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A boy and his new toy

When I was a teen and just starting to get urges I came across something that I never thought I would. One day as I was walking past my mothers room I saw her quickly putting something wrapped in a towel into her underwear drawer. I thought nothing of it at the time and went on up to my room.

One day a few weeks later my mom went out for the day. I was getting one of those urges again and my cock was hard and pressing against my pants. I was headed to my room to jerk-off and was rubbing my crotch as I walked. As I went past my mothers room I remembered that thing in the towel. Knowing she wouldn't be home for hours I went in and opened the drawer. There was the bundle. I took it out and unwrapped it. To my surprise it was something that looked surprising like the thing I was on my way to stroke. It even had balls! I had never seen another cock before.

I held it in my hand the way I would hold my own. I was surprised how natural it felt. I was looking at it and a thought popped into my head. "I wonder what it taste like" I thought. With shaking hands I raised the fake cock towards my mouth. It smelled faintly of powder and what I would learn later in life of pussy.

I opened my mouth and slowly put the head inside. It felt good so I slowly put more in. I got about half of it in before I started to gag. So I pulled it out and wiped the spit from my lips.

I didn't feel right doing that in my mothers room so I quickly ran to mine. I took off my clothes and climbed onto my bed. My own cock was throbbing something fierce now so I took hold of it with one hand and used my other hand to put the dildo back in my mouth. I did this for a few minutes but my mouth was starting to get tired so I took it out and laid it on the bed next to my head. I was looking at it while stroking my own cock when I had another thought.

I knew where a man puts his thing when having sex with a women and wondered what it felt like to have that inside. Well, since I wasn't a women I thought I would not get to find out what it felt like. Disappointed, I finished jerking off and laid there with my now limp dick laying between my legs.

I was getting up to go and wipe the cum from my belly when I got a weird idea. I took the dildo and stuck it between my legs so it looked like I had two dicks. I could feel the balls resting against my ass. Looking down at the fake hardon I suddenly wanted it inside my very badly. I only had one other hole that I thought that it could go. I got back up on my bed and was in a kneeling position wondering how I could do this. Do I lay down? I tried that but had a rough time of it.

I was laying there on my side and that thing was standing straight up it my hand. I started thinking and wondered if people ever did it sitting up. I got on my knees again and put the dildo underneath me. It was easy to find my asshole that way so I placed the head against it. I was kneeling there with one hand on the bed and the other between my legs holding the dildo in place. My whole body was shaking. My ass cheeks were spread slightly and I started to lean back.

I felt it starting to spread my hole. It hurt. It hurt a lot! I stopped leaning back and just let it rest there with my asshole filled with the head. After a few seconds the pain tarted to go away so I slowly leaned back somemore. To my surprise it slid in a coupe of inches.I was shocked at how easily it slid into me. It still hurt but not as much. To my surprise my cock had standing up again. I grabbed my shaft and started stroking. As I was doing that I started rocking up and down taking more and more of the dildo up my ass. I did it slowly at first but as I got close to cumming I started bouncing up and down. By the time I was ready cum I was sitting on the cock and had it all the was in. The fake balls where resting against my own balls when I blew the biggest load of cum I had ever had.

I was drained. I laid on my side and the cock slowly slid out of my young ass. After what seemed like a lifetime I got up and cleaned myself off. I took my mothers toy to the bathroom and cleaned it off as well. I put some powder on it and took it back to her room and put it away. When that was done I went back to my room and laid on my bed. My asshole was throbbing painfully but I liked it. After a while I got dressed.

My mom came home an hour or so later. She asked me what I did today and I said "nothing". From that day on, whenever she went out I would go find my new toy and have fun.

I'm grown now, I've had plenty off girlfriends and have even been married. I never thought about doing what I did as a k** with another man and never really wanted to. But I have always had a dildo stashed away for when I get the urge to have some fun on my own.

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