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Ring Twice - Prelude

Ring twice is the code signal we agree on. I will ring her door-bell twice.
She will be blindfolded. Dressed sexy and scarcely. I know she looks nice.
She even does not know me. Nor what I want. Sexy scenario? Continue to read!
I will tell my readers how I got this tasty invitation to her, legs spread.

First that strange invitation for friendship, without a preceding message.
Often not a good sign. Usually I refuse after a quick peek at the profile.
Also the nick was not to my likes. At second look I noticed what I do like.
Like for instance the looks of the lady involved and her need for my massage.

By massage I mean my 'massage extraordinaire', like in my short sexy stories,
about the belly dancer who landed on my massage table with its special straps.
By some sexy messaging I soon know what she really wants, in my humble opinion.
Abuse at times is what turns her on, as she found out by some sexy experiences.

I have other plans for her, as I understand her naughty needs differently.
I intend to seduce her first by my low voice, whispering my wicked wishes.
I will first congratulate her, my visit is a birthday present, her wish-list.
I know she loves a sexy surprise by an intelligent visitor with a dirty mind.

She will get one. And she does not know it yet. A dirty mind is a joy for ever.
She will expect a strong guy who wants to take her by f0rce in her hot holes.
She will not resist for long as she simple loves to be taken tough like that.
She will receive a completely different treatment. A gent hard to get at all.

I like to check my hot hypothesis that her drive is not abuse but submisssion.
I like to ask her to get on her knees first, bend over as deep as possible.
I like first to inspect how hot she got, expectating an unknown sexy visitor.
I like a lot the look of a wet sexy snatch from close, as well as its smell.

So far the start of my sexy scenario of a hot anniversary, she shall remember.
So far as my knowlegde of her goes, she will long a lot to feel my member.
As far as my pervert plan goes, I may even deny it her to taste it at all.
As far as my mind goes, my heart doesn't follow. She will to get to swallow.

My plan is first to please her of course, as I am invited to her birthday.
My plan is also to tease her, as I am pretty sure I want more than that day.
My plan is to treat her sweet sexy and tasty, tease her to come back one day.
My plan is to leave some sexier situations till she longs a visit for a day.

She is likely to be able to read this, probably already during her birthday.
She is likely to read it only after her unknown present has coloured her day.
She is likely to like it a lot, as it got her so hot she would want me to stay.
She is likely to want to get more from me and long to meet me again some way.

Why wouldn't she? How could she resist the tease to taste more of my might?
Why wouldn't she long to conquer the strong man with a low voice for a night?
Why wouldn't she? His whispers send thrills down her spine, make her slit tight.
Why wouldn't she long to finally feel this unseen sexy strong stranger inside?

I am as curious as you, dear reader, what will happen at the private party.
I am looking forward to it a lot, as you can imagine. Reservations? Hardly.
I am curious how much of our action will be captured on camera. Some shots.
I am looking forward to capture some later love on video. Long for hot shots.

If my plan works well, you can look forward to a next episode in this series.
If my plan works well, there will be several more sexy sequels in this series.
If my plan works well, next part will be about her hot birthday visit.
If my plan works well, next she will want to pay me a longer stay to visit.

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