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Male being fisted by several women

I turned as three naked women entered the room who had been viewing the show unseen. Apparently it was their turn for some fun and I was to be their participant. If they had any doubts as to my willingness I quickly put them to rest. I was surrounded by the ladies and was immediately engulfed by breasts and bellies, arms and legs and all sorts of female apparatus. I was more than ready, well beyond the stage of foreplay, but my eager graspings were restrained and I was led out of the room to a large bathroom, almost a lockeroom. I was placed under a warm shower and soaped down. I couldn’t blame them as I had worked up quite a lather during Sara’s display. It was an incredibly sensuous feeling to have those soapy hands roaming my body and I just stood there luxuriating in the sensations. The feeling was kicked up a notch when I felt a smooth object inserted into my ass. There was no need to inquire as to the reason as almost immediately warm water started to flow into me. Faster than I would have thought possible I felt my abdomen swell with the influx of water. After I judged myself to be more than adequately cleaned out I was led back into the playroom.

I laid down on a wide padded bench as two of the women knelt next to me and began to stroke me in a most sensuous fashion. Laying there relaxed, yet stimulated, letting the movements of their hands bring me once again to rigidity, their mouths joining their exploring fingers, stroking my cock, a ball, then the second, entering a mouth, my breathing coming quicker. Warm wet lips descended on my cock as I felt my head penetrating, the glans sliding over her tongue and entering the throat. My hips started a slow rhythmic rocking as I fucked into her mouth, her breathing loud as she drew breaths through her nose, bypassing her filled mouth. Erect nipples capping dangling breasts were drawn over my chest as one woman brought her lips to mine, insinuating her tongue into my mouth. I sucked it in deeper, feeling it swirl inside, exploring me. I pressed hard against her lips forcing her in as deeply as she could get. I reveled in the feeling as a cool ointment was spread across my anus, her fingers pausing, pressing lightly against my asshole. I tensed, my hips still, waiting. Was she? Was she going to go in? Oh God…she went in, three fingers sliding inside, tentatively then with a sudden plunge she buried them to the full depth. My anus tightened around her fingers, my balls drew up tighter, suddenly we were at a new, higher level. Her fingers wiggled and scissored inside me pressing against the walls of my rectum.

I released my breath as she withdrew to caress the opening leading inside. Her fingers circled my ass, teasing, probing, letting the suspense build. The woman sucking on my cock swallowed as she ingested my pre-cum. I was waiting again, feeling the tension, hoping that was not all, that she would enter me again. Four fingers plunged in this time in one quick entrance, opening me wider and penetrating more deeply. Then quickly in and out, working her fingers and my ass, rapidly forcing me wider with each thrust. She pulled out and without pausing plunged her entire hand inside me. I lurched in response, tightening further, still not breathing, my stomach fluttering with excitement. She pumped into me repeatedly, my anus expanding momentarily as her knuckles passed through then tightening as her wrist entered me. One more withdrawal and she quickly curled her hand into a fist and shoved against me. This time she had to fight the resistance of my anal ring as I felt myself trying to spread to accept her. She pushed harder, straight in, not twisting, not working it, just a straight-ahead push that left me no room for escape. My anus was being pushed into me until finally I felt myself start to spread open, a slight yield to the inexorable pressure. My anal ring was riding up and over her fist, yielding and expanding as she entered me. I willed myself to relax, not sure if I would be able to take the bulk of her fist when my outer sphincter gave way and I swallowed it. Without pause she withdrew then plunged back in, over and over in short quick strokes. My anal opening was vibrating with her thrusting, my anal lips riding up and down over her fist. Then she stopped inside me, her fingers opening, probing for greater depth, searching for the second, deeper sphincter that would allow her to go deep.

I became aware that there was no motion, no action around us as my eyes roamed across the audience witnessing my penetration. Momentarily I lost concentration, then as her fingers probed the end of my rectum I returned to focus on the thrill of her deep penetration. Her exploring fingers found the opening into my colon and began to worm their way deeper, spreading my flexture as her fingertips passed through. I could feel her penetrating more deeply as well as feeling her forearm beginning to enter well past the wrist. A bulge began to show on my abdomen on the left side, proof of the deepness of her invasion. The growing bulge vanished as she pulled back outside my colon only to ball her hand back into a fist and plunge deep again. As her fist bulled its way past the sphincter I moaned explosively through clenched teeth at the eroticism of a fist sliding deep inside me. She had worked her way inside far enough so her wrist was past that inner constriction, the bump of her fist pushing out my flesh some way past my navel. I was grunting in lust to such an extent that for a minute I was not conscious of additional fingers snaking their way through my anus. I caught my breath as I digested this new stimulation, my ass stretched around her forearm as the opening increased rapidly with the introduction of four more fingers. Involuntarily I began to pant, wanting to be spread more, beginning to understand Sara's ability to take more and respond to it. I don’t know what I was doing externally but internally my mind was expanding as fast as my anus. I lay there mentally digesting the fact that one hand and half a forearm was buried inside me and a second hand was creeping inside with the first.

I knew my breathing was coming short and fast and that my toes were curling and I was tense with excitement but all I could really feel was the slow progression of a second hand and the spreading that was taking place. I didn’t even realize that it was a different woman that was inserting the second hand, all I knew was that I was being opened like never before. A longer whoosh of expelled air and a slight reduction in pressure as my anal ring encircled the wrist, briefly though as the second forearm started to enter me. My inner sphincter was now being assaulted and stretched, spreading around the entrance of another hand. OhhhhGgggooooddd it was passing through, two hands in my colon. My cock was attempting to respond, shaking in the hand of some woman, little spurts of pre-cum ejecting as knuckles or wrists buffeted my prostate forming pools of cum on my belly that rolled off my skin as the bulge of the hands lifted my abdomen up. My anus felt as if it were gaping open, visible to all that wanted to look up inside me. My knees were drawn up further exposing me to the gaze of others. I was pleased to see Sara sitting next to me, stroking me with her hand.

One hand started to advance again, the taut skin of my belly separating into two distinct bulges, one moving higher then turning to the right as it sank deeper into my colon. My anal ring stretched to a greater width and I didn’t realize at first that an elbow was entering me. My anus yawned open, pausing as it reached around the elbow and forearm to finally gulp it in. My body was literally tingling with the eroticism of the penetrations and I was moaning continuously, gulping in air between moans. The women were alternating pushing into me so that it looked as if some giant inchworm was crawling inside me as their fists joined then separated. I couldn’t believe how open and exposed I felt, how erotic the sensations were, the disbelief that two people were deep inside me. Sara was now working my cock, licking and sucking it as she pumped it with her hand. The third hand that was pressed against my anal opening was her other hand. I knew I wouldn’t be able to take it, but liked the idea of it, particularly that it was Sara’s. When she was able to work a couple fingers inside, my guts seem to melt even further, churning with the unreal erotic charge. I began to hump against the arms already lodged inside me and against her advancing fingers. She lowered her mouth to inhale my cock as she slid her free hand over my abdomen to feel the two fists moving inside me. I was having difficulty in mentally accepting the amount buried inside me, one arm in past the elbow, another with the elbow just about to enter my rectum and now a third sliding in.

I can’t describe how open I felt as I braced my feet against the pressure of the entry, my knees as widely spread as possible, my anus spread and open to view. It was so erotic to be this open. As tightly as I was packed I still felt loose, as if anything inside me could just fall out. I couldn’t imagine where my stomach and other organs had been shoved. Sara now had her flat hand inside and the other two women were shifting positions to be able to get in further. They pushed on, biceps stretching me out, a massive bulge appearing on the left edge of my torso like a buried comet with a trail comprised of a ridge formed by the two arms attached to the fist bulge. I was heaving my hips up and down, working to get them in deeper, not ready at this stage to accept any limits, only wanting more and more. I was to stretched to offer any resistance against their advances, to widely stretched to be able to clamp down with my anus. I was open……a pit to bury their arms in, open to any invasion they wanted to make, and I loved it. The continued stimulation of my prostate promoted a steady stream of pre-cum, which Sara sucked down as it was discharged. I mashed my crotch against her face, trying to bury my cock down her throat.

The other women held still as Sara worked deeper into me, her hand sliding through my inner sphincter, scr****g along their forearms, the unbelievable spreading as her elbow entered me, pressing against their biceps. I watched transfixed as I viewed the advance of her hand, waiting for the magic moment when her hand joined with theirs. My ass cheeks were flattened as they spread away from each other, my insides were quivering in lust, my legs were shaking from lust, I was no longer in control of myself, my body could only react to my excitement. I lay there shaking, mentally visualizing as well as feeling her arm reaching farther inside me. Then she reached the other two hands, three biceps gripped tightly by my anal ring and outer sphincter as the women joined hands into one great fist. A huge ridge ran up from my crotch, across my belly and started back down towards my crotch. My lust was so great that I kept hunching myself against the three arms, but not willfully. I was in too much of a sexual fog to do this consciously, it was just a physical reaction to the incredible stimulation.

Three women with their arms buried almost to the shoulder were penetrating inside my body. They began to try and fuck me in unison but were to tightly wedged to make much movement. Mostly I slid back and forth on the bench. Gradually, as I loosened slightly, they were able to make longer thrusts. I laid there limply, letting the sensations of their thrusting arms carry me to greater heights of erotic lust. At times I felt as if I were only a gigantic hole designed to receive their thrusts, but I couldn’t deny the movement of my organs as they were jostled around by the fucking of their arms, or the lustful shaking of my limbs as they quivered in response to my excitement. Their strokes grew longer as my ass hole was first pulled out from my body then shoved back inside with their inward strokes. I knew I was moving to higher and higher erotic levels as they fucked me but it wasn’t until I noticed Sara’s lips moving against me, her face buried against my pubic hair as she sucked on my cock, that I was cumming directly into her mouth. The magnificent stimulation of my anus had focussed me solely on their thrusting, my orgasm had become an incidental reaction to that intense stimulation. I lay there as my body was buffeted by their long deep strokes, unwilling to react and thrust against them, content to be the opening that they were fucking.

As their strokes lengthened to 18 inches my unresisting body began to be lifted off the bench only to be slammed back down on the in strokes. Sara was no longer able to suck me as they f***ed against me although I continued to spew streams of cum in response. Finally, after one massive thrust they jerked their arms from inside me and I collapsed back down on the bench, my anus gaping and open, my cock pumping cum, my body limp and yielding. One of the women buried her face against my anus as my stretched asshole covered her entire face. She then slid up and took me into her mouth, drinking down the final spurts of cum.

The women then knelt alongside the bench resting their elbows against each others, their fingers intertwined and wrapping around to form one great exposed fist. I had not been able to fathom how Sara had taken so much earlier but now it was clear. It simply couldn’t be resisted. I staggered to my feet uncontrollably attracted to that huge mass of hands and arms, knowing I had to take it inside me. I centered my body over it and lowered myself down. I made contact with it and began to squirm atop it looking for the right angle of entrance. It felt like I was sitting on a barstool. I felt my anus begin to open, my anal ring spreading and stretching over it. In an agony of sexual drive I lowered myself further, continuing to spread, not believing how far I was stretched. I reached down to feel how much had penetrated and couldn’t believe that I still had a ways to go before my ass would envelop the massive fist and it would be inside me. Further I stretched, any pain sublimated by my arousal and need. I opened more, stretched a little more, then……OH MMMYYYY GGGOOODDDDDDD it was in and my anus closed around the relatively smaller thickness of their wrists. Now I could sink down faster. A slight pause and adjustment and they were inside my colon, my anus spreading open again as the three forearms entered me. I sunk down until my ass was resting on their biceps. I lifted off them, then back down again, fucking myself on this huge cock. Faster I went and this was the most erotic feeling of all. There was no way that I could orgasm and yet I felt the shivers leading to an explosion coursing through my body.

As I f***ed myself faster and harder on the combined fists my cock began to shoot long thick streams of cum with each down stroke, my balls painfully contracting and shooting. Over and over I came, up and down relentlessly as a huge pool of cum formed on the bench to flow out and run on to the floor. I was beyond anything now, I could only compulsively f***e myself up and down, never wanting this unearthly stimulation to stop. I began to intensify the feelings even more by pulling all the way off and then slamming back down again. My asshole gaping open momentairily then mushrooming around their combined fist, engulfing it. Fucking myself with as long of strokes as possible. My ass opened repeatedly, compulsively spreading myself, reveling in the rough stretching every time I swallowed that knuckled fist. I was near hyperventilating in my excitement, emitting short explosive grunts as I fucked myself.

My body was flying, my quaking legs barely able to support my weight, ready to give way as I jerked myself off their fists. Suddenly Sara took her other hand and wrapped it around the other three. As I f***ed myself down I couldn’t take. The looseness I had felt earlier, despite being filled, now gone. Realizing that no matter how much I wanted it that there were limits. Yet my anus expanded to new dimensions, stretching, stretching, as I bore down harder, unmindful of any consequences. My feet were coming off the floor, my entire weight supported on my reluctantly yielding ass. Mentally I was lost, I had to have this in me but I couldn’t accept that it was possible. Physically I was making infinitesimally small progress. Ever so slowly I spread, my entire being waiting, feeling myself open to an impossible width. My ass cheeks pushed widely apart, separating my body, my gaping anus yawning in desperation. Then I stopped, unable to stretch out any more. I bounced on their fists, rocking my ass against them, straining to open, but it was no use. I could not work my desperate anal ring over that bulk.

The two women grabbed my arms and pulled down, trying to use their weight to spread me further. I felt a slight give, my sphincter stretching just a bit and somehow I began to open up again. In agony I opened further, my whole body seeming to expand as if some
massive tree was being f***ed inside me. My pelvis was f***ed open stretching around them, yielding excrutiatingly to my desire. They hauled harder on my body, trying to will me open further as they pulled me against their fists. Sara was begging me to accept it, to f***e myself down onto her arms, opening as never done before. Then it was inside me. With a whoosh my body was full and I sunk down, my abdomen a huge pregnant bulge, my cock erupting with a long continuous stream, four hands buried inside me.

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