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My Time Square Education pt 1

I once had a married college professor cruise me after school one day.

Things moved along very quickly.

In no time i was being summoned to his office between classes he would lock the door sit at his desk pull out his cock and plow my throat.

Creaming my face and lips.

I went crazy every time he praised my oral skills while simultaneously running down his wife's.

Once he got a taste for head on demand it was never enough.

Took me to an adult theater had me get on my knees and blow him telling me to do what the big tit slut on screen was doing. Married guys in their suits fresh from the office gathered round stroking slapping my ass as I serviced like the action on screen.

As guys reached over the seat from a row ahead of us or behind and smacked and groped my ass he would just smirk and guide my head down into his pubes.

On top of our cinema adventures he would drive by my parents place at odd hours so we could sneak off and park out at the beach near my house in the winter.

As we parked out in the dark empty lot he started working his hands down the back of my jeans more frequently.

One night i thought he was going to nail me right in the back seat of his car he got so turned on.

Instead he announced that he wanted to fuck me in the same bed i slept in so e made plans to play hooky from school.

The idea of sneaking him into my bed while my folk are at work both excited and scared the hell out of me. My Professor friend was sporting a full boner in his slack as i answered the door.

Wasting no time with foreplay he had me bottomless in an instant and face down in my twin bed soon after. Hungry to bury his bone in my teenage ass he was all business and it was intense.

That afternoon he unloaded three times before the time got away from us and he made his way home.

Our office suck sessions got up to every other day till i graduated

Well these day times square is the new Disney world. So thank god for the world wide web.

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