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My First Mutual JO with another Guy

Well, I finally got horny enough to meet up with another guy, in person, for a mutual JO session.

I put an ad in Craig's List asking for a guy close to my age (61) to join me for a JO session and maybe mutual touching/stroking.
I had quite a few replies and was hot for several guys including a very serious one from an extremely well hung 73 yr old guy who promised to gently introduce me to cock-sucking!
Anyway, last week, my wife was away for a few days so I contacted one of they guys who said he had never touched another man's cock and, (like me) was keen to see what mutual JO was like.

He was a much younger guy (only 28!). He' sent me a picture of his naked body and his 7 inch uncut cock and I reciprocated.

It was very weird anticipating his arrival. I popped 1/2 a Viagra and started stroking my self before he arrived, so I wouldn't appear as a soft cock old guy! As he came to the door, I stuffed my growing cock in my pants and nervously greeted him and saw he was at least 6' 2 and 280 lbs.----a big guy.
He, like I, was quite bit nervous as we both admitted we had never done this before.
He asked where we should go and I invited him upstairs in case someone knocked on the door--which I of course locked behind me.

Without a lot of "foreplay he asked if we should just take our pants off and start.
So we did.
He slipped his shorts and pants on the floor and I did the same and we both stood facing each other looking at each others cock and balls. We immediately started to touch ourselves and stroke slowly.

It was so weird and also so right to be masturbating together.
He has different way of masturbating than I do...he dry strokes until his pre-cum oozes out and then wet strokes with that lube.
I like to lube up right away.

After about 10 minutes of stroking and watching each other we sat down facing each other with our legs spread.
I could see his cock getting harder and then he asked if I wanted to be touched...I did of course and then I asked him if I could touch his cock.
So we both fondled each others cocks and smooth balls (he shaves too) and for the first time i felt another man's aroused cock.
I couldn't get over how soft and smooth his cock skin was and how different it was to stroke his uncut cock..sliding the loose foreskin up and down the head of his shaft.
His cock got really hard and he had to tell me to slow down several times cause he was almost cumming.
We sat across from each other with our legs wide apart and stroked each other and continued to fondle and cup each other's balls as well.

I couldn't believe I had anothe man's balls in my hand while jerking him!!!
It was all too surreal.
He did the same to me.
After a while of mutual stroking we went back to stroking ourselves and this is when I got my cock nice and stiff.
In our emails before meeting he expressed interest in seeing another man's circumcised cock as it gets hard. I too was curious about seeing how an uncut cock works when aroused. We were both getting a close up and personal education.
His foreskin started to tighten and pull around his cock head he stroked his cock, now wet with pre-cum..
Anyway we were both edging and trying to hold off cumming and trying to make our session last....I was getting very horny and pulled off all my clothes---he kept his shirt on. I was so aroused I had fleeting thoughts of asking him if I could suck his now hard cock.
But he said he was very close to cumming and asked if I wanted to stroke him and make him cum. I said yes of course and asked him if he wanted to squirt on me. He agreed that he wanted to.
So I lay on the couch below him and he moved up to me so I could stoke his cock.
He leaned down and stroked mine while I did his.
I asked him if he'd like to cum on my cock and balls. He was very aroused and agreed.
He positioned himself over me right above my stomach and groin and after about a minute of my stroking his, he moaned loudly and I could feel his spasms in my hand as his cock squirted down on my cock and pubic hair. I directed his cum squirts to my cock and his hand and squeezed out every squirt (about 7 big, very creamy ones ) and once he was done he gathered as much of it on his hand and proceeded to slide his cum up and down my cock and jerk me with it.
It was so hot being jerked by another guy--and using his own cum as lube!!
It took me only about 30 seconds for me to ejaculate on my stomach.
Abruptly, we wiped ourselves off with towels.
Abruptly, he said he had to go and we bid farewell.
He drove off and we agreed that this would be our little secret.
I doubt we'll meet again but I'm glad I did it.

So that's it...hope you find it arousing. I was getting wet just writing it down!!
It is all true and just as it happened.

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