things worked out, both the Peterson and the Davis families raised their k**s as if each one of us had been conceived in a perfectly normal manner. Thinking back over the years, I certainly could not complain about the manner in which I was nurtured and raised. I suspected that whenever an opportunity arose to discuss all we had learned with the other k**s, I would find all four of us in complete agreement on that score.

At last, as I knew it would, my mind turned to the pleasurable experience of observing my mother and Marge as they casually disrobed in plain sight of all us k**s. While seeing Marge wearing nothing but a smile was something I would never forget, my cock began to twitch and swellas I again pictured my mother's lovely tits and pussy. "Shit," I thought, "knock off thinking like this. Damn, she's your own mother."

With that I f***ed myself to think of the great fun I had experienced with my s****r and Carol. Guess that in the back of my mind I sort of knew that the time would come when Carol and I would throw caution to the winds and get it on. And, sure, there was no denying that in moments of arousal in the middle of the night, I had fantasized about making it with Sue. That sex between us had ever entered Sue's mind was something I would never, ever, have guessed. To think that today was the day I had finally experienced sex that was not self induced was mind-boggling. My daydreams were finally interrupted when mom called everyone to dinner.

Later on, while we were eating dinner, mom said, "Oh by the way everyone, Ellen called while you were seeing to the horses. Seems they are going to pass by this way and she wanted to know if we have plans for the weekend. Hope I got it right 'cause I told her we didn't have anything special on and they should plan on spending some time with us." Dad said, "Hey, that's great. Been ages since we saw them. k**s going to come along too?"

Ellen is dad's s****r. She is married to Bob Franklin and Tess and Eric are our cousins. I couldn't remember exactly how old Tess and Eric were but knew their birthdays and that they had to be very close to Sue's and my ages.

Mom replied, "Yes they are coming too so it looks as though we need to get ready for the four of them to be here sometime Friday afternoon." Then, with a perplexed look, she added, "And that reminds me, we only have the one spare bedroom." She thought for a moment, then brightening, said, "Jack, I hope you won't mind bunking with Eric, and Sue, looks as though you will have to make room for Tess, that be all right?" Sue and I both assured her that we had no problem bunking with our cousins whom we hadn't seen for about six years.

Later on, after dinner was out of the way, Sue and I walked out to check on the horses. The subject of having relatives visit was foremost on our minds and Sue said, "Shit Jack, I know we haven't seen Aunty Ellen, Uncle Bob and the k**s for ages and I suppose accommodating them will not be a hardship but, damn it, I was sort of hoping we could spend some time together." She giggled and said, "I wanted to see if we really do like screwing enough to continue doing it or if it was just something to do today to keep from being bored."

I laughed and said, "Looks as though we will have to get busy with our poking and boring so we can lay low while we entertain our guests." We walked in silence for a few moments, then Sue brightened and said, "Hey Jack, I know..." Her voice trailed into silence, then she said, "Naw, I don't suppose there is even a remote chance."

I looked at my s****r and said, "Sue, what in hell are you babbling about? Sounds as though you are trying to say something but are afraid to get it out. Why not spill it so the both of us can discuss whatever it is."

Grinning, Sue said, "Jack, just suppose that maybe Eric and Tess could be talked into sl**ping together. That way, you and I could sl**p together too. Maybe not fuck and that would be all right for a couple or three nights but, at least, we would be in the same bed together."

Smiling broadly, I said, "Damn Sue, you have a devious mind. What in hell makes you think our cousins would ever do anything like that? Or that Aunty Ellen or Uncle Bob would ever stand for that sort of shit if they did agree to sl**p together?" Sue responded, "Well, one never knows, does one?" Besides that, "If you will remember, they had no problem skinny dipping in the creek when they were here last time." Dryly, I responded, "Yeah and we were all just k**s then too. All k**s skinny dip, don't they?"

"Well sure, most ranch k**s do I suppose," she replied, "But bear in mind, they live in a city. There can't be many places where city k**s can strip and go swimming and besides, you know damn well Aunt Ellen knew exactly what we were doing. Did you see her get excited about it?"

I shook my head no and said, "Now that I think of it, both she and mom were smiling as if seeing their k**s skinny dipping was a perfectly normal thing to find them doing." She thought a moment in silence, then said, "God Jack, you don't suppose that Aunt Ellen and daddy..." She shook her head and said, "No, of course they didn't."

I laughed and said, "Sue, you don't really think we are the first k**s on this ranch to take our clothes off and swim together, now do you?"

Scornfully, Sue replied, "Of course not dummy. But getting back to sl**ping arrangements, you do remember that Aunt Ellen let Tess and Eric sl**p in the same bed the last time they were here, don't you? Well, what if they still sl**p together sometimes? Wouldn't that be great?"

"Yeah, for them," I said with a grin. "You gotta remember, they were pretty young back then so Aunt Ellen didn't have to worry about what they might do. Besides that, dad set up their bed in the same room with Aunt Ellen and Uncle Tom so there was little danger of them doing anything very bad."

"Well," Sue replied, "Something I never told you. Tess and Eric watched their folks screw in the moonlight coming through the window. Eric got hard and he and Tess held each other's sex while they watched."

"Tess told you all that stuff?" "Unh huh, and that's not all, one other night while we were asl**p and the folks were playing cards, they did it again."

We gave the horses a little more hay, saw that there was plenty of water in the trough and were walking back through the barn when Sue said, "Jack, aren't ranch k**s supposed to do it in the barn on a pile of loose hay?"

"Hey s*s, that's sorta what I have come to believe," I replied, "but the girl I'm with is sorta shy and I don't know how to let her know I want her without pissing her off and I sure as hell don't want to do that. Got any ideas?"

Sue pretended to give my question thought, then said, "Jack, I know, why not pretend I'm 'Shy Girl' and practice on me. I'll be glad to help in any way I can."

The grain bin is located near a pile of loose hay on the barn floor and I quickly located a grain sack that wasn't too awfully dusty and spread it on a cushion of hay. Sue removed her boots, jeans and panties as I was preparing a spot for us to lie down on and was just removing her western style shirt as I straightened up to get out of my own clothing.

She was flat on her back with legs spread wide and wearing nothing but a bright smile when I knelt, naked, between her legs. Leaning forward but with my hips elevated I opened wide and we began to kiss. Then, as passions mounted, I trailed my lips down across her neck and upper chest until I was able to press her right nipple into my mouth. I sucked on her succulent tit for a few moments then lifted my mouth slightly, enough to permit my hot, wet tongue freedom to roam around her rigid nipple. Then I repeated the process on her left breast before allowing my slick lips to trail down across her tummy, through her pubis and onto her glistening pussy.

With extended tongue, I probed and licked along the entire length of her slit before, finally, extending the small, phallus like member into her dripping vagina.

With lips planted firmly against her slit I hummed while slamming my tongue in and out in simulated fucking, meeting each and every upward thrust of her hips with a corresponding plunge of my tongue.

At last, unable to contain myself longer and at her urgent plea, I moved up so that she could grasp me and guide my rock hard cock to her vagina. My s****r's hips were eagerly fucking up at me well before I reached full penetration and I quickly got into the rhythm and thrust into her with every bit of energy I had.

My s****r's cries of, "Ah, ah; oh Jack that feels so damn good; oh baby fuck me, fuck me, spurred me on until, at last, I shouted, "Oh Damn Sue, I'm going to come, get ready Honey, I'm coming NOW." With that, I flooded my s****r's pussy with the sticky, white product of my balls.

We stayed locked in a loving embrace for several moments until, with our composures restored, I looked into her eyes and said, "Oh Lordy, Lordy, making it with you has to be the best thing that has ever happened to me."

Sue gazed back with lust filled eyes and said, "Oh God I know Jack. What I don't understand is why we didn't do this sooner. I know I have been ready since I was f******n or fifteen."

Looking down into her upturned face, I smiled and said, "Maybe it is just as well we didn't try it back then. I doubt mom and dad would have been quite as accepting then as they are now."

"Yeah, I suppose. Whatever, I just hope we never get tired of doing it with each other, cause I am going to want to feel your big hard cock pounding into me often. Hope you are ready for this."

With that we separated, Sue picked up her jeans, reached in a pocket, brought out a piece of tissue and wiped the sperm away that dribbled from her pussy. Grinning in silence, my s****r handed me a small piece of tissue so that I could clean the excess cum from my wilting dick and we dressed to return to the house where we rejoined mom and dad.

Mom and dad were in the den listening to soft music and reading when Sue and I got back in the house. I laughed self-consciously and said, "Well, I expect that if I am going to share my room with Eric, I better get started dinging it out."

Mom nodded approvingly and Sue said, "Jack, I'd rather do most anything than listen to this stuff, and I don't have anything much else to do, want some help?"

Mom looked at Sue in amazement, surprised at the rare offer to help out and said, "Good God, if that business at the lake this afternoon is all it took to make you two treat one another decently at last, I guess it should have happened years ago."

Sue laughed and said, "That's exactly what I told Jack a while ago when we were out with the horses."

I gathered up a large sack for trash, dust spray and a dust rag as well as the vacuum cleaner and, accompanied by my s****r, went upstairs and got started with the cleaning.

I began by tossing things into the sack that had accumulated on my dresser while Sue made her way to the far side of the bed and picked up a stack of magazines I store there. Suddenly remembering the content of some of the magazines, I said, "Whoops s*s, maybe I should go through those, there may be some stuff there that's too risqué for your tender eyes."

Immediately I saw that I was too late as Sue was already opening a magazine that featured erotic photographs as well as a few erotic stories.

"Tender eyes, bull, you just don't want me to know as much about fucking as you do." A moment later, she opened to a full page photo of a busty broad with some guys' cock shoved in her mouth to the point her nose was pushed deep into his hairy pubic mound.

With eyes opened as wide as I had ever seen them, she looked up and said, "Damn Jack, is this picture for real? Can anyone actually do that? Wow."

I grinned and said, "I suppose it could be computer generated stuff, but yes, some women like to take a guy's cock deep into their throats. Guess if they are not lying about it, they actually get off themselves doing it that way."

Sue looked at me grinning, and said, "See what I mean Jack, you think it is all right for you to know about this stuff, yet you want to keep it secret from me. I want to know why. You think I don't want to experience all this sort of stuff? You think because I'm a girl I don't want to know all about this kind of stuff?" She paused for a moment, then went on, "I suppose this is where the expression, 'deep throat' comes from, right?"

I merely nodded and she said, "So, if sucking on a big hard cock is supposed to be so damn much fun, I think I will just give it a try." She looked at me, grinned, and said, "OK Big b*****r, drop 'em and sit your ass right here on the edge of the bed."

I chuckled and said, "Honey, remember what we just did in the barn, hell, I haven't had a shower yet, there's no telling what all my cock is covered with."

Sue said, "I know exactly what's on your cock and how long it has been there so bare your butt Buster, you're about to get a blow job. That is the correct terminology isn't it?

"Yep," I said, as I dropped my jeans and briefs to my ankles and sat where Sue told me. I spread my knees and Sue instantly squatted, took my throbbing erection in hand and began to lick me as if I were an ice cream cone.

I tried my best to ignore the feelings of intense pleasure my s****r was giving me with her tongue and was doing well I thought, until she slipped her lips over me and slid the reddish purple head into her mouth. She closed her lips around the glans, sucked once and I lost it. I tried to warn her, but Sue wasn't about to be dissuaded and received every drop of cum that spurted to the back of her mouth.

After it was all over, she rolled her tongue around inside her open mouth and said, "Hey Jack, that was pretty cool. Think maybe we ought to do that a lot, don't you?" She threw her head back and laughed and a moment later mom's voice came up the stairway saying, "Hey, just what are you k**s doing up there?"

Giggling aloud, Sue called, "Oh nothing much Mom, I just gave Jack a blow job and I sorta think he liked it."

Mom laughed and said, "Oh, OK, just try to stay out of trouble, can you do that? And Jack, you better not be selfish about all this stuff. I think that if Sue was kind enough to go down on you, you better return the favor and go down on her as well. Unless I miss my guess, she will want to be licked and kissed down there, too."

With a blank look, Sue said, "Huh, what's she talking about? People don't do that sort of thing, do they?"

I reached for the magazine, turned to a large photograph a couple pages beyond where she had seen the guy with his cock being sucked. That picture was a close-up of a woman lying on a bed with her legs spread wide and thrown over the shoulders of a man kneeling on the floor. His thumbs separated the woman's labia and he was licking her slit.

Sue inhaled sharply and said, "Oh Jesus Jack, do that for me huh? Please, please, will you, huh?"

Gleefully, I said, "Ok Sue, drop your jeans and panties and lay back on the bed the way I did."

Sue obeyed instantly, I knelt and delved into her pussy with my thumbs and began to lick and suck her the entire length of her glistening pussy from bottom to the tip of her clitoris. Her vagina was still wet with cum so I opened wide and clamped my lips over her vagina and sucked until she came.

Afterward, I joined her on the bed and we embraced and kissed until I had an overpowering urge to once again bury my cock as far as it would go in my s****r's pussy. Our final coupling was slow and loving. We stayed locked in an embrace, I tucked my head down so that I could mouth first one breast then the other and I slowly slid in and out. This time I was much more in control of myself than at any other time and sensed each of the several orgasms that wracked Sue's young body. Finally, I thrust as hard as I could, paused and pumped jet after jet of sperm deep inside my s****r's hot pussy.

With my deflating cock still buried deep inside my s****r, we embraced and drifted off to sl**p. Sometime later, I sensed motion and looked to see mom and dad. Mom was trying to tug a sheet up to cover dad and us was standing in the doorway watching. Mom saw that my eyes were open, winked, blew me a kiss and walking softly, tiptoed away to join dad and walk to their bedroom.

Everyone worked together and by the time Friday morning rolled around, the house and yard met mom's critical eye for readiness. Pies were baked and stacked in the pantry, casseroles were ready to be baked, there was a huge bowl of potato salad in the refrigerator and the only thing left to do was await the arrival of dad's s****r and her f****y.

Mom was just about to set out sandwich fixings when the sound of an approaching engine signaled the arrival of our cousins and f****y. We were standing on the back porch when Uncle Bob stopped and there followed a period filled with happy greetings; hugs, some kisses and exclamations about how much the four of us k**s had grown.

When invited to come inside and sit down, Aunt Ellen laughed and said, "Good Lord no, we've been sitting for hours. We need to walk and loosen up before we sit down again."

Mom said, "Jack, Sue, why not take your cousins out and show them around, I'll bet they would like to see the horses.

The four of us headed toward the barn and were out of site from the house when Tess said, "Bet the horses look just like the horses did when we were here the last time. You guys still swim in the creek?"

I grinned and said, "Sure do. Why, wanta go swimming?"

Tess grinned and said, "Whatever, should be a good reason to get out of these clothes, though. I have been wearing this damn bra way to long."

She reached behind and up beneath her loosened blouse, squirmed, wiggled and soon dragged her bra from in under her blouse. Then she giggled and handed me the bra saying, "Her Jack, you can carry this for me."

Before stuffing the folded bra in my back pocket, I lifted it to my nose, sniffed and said, "Ahhhh, nice."

Sue said, "Well shit," tugged her tee shirt off over her head, loosed her bra and after folding it handed it to Eric, saying, "Here Eric, you can carry mine if you would like."

Once we arrived at the creek, I began to wonder just how we would go about getting naked without being embarrassed. Sue and Tess solved that problem by stripping quickly and ignoring Eric and I as we got out of our clothes.

The girls were knee deep in the water and facing the shore as Eric and I walked to join them. I could not avoid staring longingly at Tess' pussy when Eric chuckled and said, "Hell Jack, go ahead and touch it if you want. Tess likes to have guys touch her pussy, don't you Tess?" Tess looked at me with a wide grin and said, "Better believe it Cousin, God please come and play with my pussy."

Eric's open invitation coupled with his s****r's encouragement was all the invitation I needed and I reached out to cup Tess' pussy in my hand. At my touch, Tess had spread her feet in anticipation of my touch so that I had easy access to her sex. She placed her head on my shoulder and murmured, "Oh God Jack, I have been waiting for this ever since I knew for sure we would be stopping by to see you guys."

Looking over my shoulder into Sue's envious eyes, Tess said, "Sue, Eric will never say a word but he is dying to have you touch his cock. It's all he has talked about for two weeks."

Sue grinned and said, "So Eric, you want me to touch your cock eh, well get it over here then 'cause I would just love to touch that thing. Maybe you would like to touch me with it, right down here," and pointed directly at the spot where her thighs joined her upper torso.

The creek bank next to the hole where we swim is a gentle grass covered slope. With fertilizer and constant attention with the lawn mower, the grassy area makes a wonderful place to rest and lie about when we are not in the water.

Sue walked from the water and stretched out on her back with knees spread and bent presenting an inviting target for her cousin's lust engorged cock. Tess and I stood and embraced as we watched Eric's cock slide easily into Sue's dewy slit.

Once he was firmly inside my s****r, Tess looked up at me and said, "Enough of this watching Eric and Sue while they fuck, it's about time for us to get it on, isn't it?" She grinned and added, "Or is there something about fucking your cousin that bothers you?"

I knelt down and reached for my lovely cousin's hand in order to guide her down beside me but she gave me a push onto my back and stood astraddle of me. She squatted over my head, knelt down until her baby smooth pussy pressed against my wide-open mouth then squirmed backward, took me in hand and guided me to her dripping pussy where it was a simple matter for her to impale herself. A moment later, she slid her feet back and leaned forward until her firm, young tits were pressed firmly against my own sensitive nipples. She bent down and inserted her tongue deep inside my mouth and, as one, we began to hump and buck against one another.

I focused all my attention to driving myself ever deeper and deeper into the velvety glove of Tess' hot, wet pussy. Each of her downward thrusts was met with an equally f***eful jab upward that f***ed a series of grunts, moans and sighs from each of us.

All too soon, I felt my cock begin to swell and my balls begin tingle prior to climaxing. Tess sensed my coming orgasm, looked me in the eye, grinned and nodded. Then the dam burst and I flooded her pussy with cum. Tess lifted her knees and legs from the grass and allowed her full weight to bear down on my groin as she thrust backward, drove my cock deep inside her vagina, quivered and shook in ecstasy.

After our passions subsided, we lay side by side, fully spent, and toyed lazily with one another. Tess and I kissed while I gently fondled her breasts with one hand and her pussy with the other. Tess, on the other hand, formed a tunnel with her hands and slid the tunnel slowly up and down my soft dick.

At last, I sighed and said, "Hey guys, I suppose all good things have to come to an end. Everyone will be wondering where we have disappeared to if we don't get back to the house pretty soon."

We arose, walked back into the water and rinsed away all evidence of our lovemaking. Once we were rinsed clean and with no towels with which to dry ourselves, we gathered our clothing in our arms and began to walk back toward the house.

We dried as we walked and before arriving at the house stopped and got dressed.

I was just starting to slide my jeans on when the idea hit and without waiting to think, I said, "Hey you guys, let's see if the folks have any objection to our riding up to Hidden Pond tomorrow for an overnight campout."

My suggestion was greeted enthusiastically until I suddenly began to have second thoughts. I realized that a two or three hour ride might be difficult for Tess and Eric and said, "Oh oh, how about you guys, will being in the saddle that long be a problem for you?"

Tess laughed and said, "I suppose you think we are both a couple of city pansies huh? Hell, of course we can ride, do it all the time at an equestrian center near home."

We approached the house in silence, stepped onto the back porch and for maybe the second or third time in my life, I didn't let the screen door slam as we entered the kitchen. Seeing no one there, we trooped toward the den and stood in wonder when we discovered that room, too, was vacant.

I was just about to speak when I became aware of low murmurs coming from the second floor. Sounds that were familiar enough, but somehow, were unexpected, given that my aunt and uncle were visiting. I held up a hand for silence and we walked to the foot of the stairway and paused. The sounds were much more distinct by that time and I knew instantly what was causing them. Hell, it hadn't been thirty minutes since I and the rest of the k**s had been making identical sounds. Tess was next to catch on and motioning for silence made an obscene gesture. She formed a circle with thumb and index finger of one hand and slid the middle finger of her other hand into the circle. The four of us grinned and nodded before we began to tiptoe up the stairs and to the open doorway of the master bedroom.

We must have made a strange sight as the four of us peeked around the doorframe to see dad and Aunt Ellen splayed on the bed, naked and fucking as if they were the last ones on earth who could repopulate the world.

Silently, we drew away from the doorway and eased along until we could see if anything was going on in the guestroom. Of course, Uncle Bob and mom were busy screwing and did not even notice the four smiling faces peering in at them.

Seeing that Eric and Tess were engrossed watching their father fuck our mother, Sue and I drew away and returned to watch dad and his s****r making love.

I am enough taller than Sue that I was able to stand behind her and look over the top of her head. The erotic nature of events taking place in the house was all it took to return my cock to full erection so I encircled my s****r in my arms, slid my hands up inside her shirt, caressed her breasts and pulled her back until my hard cock was pressed tightly against her butt. She gave her butt a lascivious wiggle against me and reached back to fondle my cock through my jeans.

We looked on until it was clear that dad was filling his s****r's pussy with cum, then we slipped silently away and met Eric and Tess at the top of the stairs.

The four of us were seated on the patio when our parents, fully dressed, stepped from the kitchen doorway looking for all the world as innocent as could be. "Oh here you are," were mom's first words, "we were wondering where you had gone to." Her eyes brightened and she said, "Oh, I'll bet you went down to the creek, your hair is still wet."

Aunt Ellen said, "Down at the creek, not one of you took a swimming suit. You didn't..."

Laughing, Tess said, "God Mom...."

I jumped up and arranged more chairs so that everyone could sit and, once seated, dad said, "I hope you k**s were not too shocked or disgusted when you caught us awhile ago." He grinned and added, "After all, you k**s aren't so self centered you think you are the only ones ever to get it on with siblings are you?"

I looked at dad in silence for a short time, then said, "So you knew we were out in the hallway all the time, eh?"

Dad grinned and said, "There is a method to my madness, why do you suppose I never refastened that loose stair tread to get rid of the squeak. Of course, I knew you were out there and when I heard the board squeak four times, I knew the four of you wouldn't miss the action."

Aunt Ellen smiled and said, "Don't forget, I lived in this house for a long time too, thing is, your dad and I were smart enough that whenever we heard the board squeak... Well, let's say that by the time your grandparents could check, there was nothing for them to get excited about."

Finally, I changed the subject and told everyone of our plan to ride up to the lake and camp out on Saturday night. I even presented the plan in the form of a question, indicating that we would be happy to go along with whatever other plans our parents might have if they wanted.

Mom, ever the practical one, began planning for the food supplies to send along. She was ticking items off on her fingers when Sue laughed and said, "Mom, don't you think that between us, the four of us k**s can come up with food enough to hold us overnight?"

Laughing, mom threw her hands up in the air in surrender. I told dad I planned to take the big Army surplus tent we had been using for years as a round-up headquarters and hunting camp. I figured that the tent, some air mattresses, sl**ping bags, the propane stove, a bucket, axe and shovel would be about all we would need.

Dad laughed and said, "OK Son, just don't forget, you'll need the ice chest too.

Sue looked at me and said, "Jack, I expect the usual will do it for dinner won't it?" I nodded knowing that 'the usual' included steaks for broiling, potatoes to be cut up and fried, canned snow peas and canned mushrooms. Beyond those items, I knew she would include milk, bread, cold cereal, crackers, cheeses, and some cold meat for sandwiches. With salt, pepper and butter, I knew we would be just fine.

Together, dad, Uncle Bob, Eric and I went and gathered up the meager stack of items to be packed on a couple of lead horses for the trip.

Once all of our camping gear was stacked neatly in the tack room, we wandered back to the house arriving just in time to sit down at the dinner table. Dinner consisted of roast prime rib, baked potatoes and salad along with delicious home made bread. There was plenty of milk for all us k**s and the adults drank coffee. We had finished eating but had not pushed away from the table when I snapped my fingers and said, "Coffee, damn, I forgot the coffee."

Giggling, Sue said, "Relax b*o, I have everything under control. We have coffee, cream and sugar for those who use the stuff." Chagrined, I said, "Cool s*s, but I guess I should have said I didn't see the coffee pot with the rest of the camping gear."

Dad said, "It's covered Jack, I saw it in the box with the rest of the kitchen stuff."

We left the table and with everyone helping, made quick work of clearing the table and getting dishes going in the dishwasher.

Everyone returned to the patio to enjoy the cool evening air and mom said to Aunt Ellen, "Well, I suppose we better get your things in the house. I expect you'll be needing your luggage, won't you?"

Aunt Ellen nodded and said, "I take it you are going to put Bob and me in the guestroom. The boys going to sl**p in Jack's room?"

Mom said, "Yes and the girls can sl**p in Sue's room if that's all right with everyone?"

Aunt Ellen, grinned and said, "Meg, I guess that will be just fine only I'll bet Tess would rather sl**p with her b*****r, wouldn't you Hon?"

Tess nodded solemnly and, laughing, mom said, "Hey, no problem. Sue has been sl**ping with Jack all week so I guess if that's what they want to do Ira and I'll have no problem." She turned to Sue and said, "Just one thing Honey, don't you ever forget to take your pill. I'm not quite ready yet for grandc***dren and I'll bet you aren't quite ready to be burdened with k**s either.

Sue started to bring things she might need to my room, then she changed her mind saying, "Guess if I need anything I can just go back in my room to get it. Don't know why, after all that we have been doing, I feel as though it is necessary to tiptoe around in fear that I might see something good or that someone might see me. Naked or whatever."

Tess laughed and said, "Oh oh, but what if Eric and I are doing something naughty? You wouldn't want to see your cousins fucking one another would you?"

Sue grinned and said, "Try me. I'd sure as hell be disappointed if I walked in to find you both asl**p with nothing exciting happening. Fact is, now that I know how well you two get along, I guess I would be surprised if I found you not fucking."

Later on, everyone went upstairs to go to bed. Eric and I let the girls have the hall bathroom first, and then went in when the girls finished. On my return to my room, I saw mom and Aunt Ellen meet in the hallway, hug, kiss and continue until Aunt Ellen went into mom and dad's room and mom went in to join Uncle Bob in the guestroom.

I crawled into bed, snuggled close against Sue's backside and reached to clasp a plump breast in my hand. Her steady, soft breathing told me she was asl**p already and a moment later, I, too, fell asl**p.

Morning dawned bright and warm and I hurried to shower, shave and brush. I was still in the shower when Tess pushed the door open and joined me. With complete aplomb, she tugged off her tee shirt, muttered something about lazy fucking guys, put the toilet seat down and sat down to pee. She noticed that I was watching interestedly, grinned, spread her knees far apart and let me see the yellow/orange urine gush from her pussy.

When finished, she stood, put the lid down and said, "Ok Buster, make room 'cause I'm comin in with you. A moment later, my cousin joined me in the warm spray, turned around and asked me to wash her back. She giggled and said, "Actually, I want you to wash all of me. Every single square inch of me."

Tess and I were just stepping from the shower when Eric and Sue came in to take our places. Sue said, "Just a moment Eric, I need to pee first."

Chuckling, Eric said, "Hell no need to use the toilet, you can pee in the shower with me if you want. It's what I plan on doing, it all goes to the same place anyhow."

Fascinated by what was about to take place, I put the toilet seat down, sat and pulled Tess onto my lap. Tess knew instantly what I had in mind and wiggled her ass until my erect cock was shoved far up into her pussy. Then we watched as my s****r and cousin stepped into the shower, adjusted the spray and began to pee making absolutely no effort to avoid flooding one another with hot urine.

Afterward, they went calmly about the process of cleansing themselves, each using the soap to wash the other. At one point, Eric suggested that Sue lean against the tile wall, spread her feet and thrust her butt back so that he could give it to her from behind. I watched intently as my cousin fucked my s****r, but Tess, ever the vocal one, kept up a running commentary, urging her b*****r to fuck my s****r harder and harder. Sue quickly joined in saying things like, "Oh God Eric, that's good. Do me like that some more." When her orgasm was nearly upon her, she said, "OK Eric, you can flood my pussy with cum whenever you are ready. Give me so much it spills out and runs down my legs and into the tub."

Eric had little choice, what with his s****r and Sue urging him on and soon did exactly as my s****r wished. He gave one final lunge into Sue's pussy and paused as his cock pulsed and shot spurt after spurt of cum deep up inside her pussy.

Sue got her wish as, when he pulled his wilting cock from her cunt, a large amount of sperm followed and ran down her legs and into the draining water. At last, with all evidence of their sexual activity rinsed away, Eric and I went to my room to dress while Tess and Sue went into Sue's room.

Because of the openness with we flaunted our activities, no one bothered closing bedroom doors and, while dressing, I overheard Sue say, "Tess, I guess you can wear shorts if you want, but I think you will be much happier wearing jeans. Sweaty horses, flies and brush can be a bitch on bare legs. Believe me, I know.

I located tiny duffle bags for clean underwear, socks and toiletries for all of us and we went downstairs to join our parents at the breakfast table.

"Morning Mom, sl**p well?" I asked as I entered the kitchen. Not expecting an answer, I turned to my aunt and said, "How about you, Aunt Ellen?"

Both women smirked and giggled without guilt, but otherwise did not reply. We finished eating and dad, Uncle Bob, Eric and I went to the barn to saddle the horses. With that task complete, we rigged the lead horses with packsaddles and began to lash camping equipment for transport to the camp.

When finished to dad's satisfaction, we led the horses to the house and added the filled ice chest to the load.

With everything loaded and ready for travel, we mounted up, waved goodbye and headed for the trail to Hidden Pond.

We rode along in pairs, Eric and Sue, and Tess and I. We rode steadily for an hour and a half before stopping to rest the horses and to stretch our own saddle cramped muscles.

Tess looked around and said, "Where in hell is a girl supposed to go so she can pee?"

Her question was met with mirth and I said, "Well, I guess that if you insist, we could turn our backs. On the other hand, you didn't seem to mind me watching you earlier."

Tess colored in embarrassment and said, "Jack, you know that was different."

I shrugged and said, "Whatever, us country k**s have never made a big deal of it when we have to take a piss. Guess we are used to all the a****ls just doing it whenever they need to that we don't think a thing about it."

Sue giggled and said, "Hey, I better take advantage of the break and pee my own self," and nonchalantly dropped her jeans and panties, squatted and began to pee."

Finally, Tess shrugged, said, "All right all ready, I get the message," tugged her clothes down around her ankles and relieved herself."

I knew that she had not come along prepared, reached into my saddlebag, located a roll of toilet paper and handed it to her in silence. Tess thanked me with her eyes, patted herself dry and handed the paper to Sue who had remained squatting after she finished peeing.

A few minutes later, we were back in the saddles and making our way toward the distant campsite.

We arrived at the campsite a little before lunchtime and, again, we dismounted to stretch before getting started with camp chores. The moment Sue's feet were on the ground she said, "Well you guys, first things first", and began removing clothing.

The rest of us were quick to follow her lead and, in mere moments all four of us were totally naked. Then we led the horses to the lake in order that they might refresh themselves with long drinks. That task finished, we stripped the saddles from the horses and tethered them in some green grass. Unloading the pack a****ls was next and with that chore out of the way and the a****ls secured with the others, we proceeded to set up the tent.

Sue suggested we place all the filled air mattresses close together so that sl**ping bags could be zipped into two large units, one to go underneath and the other for a top cover. She giggled and said, "I don't know about you Tess, but I intend to have at least one of these guys in me most of the time and I don't want to have to fuck around crawling from bed to bed."

She laughed and added, "Oh don't worry you guys, no one needs to fuck me when I pee or poop. Maybe not when we are eating, then on the other hand..."

Once the camp was established, we turned, as one, to the pond and all of us went into the refreshing water and began to fool around, splash one another, and just enjoy ourselves. Somehow, Tess and I gravitated toward one another and embraced and began making out.

A moment later, I was behind her with my knees bent and pushed in between her thighs. I lifted her slightly and with her hand guiding my cock, I let her down slowly until my cock was fully engulfed within the moist confines of her pussy.

In daylight, I could observe the others watching intently and was not surprised to see my s****r and Eric clasped in a tight embrace. Sue's breasts were mashed against Eric's chest and they were bumping their hips against one another as they dry fucked.

My s****r allowed the passion to escalate for a time before she exclaimed, "OH my God Eric, fuck me now. Put your big, hard cock in me and fuck until you fill me with cum," and soon the four of us were bucking and thrusting enthusiastically, an activity that continued until each of us was spent and exhausted.

Afterward, we got out of the water and stretched out on large towels in the bright sunshine.

Sue had spread her towel so that it touched mine and we were able to hold hands and caress one another as we became lethargic and drifted into light slumber.

I was nearly asl**p when Sue nudged me and said, "Jack, you asl**p?"

I chuckled softly and said, "No, not anymore I'm not. What?"

Well, do you ever think about doing kinky stuff?"

Thoughtfully, I said, "Well, I guess it all depends on what you mean by kinky but, sure I do, but it never entered my mind that a woman would be interested in anything kinky. Besides having me kiss her pussy or going down on me."

"Maybe we should talk when everyone leaves and we have some time. We might just surprise one another with the things we dream about doing. Maybe even with who we might like to play with."

I drew away and looked intently into Sue's eyes for a moment then said, "I'll bet you are referring to doing things with mom and dad, aren't you?"

Sue got her head even closer and whispered; "Yeah, but let's not talk about it right now, OK?"

All of us were pretty well worn out and spent the afternoon laying around and swimming. At one point, girls' giggles and snickers penetrated my drowsiness and I opened one eye to see what they were up to. The vision that met my eyes caused me to sit up so quickly, I nearly blacked out. I looked again and saw that Sue was laying flat on her back with Tess crouching over her. Clearly, probably because of a suggestion from Tess and maybe some help from pictures in my magazines, they were in a classic sixty-nine, each laving a wet pussy with her long, wet tongue and mouth. Their enthusiastic hip movements left little doubt that they were having the time of their lives.

I glanced toward Eric and saw that he, too, was lost in the hot erotic action that was taking place and was not surprised to discover that he was slowly stroking his cock as our s****rs enjoyed one another's sex. Hell, I even had myself firmly in hand as I watched each of the two pink tongues delve into a glistening pussy.

While watching, enraptured, I saw my s****r's hips shudder violently in orgasm. A moment later, Tess began to shake and vibrate uncontrollably as her orgasm overtook her body.

After resting for a short time, Sue said, "Damn girl, that was fun. I wonder if Carol would be interested in doing something like sometime?"

With a sudden burst of insight, I said, "Why not talk about it with her. You may never know if you don't talk about it."

Sue thought for a moment and said, "But what if the very thought of it disgusts her. I don't want to mention doing a girl-girl thing and risk losing her friendship."

Shrugging in resignation, I said, "So, if she acts reluctant to talk, drop it and don't bring it up again. From what I know of Carol though, I'll bet that however she might feel about making out with another girl, she will, at least, be willing to talk about it."

The afternoon was waning so everyone went back in for a swim before getting busy with preparations for dinner. I prepared a small pit for briquettes while the girls peeled and diced potatoes for frying and soon, the air was filled with the odors of broiling steaks and frying potatoes and onions.

Later on, after finishing our dinner, we rested and talked. I was surprised to learn that while, our cousins did live in a city, their home is in a residential area with a large, fenced back yard, a swimming pool, a SPA and a sauna. Eric told me, backed by his s****r, that they had been raised in a loving, open atmosphere where clothing was completely optional. If warm, the clothes came off. If cool, they wore as much as necessary to be comfortable. Tess told how, from as early as she could remember, Aunt Ellen had bathed she and Eric together and that had never stopped.

Eric even told how, when he started to become curious about the differences between men's and women's bodies, both Uncle Tom and Aunt Ellen had sat Tess and him down and answered all of their questions. They even let the k**s watch as they demonstrated how two people engage in foreplay and have sex.

Tess said proudly, "Hell, daddy even put his finger in me the first time so I could feel what it was like to have something big and warm in my pussy."

Sue looked at Eric and said, "And I suppose you are going to tell us that your mom was the first to play with your cock and make you hard."

I had remained silent during our cousin's confessions but broke silence to ask; "You mean to say your parents did all this stuff and let you do things when you were just little k**s?"

With disgust, Eric said, "Oh hell no. All we did when we were little was run around with out clothes. I guess neither mom nor dad wanted to risk the consequences of what might happen if they were caught giving 'hands-on' sex education. The touchy-feely stuff didn't start until after Tess was eighteen. Of course, I was nineteen by that time."

I didn't believe a word of it, but if that was their story and they chose to stick to it, I wasn't about to challenge them.

Finally, Sue asked, "So, do you two just do each other when you are back home?"

Tess looked at Eric before answering, then shrugged and said, "I guess there is no reason to keep it a secret any longer. Sometimes I let daddy do me and, naturally, Eric and mom do it sometimes. And there are the times when mom and I do each other."

Eric sat up and said, "Come on Tess, that's bullshit and you know it. When you are horny for dad's cock, he doesn't have a choice. Let him have you indeed. Hah!"

Tess grinned and said, "Well, the only thing that keeps mom from being ****d is that she wants you just as much as you want her. I can just hear her trying to call '****' right in the middle of all the moaning and sighing she does when you fuck her."

Curiously, I asked, "So that makes your dad, Eric, your mom and now me that you have had. Do you have a boyfriend you get it on with as well?"

Tess grinned and said, "Oh yeah, there are a couple of guys I let do me sometimes. They both have s****rs that love to fuck Eric so sometimes our back yard gets to be a rather interesting place."

"And your parents don't mind you having all that sex at your home? What about the other k**'s folks? Surely they can't be very happy about their sons and daughters fucking you guys?"

Tess grinned and said, "Guess they can't be too unhappy about it. Most times when we have a sex party, they are right there fucking their heads off too."

Sue, smiling, said, "You mean...?" Tess grinned and said, "I sure do. At one time or another, I have had every cock in the crowd stuffed into each and every hole I have that will accommodate a stiff prick. The ones that have come so many times they won't get hard again, I take in my mouth. Actually, I can have more fun with a limp cock in my mouth than I can with a hard one."

All of us were sated with intercourse, but even at that, each boy stood with his s****r clasped in his arms with his half-erect penis snuggled into her crotch and with his hands clasping her breasts.

At one point, while conversation lagged, Sue leaned her head back on my shoulder and said, "God Jack, I love you. I wish we could be like this forever."

Before I could speak, she added, "I know damnit of course we can not be like this forever. All good things have to come to an end sometime, but it sure would be nice if we could be like this once in a while, even after we get married and have families of our own."

I murmured, "Mmmm, well let's hope our spouses are understanding when we marry and don't get all jealous and pissy. I certainly don't intend to keep our love for one another a secret from whomever I marry."

Sue pulled away slightly and said, "Oh my God no, me neither. My man doesn't think he can share me with my b*****r sometimes, then he isn't going to be my man!"

Wistfully, she added, "Perhaps, if we are lucky, my husband and your wife will care for each other enough that they will want to join us. I think I would like for my man to make it with your wife sometimes."

At around ten, we got out of the water, stirred the dying charcoal embers and toasted marshmallows on some willow sticks.

Finally, we decided it was time for bed and made our way into the tent. Without plan or discussion, Sue and Eric entered the tent together as did Tess and I. The four of us were exhausted after our afternoon and evening of sex and were satisfied to snuggle together like nested spoons. I couldn't have got it up for anything and simply let my limp cock nestle into Tess's ass crack as we drifted into slumber.

I was the first to crawl out of the bed, not because I was gung ho, but because I had to piss so bad I was afraid I couldn't keep my bladder in check. As it turned out, Sue was in much the same condition and was right on my heels as we made our way to an out-of-the-way spot to relieve ourselves.

Once finished pissing, I lighted the camp stove and Sue got the coffee pot ready. We had just poured our first cups of steaming coffee when Tess and Eric made an appearance on their way from the tent to go and relieve themselves.

Without apparent embarrassment, our cousins made no effort to hide their morning ablutions and, knowing they had our undivided attention, began to fool around while they were peeing.

Eric began it when he turned and allowed his steaming piss to fall into Tess' lap as she squatted to pee. Giggling, Tess stood, reached and spread her labia and aimed her stream of piss so that it hit her b*****r squarely on his cock and balls.

Sue and I looked at each other in wonder and returned our gaze to our cousins as they engaged in their bizarre behavior.

When finished, Tess grabbed a bar of soap and the two of them raced into the pond and took a bath.

While our cousins were bathing, Sue turned to me and in stern tones said, "You ever try doing that to me and you will be in deep shit." She giggled and added, "Well, as a minimum, you are going to find yourself standing under a golden shower."

"So, what in hell do you know about golden showers," I asked.

Sue laughed and said, "Jesus, don't you ever read those magazines of yours?"

I shook my head in mock sadness and said, "Gets kinkier and kinkier."

After breakfast, we dragged the sl**ping bags from the tent to air and opened the valves on the air mattresses so they would deflate. Then we got the rest of the camping gear ready to load before going for a swim. True to form, the rest of our morning was filled with sexual activity. Tess and I lay on the grass and watched as Eric and Sue performed a flawless sixty-nine. After each of them came in the other's mouth, they reversed positions and began a series of deep, tongue thrusting kisses and they exchanged mouthfuls of cum with one another.

Later on, I mounted Tess for one last fuck before it was time to saddle up and leave. Without the use of hands, I was trying without success to get my hard dick into Tess. Both Tess and I were laughing at my futile attempt to fuck her when I felt Sue lay an arm across my butt as she reached for my cock to guide me into her cousin's pussy. Sue kept her hand on my balls and on Tess' butt as I fucked my cousin. Then, just as I was about to explode cum into Tess, Sue dipped her finger into the fluids that surrounded my cock and Tess' pussy. After that it was a simple act for Sue to slip her the first two joints of her finger into Tess' asshole.

Tess let out a loud whoop and bucked hard up against my plunging cock as our orgasms hit and our combined fluids began to spill from her overfilled pussy.

We arrived back at the ranch just in time to take care of the horses, put our camping gear away and get ready for dinner.

Mom greeted us at the back door with a wide grin and asked, "So, did you k**s have a good time? I surely hope you didn't engage in any activities us old folk wouldn't approve of."

Sue laughed and said, "Oh Mom, you know we wouldn't do anything we shouldn't. Hell, about all we did was make love...a lot."

Later on, when it was time to go to bed, mom said, "Ok you k**s, just so everything is out in the open, it may be quite a while until we see all these folks again. Ellen and Ira plan to sl**p together tonight. Of course that means Bob and I will sl**p together. I guess that means you k**s can make whatever sl**ping arrangements you want." She grinned and added, "That is if any of you get any sl**p at all tonight."

We turned out all of the lights and trooped up to the second floor where, as expected, mom and uncle Bob headed for the guest room at the same time aunt Ellen and dad turned into the master bedroom.

The four of us cousins clustered together in silence in the hallway for a moment, then Tess said, "You know, what the folks are doing makes sense. I can sl**p with Eric most any time I want so I would like to sl**p with you, Jack. Her face lit up and she added, "That is, if that is alright with all of you."

Grinning, Sue said, "Hey Tess, sounds like a plan to me."

Eric and I were smiling broadly and didn't need to voice our thoughts at all.

Eric and Sue stepped into Sue's room while Tess and I went into mine. I noticed that no one had bothered to close their bedroom doors and decided that I, too, would leave mine open to whoever might come along.

I turned to Tess and said, "I guess you know by now that I don't bother wearing anything at all when I go to bed but if you want one of my large tee shirts, I will get one out for you."

Tess grinned and said, "That's OK Jack, a tee shirt would just be in the way anyhow. I'm not going to wear anything either. That way I can feel your hot body when we snuggle...and do other things."

We stripped, turned out the light and got onto the bed.

We reached for each other as one and began to make out. I sought Tess' lips in the darkness and as we began to kiss, she slid her tongue between my teeth and it was only a short time until the heat of passion enveloped us. My cock became extremely hard as we began to kiss and stayed erect all throughout the abbreviated foreplay so that by the time I finished fondling Tess' breasts and let my hand drift to her pussy I was as ready as I was ever going to be.

Tess reached for me, stroked me a couple of times and said, "Jesus, Jack, put this thing in me. I want to fuck and fuck until we can't do it anymore."

She pushed me onto my back and climbed on top. Still holding my throbbing cock in her hand, she slid back until I penetrated her pussy. Then she slid further back until further penetration became difficult. Still, she eased down and I, of course, thrust upward and the rest of my cock slowly slid out of sight into my cousins hot, wet pussy.

When further penetration became impossible, Tess pushed up on extended arms, smiled and said, "Jesus Jack, I think we managed to get you up into my cervix. Damn, it is tight and hurts a little."

Concerned, I said, "Hurts? Maybe we should back off a bit?"

Tess grinned and said, "Don't even think about it. It is a good hurt. I like the way you feel way up inside me." She let herself back down until her tits were mashed against my chest, leaned further and our tongues began to twine and dance in each other's mouth.

Tess broke the kiss for a moment, smiled and said, OK Jack, your cock feels great now, I think it's time to really fuck."

With that, we began a gentle rocking that quickly became mighty thrusts and bucks against one another. My entire body was bathed in a sheen of perspiration as soon, were began to slip and slide against one another as we fucked.

Finally, after what seemed and eternity, I felt the familiar tingle that announced my impending orgasm and I began to grunt and moan as my cock swelled more than ever.

Sensing that I was at the peak, my cousin thrust down one last time and f***ed me back into her cervix just as sperm began to shoot in mighty spurts. At the same time, Tess went rigid and her groin jiggled a bit as I filled her with cum and her own secretions flowed over and around my invading member.

Afterward, we separated and each clasped the other in a tight embrace as our normal rates of breathing were restored. Finally, I started to get up only to have Tess press me back against the bed and say, "Don't Jack. I will clean you off and maybe you won't mind licking me clean." I lay back with a puzzled look and she continued, "Oh it's not necessary that you lick me if you have a problem doing that. I guess there are a lot of guys who have a problem with the thought of licking a girl clean after they have sex."

Looking back at her, I grinned and said, "Well Tess, just maybe I'm not one of those guys. I just didn't know people do that sort of thing. I guess that if anyone else can do it, there is no reason why I can't," and swiveled around into position to lick our combined secretions as they seeped from her pussy.

Moments later, I felt my limp cock slip into Tess' mouth as I used my tongue to lick her clean.

I licked Tess long after I was certain I had removed every drop of cum from her pussy. I even swished my tongue around in her vagina before I formed myself into a miniature cock and fucked her until she came with a soft sigh. A moment later, thanks to her sucking and tonguing, I came again and gave her even more cum to swallow.

Finally, exhausted, we drifted off into deep slumber.

Uncle Bob had indicated before we went to bed that he wanted to get an early start in the morning as they had quite a long way to travel and he wanted to go as far as possible before stopping. Thus, I was not at all surprised early in the morning to hear mom say, "Ok you two. Time to rise and shine."

My eyes flew open and I looked quickly to see mom standing at the side of the bed smiling down at Tess and I. The night had been uncomfortably warm and we had kicked the sheet to the foot of the bed so that our naked forms were fully exposed. I noted that mom, while she had pulled a well-worn tee shirt over her upper body, was not much better covered than were Tess and myself.

I was unaccustomed to mom's casual approach to clothing herself and could not avoid staring at her mostly exposed genitals. Most notably, her pubes were matted with what had to be dried cum. Mom noted the obvious stares of Tess and myself and with complete equanimity, said, "Guess I need a shower, huh?"

Looking directly into Tess' eyes, she said, "Your dad cums more than anyone I ever heard of."

Tess giggled and said, "He does, doesn't he. Even when I try to clean up after we have sex, cum just continues to dribble out of me for the longest time."

Mom winked, said, "Tell me about it. Now you k**s better get a wiggle on and come on down to breakfast."

A few minutes later, everyone met in the kitchen for a large country breakfast and then our guests got into their van and resumed their journey.

As we turned to reenter the house, I couldn't help but see that even dad's eyes were damp. I wondered when, if ever, we would see Aunt Ellen, Uncle Bob, Tess and Eric again.
Mom's voice was tight and strained when she said, "Somehow we are going to have to find a way to get away so we can go and visit those guys next year."

Shortly after the van bearing our cousins disappeared from sight, dad sighed and said, “Well son, much as I hate to say it, we better be getting to work. I don’t suppose that North meadow is going to get cut if we don’t get at it.

With that, everything returned, more or less, to normal and ranch work resumed. Since the field dad mentioned was new clover grass that grew tall before a wind came along and flattened most of it, Sue and I went along and wielded pitch forks while dad operated the tractor. Lifting sickle bar jamming wads of bunched clover was a nasty, time consuming, hot, miserable task and what should have a few hour job took us all day. Mom brought our lunches out just before noontime and carried them to a shady spot near a meandering creek at the edge of the field. Dad stopped the tractor and we followed mom on foot, grateful for the respite, however brief.

Once seated on the soft grass at the edge of the creek and before opening her lunch, Sue jumped up and said, “Hope the sight of a little skin doesn’t interfere with anyone’s digestion but I intend to make myself comfortable. I see no reason to sit around wearing these dirty, sweaty clothes when I don’t have to,” and proceeded to strip herself naked.

Following Sue’s lead, I too stripped and whether from any real desire to seek comfort sans clothing or to simply be nude with Sue and me, dad followed suit. Mom didn’t wait for dad to completely remove his clothing before she, too, began to strip. Then, dad, Sue and I got into the water and tried to get as clean as we could. Without a bar of soap there wasn’t much any of us could do but we did manage to rinse away a lot of hay chaff and loose dust and dirt so we didn’t look or smell quite as bad as when at last we relaxed with our lunches. Although not nearly as dirty as the rest of us, mom did join us in the water and scooping great handfuls of the cool creek water, managed to rinse dad’s back clean. Naturally, I tended Sue’s back as she did mine. While in the water, I availed myself of the opportunity for a little erotic horseplay and enfolded Sue in my arms from behind and copped a feel of her delectable tits. For most of our lives, attempts to tease Sue physically have resulted in yelled threats and complaints to mom. That time though, Sue backed her rump against my dick while she thrust her breasts more firmly into my hands. Later on, she evened the score by doing something similar to me; She ran her hands down alongside my ribs and reached ‘round to grasp my cock in both hands. She gave me a stroke or two, certainly enough to kick my libido into overdrive, and I attempted thrusting into the artificial pussy she formed with her hands but Sue giggled and scurried out of the water. Mom, too, must have been feeling more frisky than usual because, without bothering to hide her actions from Sue or me, she fisted dad’s cock, giving him several loving strokes before leading him out of the water.

After eating, we all laid back to rest for a few minutes and, although the desire to enjoy my s****r’s favors was strong, my thickening cock attested to that, I didn’t go beyond thinking about how nice it would be to lay on my back while Sue knelt over me and let herself down to become impaled on me. Dad may have entertained similar thoughts as I noticed him observing mom while his cock thickened a bit. I guess knowing how much work remained to be done before the day was over went a long way toward quieting our amorousness because neither mom nor Sue did more than eye dad’s and my rising erections. That they licked their lips lasciviously, and not so subtly thrust their pelvises forward and up was surprising but it did provide incentive to get on with the work in order that we might finish and have some fun.

Whatever, all too soon dad announced we better get back at it if we ever expected to finish. With that we, well dad, Sue and I, donned our clothing, crisp with dried sweat and dirt while mom got into her jeans and tee shirt that had yet to get dirty and sweaty. Work that afternoon went marginally faster as, with mom helping, Sue and I had a much easier task keeping the cutter bar free of wadded grass.

Sue and I, mom too, were almost too tired to walk to the pickup for the ride back to the ranch buildings but we made it and, being slightly fresher than either Sue or I, we let mom drive us back to the house.

Back on our patio at last, mom fastened a hose to a hot water hose bib, we all stripped again and took turns rinsing the afternoon accumulation of dirt and grime away. Once everyone was rinsed as good as our simple device could get us, dad hosed away the grime that had accumulated on the patio and we sat down to dry before going on into the house.

It was strange how we could participate in the activities we were without becoming aroused, but, somehow, near exhaustion and discussing what had to be done next went a long way toward keeping our libidos in check. Noting that mom was unusually silent, I turned and said, “Mom, it isn’t like you to be this quiet. Something wrong?”

Smiling, mom replied, “No Hon, nothing like that but thanks for noticing. No, I’ve been thinking and have a question for your father. Ira, I know that what with the creek and all, a swimming pool is way too much to ask for, but is there any way we could afford to buy a hot tub or spa or whatever they’re called?”

“Hadn’t thought much about it Meg but compared to the cost of a new tractor, I imagine it’s something we could swing. Why, want one?”

“No, I just brought the subject up so we could have something to talk about. Of course I think it would be nice to have one, you old fool.”

Mom’s peal of laughter took the sting from her comment. Besides, I think dad has grown used to mom’s term of endearment, God knows he heard my grandmother call my grandfather an old fool often enough and there’s nothing she wouldn’t have willingly done for grandpa. While it’s nice to think that much of the stuff Sue and I do, is a first in naughtiness on our place, I’ll bet gram and gramp were way ahead of us, pleasing one another sexually. As lusty as I guess they were, I wouldn’t be too surprised to find they pleased and were pleased by a few close friends as well. What with no television, poor radio reception, unreliable electricity for reading and the long trip to town, they had to have had interests outside their own bedroom!

Dad grinned and said, “Well, in that case, I’ll check around and see what we can do. One thing about it, we have one of them spa thingies, we better have a shower out here too. There’s no need to be hooking up a hose every time we need to get cleaned up after a day in the fields.

The following morning, dad spent some time on the telephone before we returned to rake the field of cut clover into long windrows for baling. I guess dad must have been serious about an outdoor shower for upon returning to the house later on that day, there was a plumbers truck parked in the driveway. I guess mom must have altered dad’s plan a bit as rather than finding one shower setup, there were two sets of shower heads and controls, gleaming side by side fastened to the back wall of the house directly in back of where the kitchen sink is located.

The plumber was explaining to mom that we really should have some sort of a plastic back splash installed and, if possible, a drain installed before we used the shower much. He glanced at the naked, new plumbing fixtures, grinned and added, “I guess that’s all you really need to make this thing work.” Clearly I think he wanted to mention something else, but, on the other hand, he may have grown accustomed to the kinky quirks of folks who chose to have a spa on their back patios. I also think, from the strange, half smiling expression on her face, mom knew exactly what was on the guy’s mind but wasn’t going to say anything if he didn’t. Whatever, the subject of the need for some sort of a modesty screen was avoided, completely.

Anyhow, it wasn’t until after the clover was baled and stored away that we went shopping for a spa. The back splash took a bit longer to be installed and we never did put in a regular drain. The area where the shower went in was directly over a wood deck that extended the concrete patio making for a very large area to support our new toy and dad simply let the water trickle through the deck boards to the ground below. As for modesty, well, in view of our newfound willingness to appear before one another stark naked, no one ever thought it might be necessary to hide our nudity from one another while showering. After all, a shower was often followed by a dip in the spa and no one bothered to suggest we should wear suits to cover our nudity. Fortunately, but for the Peterson’s, very few other people ever ventured around back unless they were specifically invited and were forewarned as to the sights that would greet their eyes if they did choose to join us. Most of those folks, after taking a moment or two to think, readily took their clothes off and enjoyed our new toys with us. A few agreed to get naked with us without giving the matter a thought while a very few others declined to have anything to do with such goings on. Thank God our ranch wasn’t located in the Bible belt and those who were uncomfortable with baring their bodies, weren’t incensed to the point of trying to cause some sort of trouble for us.

Several days after the new spa was installed, Dad, Mom, Sue and I were soaking in the hot water, enjoying our after breakfast coffee and luxuriating in the knowledge we had no pressing chores to do. Sue and I were trying to decide if we wanted to saddle the horses for a ride and whether or not to see if Carol and Pete wanted to come along. Mom and dad were discussing something in low tones. Since they were holding their voices down, I didn’t even try to understand what they were discussing so only their low tones registered on my consciousness. Finally, dad raised his voice a bit and said, “Okay, I guess.” Then addressing Sue and me, he grinned and said, “Your mother thinks I better do something about a back splash for the shower before I forget all about it. Does either of you want to come along with me and help pick out something suitable?”

Prowling the building supply center wasn’t high on my list of exciting things to do that day but Sue said, “Sure Dad, I’ll go with you.”

Mom said, “I can’t think of anything I need very desperately. I guess I’ll just stay here and take it easy,” and I merely shook my head in the negative saying, think I’ll stay here and help mom take it easy.

Dad and Sue dressed and left shortly after that while mom and I refilled our coffee cups and returned to the spa. Where mom and I had been sitting on opposite sides of the tub facing one another earlier, she chose to sit beside me when we reentered the water. We sat in companionable silence for a time then, her tone hesitant, mom asked if Sue and I had enjoyed having our cousin’s visit. “Sure Mom, we thought they were a lot of fun. Why do you ask?”

Mom’s answer was a bit slow coming but, at last, she waved a hand deprecatingly and said, “Oh I don’t know. Just, well your father and I wondered if you k**s didn’t find Tess and Eric a bit…different?”

“How so Mom? What’s so different about them given the things Pete, Carol, Sue and I have been doing lately? Or does our behavior bother you a lot more than you have let on? If it does, you guys are sure being cool about it. So what if Tess and Eric get it on too? Their whole f****y seems to be handling it all right so why does it bother you if you’re able to deal with what Sue and I do?”

“I don’t know. I just don’t know. Just…, well they seem so much more blatant about it or something.”

“More blatant than the way I fondled Sue’s tits today or the way she grabbed my cock right there for both of you to see?” Mom didn’t respond but she did flutter her hand in the air as if she were agitated before placing her hand back in the water and on my thigh as we talked. Now, Lord knows mom has touched me often enough over the years. Just, she has never, as nearly as I can recall, ever put her hand on my thigh, at least as close to my genitals as she did right then. Had Carol or Sue been in the spa with me and chosen to place a hand on my thigh as we talked, I might not have reacted. As it was, while mom probably meant nothing untoward, I experienced a rush that led to a slight twitch I knew was a precursor to an erection. I tried to ignore mom’s touch and the resultant rush I was experiencing and tried to convince myself the sensations I was experiencing were entirely out of line. I might have been successful had not the back of mom’s hand made contact with the gleaming glans of my rising cock. After that, I grew larger and larger with alarming rapidity so there was no way either of us could continue to ignore what was going on.

The larger and more rigid I became, the more my mind turned to focus on mom’s nudity. While mom has a fantastic body, especially her great breasts, somehow, I can’t seem to think of them as ‘TITS,’ and a pussy that managed to come away mostly uns**thed by c***dbirth, I never had thought of her in a sexual way. Her hand on my thigh, brushing the underside of my erecting penis changed all that and I began to appreciate the developing situation.

I tried shifting so that mom’s hand would not be in direct contact with my cock and would have been overjoyed if, somehow, her hand had slipped off my thigh. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the touch of mom’s hand, I was scared green I might do something to offend or piss her off. Certainly if that happened, it would be a cold day in hell before I ever again experienced her intimate touch. I began to suspect that mom’s touch wasn’t casual or unintended when she slid her hand closer to my scrotum and my ever hardening dick and decided she really was making a deliberate attempt to come on to me. My thought that I was somehow being seduced was reinf***ed when mom began to slide her hand back and forth on my thigh, maintaining contact with the underside of my cock, and thus stroking me gently in the process.

Suddenly, I became conscious of my arm wedged between us and wanted to move it to touch mom much as she was touching me. Not quite certain how she would accept my touch, I refrained from placing my hand on her thigh, because I was almost certain my hand would rest directly on her labia. That would have been great as far as I was concerned but I wasn’t sure mom would welcome my touch on her pussy. Nor was I ready to accept the consequences or risk mom’s ire should her touch on me not be the signal I fervently hoped it was.

If, indeed, mom’s touch was intentional, I wanted to increase the forbidden pleasure and do something that would make it easier for her to grasp my, by then, fully erect member. It required but a moment to realize that if my arm were d****d across her shoulder, mom would be free to carry on with whatever was on her mind. Trying not to be obvious, I pulled my arm free, placed it across mom’s shoulder and didn’t even get a chance to draw her closer. Mom took the initiative, reached for my hand and shifted slightly so that she could place her back against my side. Then she placed my hand on her left breast. Her right hand rotated slightly and she grasped my cock removing all doubt as to her intentions.

With my dick firmly in hand, she turned to look into my eyes and said, “There now, that’s more like it, don’t you think?”

Nearly speechless with joy, I was only able to mumble incoherently and smile. My sigh of contentment matched mom’s however and we continued to sit, unmoving, for several minutes. Then, and I guess it must be a natural thing for a woman to do when clasping a rigid cock, she began slowly rubbing her hand back and forth, stroking me to even greater hardness. At the same time, it required but a few strokes to cause my cock to swell and my entire groin to tingle with impending orgasm. Almost incoherent, I gasped, “Oh God Mom, I’m going to lose it.”

“Good Honey, let it come if you’d like.”

Mom’s words were accompanied with a quick squeeze and continued gentle strokes and I began to ejaculate. Both of us watched, mesmerized as thick ropes of sperm shot from the tip of my cock and drifted away to be lost in the swirling waters of the tub. Mom maintained her grasp on my cock while I rotated slightly and reached across and finally did place my hand on her thigh. I didn’t remain motionless however, I kneaded the tender tissues of mom’s thigh and worked my hand closer and closer to her pussy. Mom’s only comment as I touched her was to say, “Come on Jack, I won’t break you know. Go ahead and touch me if that’s what you want to do.” She giggled and added, “Be just fine with me if you make me come the way I just did you.”

Mom seemed to understand exactly when my cock desensitized enough for continued stroking and proceeded to match me stroke for stroke as I fingered her labia and clit. Still wearing a wide grin, she separated her thighs making it easy for me to place my hand over her pussy cleft so I could press the heel of my hand hard against her clit. Giggling, she said, “You know Jack, it really would be all right for you to put a finger or two inside me. Guess I don’t know what it would do for you but it sure would make me happy.”

What my ministrations did was bring my mother to a convulsive orgasm. One that caught me by surprise and resulted in me shoving a couple of fingers deep inside when she heaved upward. And that’s when I discovered a woman’s clit isn’t just a tiny nubbin of hard flesh at the top of her slit. It extends inward toward her vagina so that well placed fingers or a hard cock will extend the duration of an orgasm. Fascinated with my discovery, I continued flexing my fingers against what must have been the inner extension of mom’s clit and caused her orgasm to last and last until she had to beg me to stop.

Later, perhaps fifteen minutes or so later, mom again turned to look into my eyes and said, “Jack, I know you have no really strong feelings about i****t else you wouldn’t have fucked Tess and you sure as hell wouldn’t be fucking your s****r. She paused as though embarrassed and continued, her voice so low as to be nearly impossible to hear, “Would you fulfill a naughty fantasy I have been harboring ever since that day we discovered you k**s having sex up at the lake? Would you fuck me… please?”

Actually, I was way ahead of mom on that score, I just hadn’t figured how to broach the subject. Playing with and fingering mom’s pussy while she stroked me had long since brought me to the realization I wanted to fuck her…urgently. Whispering in her ear, I said, “Mom, you know there’s nothing I would rather do right now. Shall we go inside and do it?”

Giggling softly, mom said, “What’s wrong with right here on the patio. God knows that doing it on one of the lounge pads won’t be a first around here. The only thing different will be doing it with my son in broad daylight.”

We arose and climbed from the tub while mom maintained her grip on my dick and drew me along toward the lounges. Guess she liked the feel of me because she and I both knew I wasn’t going anywhere until after both of us were satisfied.

It required but a moment to flip one of the pads to the floor and for mom to assume a position flat on her back with legs spread wide and her knees elevated. I paused at mom’s feet to admire her body as she smiled upward, waiting impatiently for me to get down and penetrate the place I issued from so very long ago.
The moment I was close enough, mom grasped me and impatiently drew me to her opening where it took no time at all to make my grand entrance. I inhaled sharply as I took a moment for both of us to become accustomed to my presence in my mother’s velvety vagina. Then slowly, ever so slowly, I began to retreat and thrust back inside while mom’s practiced counter thrusts kept pace. Mom may have been a little looser than any of the girls I have had sex with; if so she more than compensated by exercising muscles the others didn’t even know they possessed.

Aside from almost silent moans and sighs, neither of us made a sound. Mom didn’t need to be vocal, her smile spoke volumes and I determined to see that she continued smiling, then and as often as possible afterward. All too soon to my thinking, I began to sense the familiar tingle that precedes an orgasm, and tried to warn mom of what was about to occur. I delayed too long and without warning, began filling mom’s penis filled vagina to overflowing. I’m not certain whether or not mom felt the hot cum splash against her cervix but I do know she was aware when the warm, moist semen began to seep around my cock and dribble down the crack of her ass. Her voice reflecting glee, she broke silence and told me how great it was to have me cum inside her. While it may have felt great to her, it felt messy to me!

I didn’t withdraw immediately nor did I collapse on top of mom’s spent body. Rather, I remained suspended above her with my still rigid root imbedded to the hilt while we smiled into one another’s eyes.

“My God Dad, will you look at that. Jack’s fucking mom. Isn’t that the most disgusting thing you’ve ever seen?”

Sue’s comment and subsequent laughter left little doubt that she and dad had come back and caught us in the act. I cringed, half expecting a solid whack, then relaxed when dad chuckled and said, “Oh I don’t know Sue. I think your mother is a mighty fine looking sight no matter if she is fucking your b*****r right now. You know Hon, the only decent thing we could do right now is to make ourselves scarce and give them some privacy.”

Mom’s voice was languid, obviously relishing the afterglow of sex, when she giggled, not self-consciously, and said, “Hi guys. Back so soon? I was hoping you would be away a little longer. I’m still a bit horny and I’ll bet Jack is too. Oh well, Jack, I suppose we better get up and see what on earth brought these two back so soon.”

It turned out that dad had forgotten to measure to see what size material he needed for the back splash. At that, it was clear he wasn’t at all disturbed at finding me in the saddle as it were. Nor did he choose to berate mom for letting me fuck her. Perhaps because of the relationship he and mom have had with the Peterson’s over the years, he has grown to accept that a little extra-curricular activity can only heighten his and mom’s sexual relationship.

Nor was Sue as upset as her initial seemed to indicate when she found us with my cock thrusting in and out of our mother’s pussy . I retreated from mom’s vagina and rolled onto my back on the patio and she said, “Oh look Daddy, Jack’s poor dick is all gooey and red and wasted looking. Perhaps I better kiss it and make it better.”

Again, I was needlessly concerned as to how mom and dad would accept Sue’s willingness to give oral sex. Sue couldn’t have seen them from her position on her knees, bent over with my cock buried deep in her mouth but I could and they both were smiling broadly. Clearly neither was concerned that my s****r cheerfully got down and licked and sucked mom’s and my fluids from my dick.

Sue brought me back to full erection before removing my dick from her mouth. There was promise in her eyes and words when she smiled and said, “Later alligator.”

Sue rose to her feet, took dad’s arm and said, “Now daddy, I think we better get along and leave these two alone. I think I detected a bit more cum I’m sure mom would like to have in her…somewhere.”

After Sue and dad left, mom and I stood and cleaned up under the showers. Then we returned to the spa and resumed our interrupted activities. Back in the hot water, mom looked toward me, grinned and said, “Did you happen to notice the way your father looked at Sue?”

I smiled and nodded. Oh I noticed all right and wondered just how mom and I could manage to disappear for a while once they returned from town. Mom solved the problem though, she giggled and suggested, “Perhaps we should saddle the horses and be riding somewhere when they get back. I imagine they’ll be hot and sweaty and will want to have the patio to themselves for a while when they get back here.”

“Right Mom, way it looked to me, they’ll be hot and sweaty even if the temperature drops to freezing while they’re away.”

I have no idea just what time it was when Dad and Sue arrived back home for the second time that day. I only know that Mom and I were not there, we were out riding far from the ranch buildings. It wasn't until after Mom and Dad went up to bed late that evening that Sue and I had an opportunity to discuss the days events. Shortly after they left the room and went up to bed, we went outside, stripped and climbed into the spa. There, Sue related her adventures with Dad that day after they came back to discover Mom and me screwing our hearts out on the patio. "God Jack, that was so hot, stepping onto the patio only to see you humping Mom the way you were. Made me want to jump Dad's bones right then!"

"Anyhow," she continued, "after leaving you and Mom the second time, Dad drove on in to the building supply place where they quickly spotted just what was needed for that back splash. The purchase went quickly and, with help from store employees, the item was loaded on the pickup. Since it was hot, Dad stopped at an ice cream store where he splurged and had a banana split while I only had an ice cream soda." Sue grinned when she told me, "I really think Dad hoped the ice cream would cool some of the thoughts he was having about you and Mom and what he was hoping I would do with him. I guess it worked too, at least 'til I got him out to the creek once we got back home again."

As it was, Mom and I must not have been far away when Dad and Sue returned. Not finding me, Dad decided to leave the large sheet of fiberglass in the truck until I would be available to assist in getting the thing around back to the patio. After checking the patio and spa, Sue told Dad it was too hot to even consider getting back into the spa and they decided to go for a swim instead.

I guess swimming was Dad's idea because Sue says she teased Dad that he just wanted to see her naked. She says she also told him she wanted to try a little of what they caught Mom and me doing. I guess Dad only offered up token resistance and Sue says she located a couple dry towels and they walked to the creek where they stripped and swam for a while before stretching out to dry off in the sun.

The way Sue tells it, she had to initiate sex with Dad although his reluctance waned quickly as she played with him. At that, Dad may never have done more than kiss her if Sue didn't take the lead and direct one of his hands onto her breasts. After that, she really didn't have to f***e Dad's mouth to her breasts, she only had to thrust a breast close to his mouth and let him take it from there. While suckling, his free hand made it to her pussy all by itself, she says but, at that, she had to press on the back of his hand to coax one and then more of his fingers into her vagina.

Once his finger was wet with pussy juice, Dad needed but little additional encouragement from my s****r and took the lead, receiving only gentle suggestions as to what more she wanted him to do. Whatever inhibitions Dad may have harbored about an i****tuous interlude with his daughter must have been easily suppressed!

Sue says that once she began stroking Dad's cock, there never was question in her mind but that she was going to get fucked. She giggled and told me she nearly chickened out when she realized just how big Dad really is. She apparently suppressed her concerns about not being able to stretch enough to accommodate Dad's cock, convincing herself that if she asked him to stop it would have been all over with.

Whatever, Dad managed to show my s****r just how much stamina he has. She says that she wishes she had been wearing her watch because she's convinced that once he penetrated her, he brought her to at least three explosive orgasms over what must have been a twenty or thirty minute interval. She says that had she been able to continue, she's sure Dad would easily have kept on fucking for a while after he filled her with cum. I doubt that but wasn't there and don't really know if Dad can resume fucking so soon after having an orgasm. She says she had to beg Dad for a time-out so we may never know just how much stamina Dad has.

When Dad finally rolled away from her, he stretched alongside my s****r and they embraced for a while with her nuzzling against Dad's neck. Then he nuzzled her nipples for a time, apparently teaching her what it would be like someday when she had a hungry c***d or two to take his place. I guess Dad didn't understand, I had already done that as had Eric and Pete. I imagine she has the picture now, although I'll try, on occasion, to see she doesn't forget.

Later, after resting and cooling off in the creek again, Dad had Sue assume a position on her knees with her head on her folded arms and took her from behind. She giggled telling me about it because it sort of made her feel like some of the a****ls around the place we have watched copulating. Whatever, it was while taking it doggy style that Sue says she was sure she heard something and thought she felt the presence of something or someone besides she and Dad. By the time she could lift and turn her head to look, she saw nothing out of the ordinary and still doesn't know if someone actually saw them or not. She's guessing it was some of the Peterson clan who beat a hasty retreat when they discovered what was going on. If it was, I have no doubt we'll hear about it eventually.

Anyhow, I guess Dad heard nothing as he continued bucking and thrusting into my s****r's upturned pussy and, eventually, spewed another load of cum into her again. Sue says they rested and swam again, but that Dad was pretty well done in after that second round of sex. Not to the point of being incapable of cumming again though as Sue says she went down on Dad once they were out of the water again and surprised both of them when she got him to ejaculate again. She giggled and related how handily she was able to take Dad's semi-hard cock into her mouth and how she hoped he wouldn't achieve full erection and get back into her throat. She giggled again and admitted she wasn't about to give up trying though. Her look was dreamy and hot when she said, "Someday, if I keep trying hard enough, Dad's going to fuck me in the mouth without having to worry about choking me to death."

After that, we embraced and enjoyed the hot water in silence for a time after Sue announced her intention to practice her cock sucking skills on Dad until he could fuck her mouth easily. Actually, I was working on how to let her know she was welcome to practice on me whenever Dad wasn't available or was busy with Mom. I never did get the words out however, Sue beat me to it and said, "If you'd like Jack, I would be more than happy to practice on you too. Right now if you'd like as I imagine it is a skill that takes a lot of practice before one gets it just right. One thing though, I don't think we better try to have sex the regular way, I'm way too sore from fucking Dad this afternoon."

Knowing that my s****r wished to keep her groin in the soothing hot water, we decided I should sit on the rim of the tub and she would kneel and do me, keeping her butt in the water. At that, she knelt before me in such a manner that I was able to massage her pussy slit with one foot while she sucked and stroked my cock.

Guess I'm not quite as large as Dad as Sue managed to take more of me into her mouth than I would have expected. While it would be a while until she achieved a Linda Lovelace skill level, she did really well and had to quit when there was only a little over an inch to go until she would have her nose shoved into my pubic hair. Since it was early in Sue's oral experience and I didn't wish to cause discomfort, I let her do all the work. Which is not to say I didn't have an almost overpowering inclination to steady her head and meet her head bobs with mighty thrusts of my own.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to hold out long and my cock quickly swelled, giving physical warning of impending orgasm. I guess I could have staved off the inevitable had we paused to let the familiar sensations subside but Sue was having none of it and continued bobbing her head up and down and sucking until I erupted while deep inside her mouth, almost all the way into her throat.

Afterward, we sat and discussed things we could have done differently to prolong the fun and decided that if she were to enjoy the taste sensations, we would have to adjust our technique and leave only the corona of my dick inside her lips. She says that cumming with my dick behind her taste buds deprives her of a lot of the fun of going down on me. Her eyes twinkling with mock seriousness, she added, "Almost makes me choke too."

Much as it distressed me, I honored her request to not fuck her and we slept in our separate beds that night. I was pretty sure I wouldn't give in to the urge and do it anyway, but felt that distancing myself from temptation might be best for her. It appears that Sue thought so too as she didn't even make a token complaint when I mentioned sl**ping in our own beds.

Dad and I were riding out to see to our cattle the next morning when he caught me looking toward him and said, "WHAT?"

I shook my head and grinned, "What do you mean, 'WHAT,' Dad? I didn't say anything!"

Dad laughed and said, "I know but that look said volumes. Something's on your mind. Want to talk about it? Look Son, If it were anyone other than your mother and s****r, I'd think it would be in pretty poor taste to be discussing this sort of thing. I know you fucked your mother because I saw you doing it and I'd guess Sue's already told you all about how disappointed we were to discover you and your mother were out riding when we got back home yesterday. So, do you have a problem with what Sue and I did? I know I'm happy for both you and your mother."

"I don't know Dad, gives me a sort of weird feeling I guess. Not what Sue or Carol and I do so much but Mom and me? You and Sue?"

"I know Jack. Kind of the way I have felt all these years about your mother's and my relationship with the Petersons. I guess we just have to try to keep things in perspective; It's your mother I truly love, the rest of it, well that's love too but different, mostly fun love. Well, except for you and Sue of course, the love parents have for their k**s is a special love that is different and isn't supposed to be like what Sue and I did or, for that matter, what you and your mother did. That isn't supposed to happen at all, you know that. Anyhow, think you can keep all this stuff sorted out in your mind?"

"I believe so Dad. I know the feelings I have for Carol are much different from the ones I have for Mom and Sue. Aside from the obvious joy I experience when I'm with Mom and Sue and, of course, that they ARE my Mother and s****r, I believe I truly do love Carol."

Just then, Dad spotted a heifer standing quite a way away from the rest of the herd and we rode over to see if she was all right. I guess she was as our approach was all it took to get her to her feet and trotting to join the rest of the herd. Whatever, the distraction brought Dad's and my conversation about our intimacies with the women in our f****y to an end.

Dad and I rode separated for a time and that gave me an opportunity to reflect on the new f****y relationships that had developed with Sue's and my developing maturity. I grinned ruefully when I considered that many, (most?), would consider the bunch of us very immature. And probably with good reason, hell, with Carol close by I didn't need to be having sex with my s****r or mother. Along that same vein, Dad, with Mom and Marge for variety, didn't absolutely have to be screwing my s****r too. As for the Peterson's, it was only speculation on my part, but I had reason to wonder that Marge and Tom probably were indulging themselves with Pete and Carol. Knowing well the joy Carol and Pete experience when having sex, and that Sue and I had been so tied up with work and with our cousins, we had not had much of a chance to really get together for a while. I would have been terribly surprised to learn they WERE NOT taking care of one another sexually.

Later on, after dinner, I asked, "Anyone want to go for a swim?"

Mom and Dad declined saying they had a show they really wanted to watch and Sue made a beeline to the phone and called Carol. She got Pete instead but it didn't matter, both of them wanted to join us at the creek for a swim. After breaking the connection, Sue told me the way Pete said 'swim,' she was sure he really meant he wanted to see if his cock could swim up her tunnel of love. Then she laughed and ran to get towels.

Actually Sue guessed right. We met Carol and Pete at the creek, stripped and played in the water only long enough to rinse away the day's accumulation of dust and sweat before heading for the grassy creek bank and a lot of lovin.

Since it had been more than a week since the four of us had been alone together, Sue and Pete as well as Carol and I were drawn together, almost as though we were magnetized. Carol and I got down and hugged and kissed a bit before moving on to more intimate groping. A quick glance toward my s****r and Pete revealed that they were not going to do much in the way of foreplay either. Whatever time we did devote to getting the girls ready seemed to be enough as both were equally eager to get on with it and leave most of the intimacies for later. I believe both girls started getting wet the moment they realized it would be just the four of us at the creek.

Carol sighed the moment I reached full penetration and could slide in no further because there was nowhere else to go. She giggled and said, "God Jack, I have missed this big, long cock of yours."

"Truth be known Carol, I have missed you too only being up inside you hasn't been all I have missed about you." She giggled when I added, "I DO love your kisses and playing with your titties as well as everything else about you too, you know!"

The four of us were mostly silent for the next several minutes. At least we didn't actually say much. Which is not to say we didn't make sounds at all…there were numerous sighs of contentment, groans and whispered urgings to go deeper or harder or whatever. I don't recall hearing either one of them urge us to go faster though.

My s****r and Carol must have some sort of a secret, u*********s synchronizing system that permits them to get off almost simultaneously. Certainly something must link the girls as a split second after I heard Sue tell Pete she was going to cum, Carol tightened her leg grip on my thighs, did something with the muscles in her pussy and said, "Cum with me Jack, I'm almost there."

I had been trying my best to hold off for several Moments but Carol's encouragement broke the dam and I made one last desperate lunge into her pussy and remained rigid while my cock jerked reflexively and sent spurt after spurt of cum way up inside her pussy only to have it f***ed back alongside me to dribble down the crack of her ass.

Clearly Sue's pussy was being filled with cum at the same time. I'm sure that if they were anywhere outside the house where they could have heard sounds that originated at the creek, Mom and Dad and perhaps, Marge and Tom could have heard Pete's shout of joy at the moment of release.

Neither Carol nor I were in a hurry to separate after our orgasms but eventually my shrunken cock slipped from her pussy. Then Carol gripped my shoulders and indicated she wanted to roll over until I was on the bottom. Giggling, she said, "Since you put all this mess in me Jack, you may as well be the one it dribbles out onto now."

From her position nearby, Sue said, "You got that right Carol. Come on you big lug, roll over so this stuff will have somewhere to go besides all over ME." Her comment was followed immediately by sounds of kissing interspersed with giggles so, without even looking, I knew she and Pete were continuing to have a good time. That was okay because Carol and I were doing the same thing.

Because Carol chose to keep her groin in constant motion, she managed to leak an awful lot of cum all over my groin and then smear it all over my hips, thighs, and lower abdomen. If semen has any value as body lotion, both she and I ought to have moist skin over the entire mid sections of our bodies for some time to come. Well, the front mid sections anyway.

When we eventually tired of fooling around that way, we got up and went into the creek to try and clean ourselves. How it worked out, I'm not quite certain, but before leaving the water, I found myself cleansing my s****r and that was all right. I enjoy feeling her up just as much as I do Carol. She has nice hands too although it probably wasn't necessary to cleanse my cock quite as thoroughly as she did. I didn't complain though.

Nor did Pete who was receiving equal treatment from his s****r.

Whether it was by pre-arranged agreement between the girls or not, I have no idea. I only know that when it was time to leave the water once again, Sue was at my side holding my hand. Carol, of course, was at Pete's side.

And we remained paired that way when we stretched out on the ground once again although I suppose I should say when Pete and I stretched out on the ground. Sue managed to arrange herself on her side facing me and with one thigh thrown across my leg. This, of course, left her in a perfect position for humping her pudenda against my upper thigh.

A quick glance toward Carol and Pete revealed that Carol, too, had chosen to arrange herself in such a manner that she could dry hump her b*****r as well.

Since neither Pete nor I are immune from that sort of attack from horny girls, our cocks rose to full erection again at about the same time. Surprisingly, it was Carol who first commented, "You know guys, it would certainly be a terrible waste to let nice big hard dicks like these go to waste so if no one objects, I think I'll just take care of Pete. Sue, why don't you go ahead and take care of Jack too?"

While it was difficult to observe Carol and Pete while Sue squatted above my rigid cock in preparation to letting herself down to become impaled, I did manage and watched in awe as I saw Carol descend onto Pete and take him way up inside her pussy. Since Carol was doing all the work, Pete seemed as interested in Sue's activities as I was in Carol's. Together, we watched in fascination as our s****r's proceeded to fuck us until everyone came again.

The principal difference between our current coupling and what had taken place earlier was Pete's and my positions and the identity of the girl we were fucking. That and since Carol had taken the edge off my sperm bank, I had less to give my s****r when eventually I could hold back no longer and had to let go. One thing though, we didn't need to roll over to be in position to receive what cum did dribble from our s****rs.

Once our orgasms passed and while the girls were having fun smearing cum over as much of our bodies as possible, we joined in some pillow talk. Well it would have been pillow talk if we had pillows. Perhaps it is better to say we engaged in post coital languorous conversation. Whatever, it soon became apparent to all that while our f****y had been distracted with visiting relatives and Sue and I had been entertaining our parents, Pete and Carol had been busy fucking their parents as well. Pete seemed a bit bewildered as to exactly how he and Marge came to be in bed together the first time. Oh, he knew well enough that his mother had asked him to help zip her dress but swears he didn't intentionally brush against her breasts. Nor does he believe she backed into his erection intentionally. He only knows it happened and, while he reached to steady her and managed to cup a breast and place a hand on her pudenda. The resulting chain reaction caused Marge to wiggle her butt against his penis and a giggling grope fest ensued.
Pete knows the giggling and groping continued for far longer than it ever should have and that, eventually, his desire to feel skin and pubic hair rather than smooth cotton sliding over nylon drove him to delve into his mother's clothing. As for which was the first to begin working zippers and catches, he says he doesn't know but that in time, both of them tumbled, naked, onto the bed and that from there, sex was inevitable.

Carol says that it was pure accident that she and her father came along just as Pete and Marge tumbled onto the bed. That they stayed and watched for a moment was deliberate as each wanted to see if the giggling and groping actually resulted in intercourse. When it did, they continued to observe Pete's first few strokes into his mother then Carol says it was an easy matter to lead her father into her bedroom and get him out of his clothing. She grinned when she related that, once naked, Tom willingly helped her out of her clothing and needed no further urging to get onto her bed and ride her to a fantastic orgasm.

After telling us that, neither Pete nor Carol was the least bit reticent as they described their experiences with their parents. Carol described, in detail, her trepidation about taking her father's big cock into, as she described it, her tiny pussy but, grinning proudly, she said, "Hell guys, it slid right in just as though we had been doing it right along."

Pete grinned and said, "Well s*s, you'll have to admit that Jack and I must have prepared you at least a little bit. Hell, all that only proves your pussy isn't as tiny as you thought, that's all."

"Well b*o, you ever hope to get inside me again, you might show a little more respect."

We all laughed at that because three of us suspected and one knew for sure that was bullshit. Once the ensuing laughter subsided, Pete revealed how great it was to fuck his mother. He did admit though, "Had I been aware that Dad and s*s had come along and seen me fuck Mom the first time, I might have been a little concerned. At least that very first time. What makes it really terrific is that Dad didn't mind and seeing Mom and me fucking only caused him to want Carol all the more."

Carol punched Pete lightly on his upper arm and said, "Hey you guys, I didn't WANT Dad to fuck me. At least not until after I saw Pete and Mom doing it. THAT made me so horny I just had to have Daddy, right then. God, if I had time to think about it, I might just have stayed to watch Pete and Mom so I wouldn't have had to risk being split wide open when Daddy put his fat cock in me."

What Pete said next though was really strange. He said, "You know Jack, you have the opportunity, you should have sex with Mom, I'll just bet you'll meet no resistance at all from either your parents or ours."

Carol spoke up saying, "Yeah Sue, same goes for you. You ever get the chance, I'm here to tell you, you won't be sorry if you do it with Dad and don't worry, unless I missed the signals and I'm sure I didn't, he'd just love to get a little of your pussy too."

After Sue and I related our experiences having sex with our parents, our conversation returned to speculating whether or not all four parents would be open to some sort of a sexual adventure having sex with all of us k**s. When once we agreed the scenes we were imagining might just work out, we turned to discussing things we might do to insure that, indeed, everyone would have ample opportunity to have sex with everyone else. We eventually agreed the best way to get everyone involved would probably be to have a group campout Hidden Pond. The girls seemed to be much more excited at the prospect of some sort of a group grope although, the condition of Pete's and my penises gave evidence we certainly were interested in having an opportunity to fuck all of the women in out two families. It was my s****r though who giggled mischievously and said, "My God, aren't we terrible? Here we are, discussing how best to fuck and get fucked by everyone we have known and loved all our lives?"

Once we determined our best bet would be to get everyone camping at the lake at the same time, it didn't take long to agree to try for the weekend after the next as it would soon be time for all of us k**s to head for college.

Once we mentioned college, the conversation switched and we agreed the sl**ping arrangements we had discovered over the summer months were too good to discontinue. I broached the idea of having Mom call to see if we could get out of our dorm assignments. If we could do that, locating an apartment with two bedrooms would be the next hurdle and Carol had some thoughts on that score. She giggled and said, "Hell, even if we can only find an apartment with one large bedroom we'd be all right. I'd love to sl**p in a single bed with the rest of you guys."

Sue seemed dubious when she asked, "But what if one of us brings someone home we would like to sl**p with? We can't just drag them into bed with the rest of us, can we?"

That question precipitated some ribald comments and we never really did get a handle on how best to introduce potential future friends into our cozy living arrangement, if it should ever become a reality.

As it was getting late, we gathered our things and carried them as we went our separate ways.

Back at the house, Sue and I discussed, briefly, which of our beds to start out in. It went without saying that once we soiled one bed with cum, we would sl**p in the other. Since we were already naked, we entered the first bedroom we came to, Sue's, dropped our clothing and towels in a heap and tumbled onto her bed. It was no surprise that we awakened in the morning in my bed.

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