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Daddy Stuck it in My Ass

The following post is for fantasy purposes only and is in no way intended to promote harm of anyone. This is erotica only, written by a mature woman named Heather.

The other night when Mommy was out of town Daddy came into my room to tuck me into bed. Daddy asked me if I was scared to sl**p by myself since Mommy was out of town. I said I was a little scared. So, Daddy crawled into bed next to me. Daddy said that since Mommy was out of town she would not miss him if he slept next to me all night long. Then Daddy hugged me real tight and kissed me good night on my lips like he always does. I drifted off to sl**p safe in Daddy's arms.

Not sure what time it was when I awoke to something hard rubbing me on my panties and nighty were missing and the covers were pulled back. Daddy was behind me but what was hard next to my ass. Daddy rolled me over and kissed me and then before I knew it he thrust his tongue deep in my mouth. The kiss seemed to last forever and maybe I shouldn't have but I kind of liked it. It made me feel all funny inside.

Daddy asked me if I would do something special for him if he bought me the new Android phone I wanted. I said I would. Daddy warned me that it might hurt a little but that it would be okay. I said that it was allright because I really wanted the phone.

Anyway, after Daddy kissed me he pushed my face down toward his crotch. He said I should suck his pee pee for him and he pushed it in my mouth. It was not like I remember seeing was somewhat hard and not soft at all. After I put Daddy's pee pee in my mouth it got bigger and harder and was totally different than I had ever seen. It filled up my entire mouth and was so long. Daddy said that I should suck it like a lollipop and as it started to get to the back of my throat to just relax and swallow. I did and to my amazement I did not choke. Daddy's pee pee went right into my throat. It felt weird, but Daddy seemed to like it and kept pushing my head down toward it. I really wanted the phone so I did not even try to stop. Besides it didn't choke me so I didn't mind. I began moving my mouth up and down on Daddy's pee pee until Daddy couldn't stand it anymore.

Daddy asked me if I would do him another favor that might hurt a lot but it would be a huge favor so he would give me anything I wanted within reason. I thought about it and knew I could use some spending money for new clothes and shoes. So, I told Daddy if he would take me to the mall and buy me five new outfits of clothes and shoes I would do it. Daddy warned me that it would hurt a lot again. But, I really wanted the new outfits so I agreed to do it. After all, sucking Daddy's pee pee was kind of fun anyway and didn't hurt like he said it would so I agreed to do it. Daddy told me he would not let me back out now no matter what....even if I scream and cry.

Then Daddy had me bend over a desk and he began licking my butt. I was surprised at how good it felt. And, before I knew it Daddy had put his finger in my butt. It hurt at first but then Daddy just kept moving his finger around. And, I kind of likd it.

Then Daddy asked me if I was ready for his cock to be in my ass. I asked Daddy what a cock was. He told me that was his pee pee when it was all hard and excited. I really liked it when he licked my butt and put his finger in so, I said I was ready. Daddy put his hard cock up to my ass and started pushing. But, it was so tight it would not go in. That part did not hurt. It just felt like it would never fit. Then, all of a sudden, Daddy's hard cock went inside my ass....just an inch. I screamed with pain and begged Daddy to take it out. He told me that I knew I wouldn't be able to stop and he took it out. But, then he shoved it in harder and it went in farther. The pain was so unbearable and it burned and stung so much. I was screaming and crying in pain. Daddy was not stopping. He moved his cock and I thought it was coming out....but then he pushed it hard and it went in all the way up to his balls. I know because he took my hand and put it on them and I could feel them touching my pussy. I was screaming and crying but Daddy did not stop. He started moving his cock back and forth feverisly in my ass. Daddy told me to touch my pussy rub it on my special place. So, I did. And, even though Daddy's cock was hurting my ass my pussy started to feel good and I soon was not so worried about Daddy's cock in my ass.

Then, all of a sudden I felt a warm rush in my ass. Daddy said that he had cum in my ass. It felt great. And, as Daddy pulled his cock out of my ass I felt that I actually had liked it a little...even though it hurt so bad. And, as I lay there with Daddy's cum dripping out of me onto my pussy and the bed I thought about what else I could get Daddy to buy me next time Mommy goes out of town.

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