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Consquences of losing track of time at a party

(before you start you might like to check out Christina's photo in my "orgasmic women" album. She is the dark-skinned beauty)

We can see the confusion on your pretty blond face. One moment ago it seems you, a gorgeous woman in your 20s, were dancing at an admittedly pretty wild party, gulping down drinks we were feeding you, and now you are here. You don’t understand it. You look around feeling dreamy, warm, slightly aroused. We had picked you out earlier in the evening, introduced ourselves, and charmed you. We flirted and you flirted back. We encouraged you to share your intimacies with us. We groomed you. We d**gged you.

You see we have a large empty living room. Minimalist decor. A wooden floor. There is a sofa and three large photos, blown up and framed on the three walls which don't have a window. A wide expanse of wooden floor. No carpets.

You find that you are still wearing a simple white blouse and pearls. But beneath the waist: black panties, garter belt and stockings. They’re not yours, you hadn’t been wearing them earlier but they fit and make you feel good. Although you are wearing impossibly long stilettos, you are crawling on your hands and knees crawling across the wide expanse of floor. Should you continue? You continue, For some reason you have the desire to please us, You don’t want to disappoint us. Why is that? Eventually you reach the foot of the bed.

I and Christina observe you as you crawl along on all fours. We observe your ass and the way your breasts fall downwards pushing your blouse outwards. We give each other a look; we have chosen well.

I have these nipple clamps I want to try on you. Desperate to try them on you. All night I’ve been imagining the creamy whiteness of your skin under my fingertips. Imagining the colour, texture and tautness of your erect nipples as I grip
them and pull them outwards but luckily for you I know the clamps exert quite a bit of pressure so I couldn't put them on you without preparing your breasts and labia first. I know that the best way to do this is to kneel to the side of you, lean over, passionately and gently caress your breasts and nipples through your blouse. You shift your weight and open your legs a little wider. When I feel you getting aroused I start to pinch your nipples through the cloth. They are already erect and by the way you gasp, I know they are still quite sensitive, First one, then the other. You never knowing which would be next. Holding on to your nipples through the cloth I pull you up and lead you towards the bed. Any resistance from you causes an unbearable tension in your breast and you move reluctantly. Then I push you down on the bed,
unbutton your blouse and slip my hand under your bra. You try to turn your head to see where Christina is but I roll your nipples between my fingers and grab your breasts and your focus returns to my hands . I stand up and remove your blouse, one button at a time, and bra. I continue to kiss you but my right hand would be exerting more pressure on your left breast. Then I would take the nipple in my mouth and suck you hard.
My (or should I say our) secondary target would be to see how wet I could make your panties by rubbing your clit and pussy through the cloth.
I do that. My finger running along the crease in the panty material back and forth till it becomes damp and sinks into the flesh between your lips,Then I would start to bite your nipples, moving from your left side to right, right to left. Maybe my left hand would be in your mouth, my fingers filling it. When you are aroused enough Christina would attach the clamps to your nipples. She had been watching us both while sitting on a chair behind you, naked from the waist down, legs wide, playing with her vibrator. She is fascinated by your nipples, loves the way they are stretched taut by the chains. She listens intently to the soft, slurpy sounds emanating from your soaking pussy. She definitely wants some of that. She is absolutely fascinated by your cunt and loves watching it pulse and swell as waves of pleasure move through you. I tell you to open your legs wider and let her watch. She admires the black silk stockings sheathing your legs, your cunt framed by the garter belt. She sniffs at the air and smiles when she detects your strong aroma. I take the clamps from you and attach them to your pussy lips. She takes the chains in her hands and tugs your pussy open, then closed, open, then closed. I place a mirror between your thighs angled so you can see the pink, moist interior when I cup your head in my hand and raise you up so you can see yourself. She opens your legs but pulls your heels up so your heels can hold the mirror in place, its edges wedged in between the long stiletto heels and the arch of your shoe. She pulls on the chain and you watch yourself contract and dilate as the pain caused by stretching those lips open and closed causes you to experience pleasure (or is it pain but whatever it is it is exquisite). We all three watch yourself secrete cunt juice and watch it run down the inside of your thighs. I hold your head so you can’t turn away and you alternate between watching her face and your cunt. She watches your cunt and you reacting to seeing your own pussy pulsate with pleasure. I know Christina is very aroused as am I.
Then it would be time for us to really deal with you. She will deal with your cunt, while I fuck you in the mouth. The way we like it is like this. You lie on your back with your head resting over the edge of the bed. I take the back of your head in my hands, thrust my cock in your mouth, lift your head up, and fuck you hard. Christina kneels between your legs, stretches open your pussy lips wide by pulling the chains outwards, the flesh pulled wide, wide open till your cunt is a gaping chasm of moist flesh so she can get her head in real close, and get her tongue in real deep. She loves having her ass reamed so you’d have to expect her to work on your ass, cunt and clit, but she loves getting her tongue deep enough in your cunt so she can taste your pussy juice being directly secreted onto her tongue. You start to struggle but your head is clamped between my hands, immobile, with my cock in your mouth you can’t breath, and your flapping hands beat ineffectually at Christina’s head and shoulders. Their only effect is to exert more pressure on her head therefore pushing her tongue in deeper. Simultaneously, painful jerks on the chains f***e you to lay still.

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