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Suprising the Wife

My wife and I have been married a while. She has been Bi-sexual for most of her life, she also has even been into taking on me and another guy, but thats another story.

We have a very healthy sex life, with each other, threesomes etc., She has a best friend that they are more like s****rs at times and she was always a little reluctant to act on her wish to have her.

So one night (my wifes good friend is married, but her hubby knows what she does for fun too) one night my wife went dancing with the girls from work. Now I had been talking to her friend, lets call her E, so I knew my wife was gonna come home either rather tipsy or down right d***k and I asked E if she would like to suprise her.

So E makes her way over to our house, we have a few drinks, chill. I was always attracted to her too, so her and I making out before hand wasn't odd. So we hear my wife getting dropped off at around 1am and we hurry to the bedroom. My wife announces she is home and she is VERY horny. I tell to come up to bed, Im already naked and so should shebe.

At this point I have E hidden behind our bedroom door and my wife finishes in the bathroom and struts her way into our bedroom. A little about my wife, from my pics. She is 5'1", with large still firm breasts (36Ds), large half inch cherry red nipples. a wonderful plump ass, she has shoulder lenghth blondish hair and her pussy has a neat trim bush to it, which I prefer to bald.

Now E is about 5'5", not quite as plump as my wife, but not a stick figure either. She has LARGE 38DD breasts with large almost once nipples and her breasts are cone shapped, which kinda fit her frame. she is a natural blonde and her curtains matched her carpet which was just a small 'landing strip'.

I greet my wife with a half a hard-on and we start to kiss, I move my hand down to her pussy which was totally soaked at this point. I asked her if she had been making out with another women, she said he had played a bit but nothing else. At this point I tell her I have a suprise and E makes her way over behind her. She takes my wife tits in her hands, starts to roll her nipples around while she starts to kiss and nuzzle her neck. My wife is stroking my now rock hard 6" cock and I knew I had made the right call.

I back away as my wife turns and plants a full kiss on E as they move to the bed. As they switch from sucking each others nipples to kissing my wife made the first move. She kissed her way down to E's pussy, which I could see was gushing pussy juice. my wife wastes no time in licking up her jucies and sucking on her clit. As im watching I see E motioning to me, my wife in on her hands and knees licking E's wonderful pussy and she gives me the motion to get in behind my wife.

With my wife's ass raised in the air while she laps at E's pussy, I grab my wife's hips and guide my cock into my wife's pussy. It slipped in with a slurp, as wet as she was. I dont think I was ever so hard. My wife let out a moan I hadn't heard in a while and she right away locked her pussy muscles around my shaft.

At this point E is thrashing around and ready to cum as my wife sucks her engorged clit. I am now pounding my wife for all Im worth, her plump ass jiggling with every thrust. E soon lets out a series of loud moans and litteraly squits all over me and my wife.

I pull out of my wife while E composes herself and we swap and soon my wife is being eaten out while I slam my cock into E's warm, wet pussy. As I feel my balls starting to tighten up I pull out to take a moment as my wife has her own LOUD, convulsing orgasm.

At this point out sheets are soaked with pussy juice and sweat and I ask them to fulfill a wish of mine. I lay down and have my wife sit on my rock hard shaft, while E straddles my face so I would lick her pussy. With my tounge in E and my dick buried in my wife Im in heaven! So I start to get that familar feeling way deep in my balls ( now to note, my wife had had her visitor recently and before that we both had been sick with colds, so I had about a three weeks of cum built up at this point).

My wife can tell or better to say feel whats going on and I hear her say he is about to cum. E is humping my face for all she is worth and E says to her let him cum inside you so I can lick it out. At this point that send me over and I grab my wife's hips, pull her onto every inch of my shaft and start to squirt load after load of cum into my wifes sopping wet cunt. She yells OH MY GOD and this triggers her orgasm. with a few seconds, E is having another squirting orgasm on my chest.

Soon, were on the bed that is covered in pussy juice, my cum is pouring out of my wife and E makes good on her promise to lick my wife clean.

It was the start of a beautiful threesome relationship!

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