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Doctor female 22, 13 yr old boy physical (lost beg

This is my doctor fantasy:

I just turned 13 and I am at the doctors with my mom she waits outside in the waiting room. Only one doctor, female Ms.Brooke Sanders, 22, 5ft7in, 110lbs, brunette,new doctor.

She asked me to go into the room and she asked my mom to stay in the wating room, inside the room was a cushioned bed/booth covered in paper. She weighed me and measured my height. Then she asked me to sit on the edge and asked me to open my shirt so she could check my lungs and heart. Her fingers were warm on my chest where she held the stethoscope. She allowed her fingers to keep touching me as she moved the stethoscope down to my belly. She wrote her findings on my file and said, "heart, lungs and stomach area all sound good." I thought about other things though and was only semi-erect when she asked me to be seated.

"Would you please remove your shoes and socks and drop your pants and underwear for me please?" I did so with out hesitation

Now my erection was fully evident as my cock stood at full attention in front of her. Acting very professional and looking me straight in the eyes she said "I need to check you for a hernia.” She proclaimed that "Uh! We are out of gloves is that okay." Without smirking I said "fine I am allergic to latex anyway" "good thing then."

"I will test for hernia now. She placed her gloved hand on my ball sack and moved a finger into to find the place she would need to press as I coughed. I saw pre-cum dripping from the tip of my penis. It was inches away from her forehead. "Turn your head to the left and cough twice please." I watched her eyes look up at the underside of my shaft. There was a faint smile on her lips.

I felt the warmth of her hand as she held my balls. My shaft was resting just on top of her hand. She adjusted her fingers again and had me cough once more. As she stood up, she turned her hand over and then moved away to write down her findings.

I asked her what else did she do besides a pediatrition she said she was an andrologist. She asked me what I would like to know about, so i told her that i wanted to know what an andrologist does. She says she analyses and makes records of sperm donations. Then I asked her another question "Well, it's embarrassing, but I never learned to masturbate before and i wonder if you could, well, explain the procedure to me. " She wasn't suprised for me asking for me only being 13 , and immediately started explaining what masturbation was. I interrupted her and managed to act embarresed, I was suprised at her openess with me about the subject, but she hadn't got down to the basics. How to masturbate. men and women do it the same way ? Could you show me how ?" She was still not shocked by what i said, and replied with confidence "Listen, i'll show you how men and women do it, and then we'll get you to have a go. If you want you can make a donation to my department.

She went to the cupboard and retrived a plastic specimen jar and a dvd. The video she said was to explain the process of masturbation. She sat next to me and got me to take off my shorts. My penis was now still fully erect so she put her hand on the base of my penis and said "Okay, you pump it up and down with your hand. She started to rub and said "alright, now you take over.

Do you want me to show you how girls do it " I was desperately hoping that she would get undressed herself, and jerk off with me, but she pulled down a wall chart and pointed to aspects of the diagram. Now, i acted more c***dish than i would ever have believed. "Well, can you show me how you do it? "If it would make you feel more comfortable, i can give you a quick indication." She took off her scrubs and panties off which she lowered so i could see the opening of her vagina. Then she started to rub it and explained what she was doing. "You see, the liquid exiting my vagina." Then she pulled up her panties then her clothes off the floor." And said "Alright, i'll leave you to it...

But just then my penis went flacid while she was putting her clothes on.

I yelled "it has gone soft!"

Oh now now you can't ejaculate and donate sperm.

Well you can't masturbate anymore. Now feeling here urges coming back she riliazed that she need to finish off herself and her fingers were too tired. Now there was only one option left.

"If you promise not to tell anybody we can have sex you need to ejaculate and so do I. What do you say?"

"Hell Yes!"

She laid on the bed and spread her legs open and took of her panties. And put the cup next to her."Come up here" she motioned me with her arm as she put a hand on either side of his body, guiding him between her thighs. With myself on top of her I positioned myself to fuck her. With her firmly underneath me I push my dick inside her pussy.

She moaned as the tip of my head entered her and she got louder as my dick went deeper with every inch. My body thrusting my cock inside her felt good.
An obscene, wet slapping sound filled the small office. Her orgasm was in a race with mine and if anything my quicker motions were making my body rub against her clitoris more and more. I screamed as my orgasam came along with only seconds later Dr.Sanders yelling.

She aquardly grabbed my glistening penis and pointed it near the plastic cup but I started spewing ropes of cum before she could quite steady it. The first glob landed on her inner thigh, then the second splashed right on her pussy lips.

But she finally managed to control my dick and guided the last of my load to the bottom of the cup. The last of my orgasmic moaning subsided she pulled me off her.

Then my mother walked in. It had been about an hour since i entered the room, and she must have become worried. Considering the position i was in I lost control and I squirted cum upwards.The semen landed partly in the doctor's hair, partly in the cup, but mostly on my mom.

The end.

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