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Liz's 21st Birthday

We got married young. Liz was 17 and I was 19. She was pregnant and where we lived that meant one thing. You get married. Not that I was complaining. She was the sweetest tight little pussy I had ever fucked. Fucking her all the time was easy and she loved to fuck as much as I did.
Since we were young our friends were all still screwing around while we were the "stable" couple. Our friends would come over and start necking and it wasn't long before we were screwing in the same room with many of them. It got to the point where we were talking about screwing other people. Hmmmm.
As it happened we got a blizzard on her birthday. She had gone into town earlier in the day and since I worked a farm I stayed put and watched our daughter. She called when she got off work, asked if I was coming into the party and left for her friends house. Not wanting to take my chances in the ice and snow with our daughter I decided to stay put.......
Here is what happened that night as she told it to me later....
As soon as she got over to Jeri's house they started drinking and smoking. Soon others started to arrive. Most were couples but one couple brought a new guy along that Liz had never met. Soon Donnie arrived without Sue. Donnie is hung, and I mean John Holmes hung. His big uncut cock has always gotten Liz's attention when we fucked in the same room and him. And he brings lots of new pussy over to our house to show off what he is fucking.
It was common we played poker with our friends which normally turned into strip poker. So without thinking about me not being there they all started playing and soon all were bare assed and wondering around the house.
Soon it was suggested they have a cock sizing contest. The guys all lined up and much to the girls delight they all started voting. Not to be undone by the new guy who appeared to be winning over Donnie he suggested they needed to sport hard on's to see the true size.
Since the girls agreed the guys suggested they could only get hard if they got a little sucking to get them going. Since I was not there Liz said she could not play and stepped into the kitchen to smoke a cig. Soon the laughter from the living room had her coming back. Jeri's was trying to skip from one cock to the next sucking on each to get them hard. It was not working because lets face it she was just a little fat and not very pretty.
The guys all talked Liz into coming into the living room to help. Nope, she left and stayed in the kitchen. Soon the new guy came into the kitchen an asked if she wanted to smoke a joint. She agreed and they light up. Both of them were standing there nude. Liz could not stop looking at his cock which even semi hard was twice the size of mine.
Soon they were kissing and his cock was rubbing between her legs against her pussy. She told me she was so wet she could not resist him anymore and his cock just kind of slide in her pussy. They just kind of stood there slow fucking when he picked her up by her ass and slammed his cock all the way in. By that time I was the last thing on her mind as his pounding cock and probing touge took over her with passion.
Soon they were moving into the living room where everyone was now fucking except for Donnie. Donnie saw this new guy fucking Liz and got pissed. He asked Liz what about me but she just looked at him and smiled. It was to late, she had a cock buried in her pussy and as pissed as he was it was not Donnie's and it was not mine.
The new guy was still carrying Liz and fucking her as he walked into the living room. He laid her on the couch right next to Donnie who was sitting there with his big old hard on and no one to fuck. As he continued to fuck her Liz leaned over and started to suck on Donnie's cock. That got his attention. Soon he was feeling her tits and playing with her ass as the other guy fucked her.
Soon the guy was ready to come. Donnie was like don't come in her pussy I want some of that ass tonight. With that the guy pulled his cock out and came all over her tits. Donnie was up and behind him ready to take over before he could get out of the way.
Donnie brought his big cock up to her just fucked pussy and started rubbing his big head and shaft back and forth over her pussy lips. She told me she was so high by this time she just left go and had a orgasm right there with just his cock rubbing her clit. As he slide his cock in her pussy for the first time she showed him first hand what I had told him many times, she had a snapper for a pussy. Flexing her pussy as he buried his cock in her his eyes light up with lust. She had never seen him so fucking hot. His big cock was buried and his balls were up tight agaist her asshole. They ground into each other for almost a half hour before he started fucking her hard. He came all over her pussy and ass but did not come inside her. Donnie sat down beside her with the new guy on her other side. Both of them had huge smiles. At that point Liz came to her senses.....
She covered her face and said what is Steve going to think. I better call him and see if he is ok at home. She called me and did not say anything about what had occured on the couch. She just said they were sitting around playing cards, drinking and smoking some weed. I told her to stay the night and when the storm cleared to come home.
Since she was on the phone in the kitched her two new cock boys had followed her into the kicthen and were listening. Donnie was all over her as soon as she hung up. Coming up from behind her he ran his hard cock up and down the crack of her ass. The new guy started feeling her tits, kissing her and sliding his finger in her pussy. They both kind of pushed, steered her into Jeri's bedroom onto the water bed...........
More of this birthday party soon.

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