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Virgin Butt Full of Cum :)

In my last story, I asked "Is this your fantasy? :)"

Well, it's been quite some time since I've last written. But this time, I'm going to describe what MY fantasy is...:). However, first you must understand that I've never been with a guy, and that my fantasy may be a little..........................................horny :)

FIRST: About me...

I'm 22 years old and a virgin (in the backside, as I said above). I'm in GREAT shape, and I like to show it off. I'm 6 ft 3in, 165 lbs. Go to my profile if you would like to see images of me.

SECOND: Who I want...

I want a guy to REALLY REALLY appreciate my body...and REALLLLY enjoy me :).

With that said, I want an older guy. I fantasize about a man in his 40's or 50's...and I want this because an older man will appreciate my young body MUCH more than a young guy.

There is something about seducing and making an older guy cum that makes me so turned gets worse.

THIRD: His lust...

His attraction to me must be 100% LUSTFUL. I "want him to want" to make love to my body SO BAD. Why? I want to tease him and make him do things to me...whatever I want :)

FOURTH: The approach...

Something about him bribing me to have sex with him....mmmmm, that turns me on. I fantasize about an older man chasing after me and offering me whatever I want. I KNOW, this fantasy is TERRIBLE!

I get an e-mail, a text, a comment on one of my photos...An older guy wants me to have sex with his dirty young slut. I hate to use that word, but once I finally give him my body, I'm going to do whatever he wants.

FIFTH: The Hotel...

I take his offer. We go to a hotel......I can tell he is looking out of the corner of his eyes at my body, ready to get his hands on me.

We go into the hotel room...I tell him to sit down on the bed. I sit down beside him, pull his face to me and kiss down his neck. I rub my hands on top of his shirt first, then under it. He grabs for my pants, but I push his hand away. I want him to be so turned on, so I get in his lap facing him. I put my lips up to his and push my little tongue into his mouth. I move my waist slowly around on his lap. He puts his hands on my face while I make out with him. I can feel him hard now :)

I get out of his lap, stand up a little bit away from him sitting on the bed...I take off my shirt and jeans. Now, I'm just in my favorite thing :). I see his eyes glare straight at me, looking at my body. I do a slow 360 degree turn, just showing him what I'm about to give him.

I'm ready for him to kiss all over me...

SIXTH: I'm his slut...

I lay down on the bed in nothing but underwear. I want him to run his hands all over my body and kiss everything. I want him to pull my underwear down to my knees, him kiss in between my legs. Then, I want him to pull my underwear completely off and turn me over on my stomach...I want to give him my little virgin butt in his face, let him kiss and lick every square inch. I want him to taste the tiny butthole he is about to fuck. I want him to smell that cute smell of my butt and his spit.

Now, he has me. He fucks me, rubs my body, kisses my neck. However he wants it...thats my fantasy. I would be like glue on his body.

SEVENTH: I want cum...

Plain and simple: No condom. This is my first time, and I want an older man to feel every bit of my young virgin butthole.

I want him to cum inside of me. When he takes his cock out of my butthole, I want cum to drip down my butt.

I want him to stick his sticky cock in my mouth...hopefully I'm laying on my back and he can burry my head in the pillows by pushing his waist onto my head and his cock into my throat. I want to feel every last pulse of his cock as he finishes fucking me like a slut. I want his cock clean, and every bit of cum and little bits from my butt to be put in my mouth.

I'll swallow :)


My fantasy is to seduce an older man with my body, make him have raging lust, and let him have my body for the first time.

I want him to wear no condom and dump all of his cum into my tight butthole.

I want to lick everything off of his cock right after he cums in me.

I want to be a slut for one time...and leave this man satisfied :)

Maybe I'll find him.

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