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Ladyboy in a Whore House

I was born a “hermaphrodite” and I had B cup
tits when I was very young.
I was skinny so they looked BIG.

This story is from Pms I sent to SuperSatin
I was a prostitute when I was very1 3young for
a rich perverts' club.
So here's a collection of Pms that add up to
a story.

There was a client who liked me to suck him off
again and again.
he could cum 5 or 6 times. sometimes more.
I know he limped the next day!!

He fucked me too, rested then cummed
again and again.
Another client liked to cum on my face.
he'd feel up my naked body then play with himself
i'd kneel on the floor and he'd jerk off on me.
I didn't mind.
I tipped my head back and let him paint me.

then we talked about nonsense until he was ready
and he jerked off and came on my face again.

He cummed on me two or three times.

He got off looking at my face covered in his cum,
that's why i had to talk to him, naked as if
everything was normal.

He would reach out and play with my tits as well,
pull on my nipples and make me cum.
I stayed as quiet as I could.
It was domination but better than being tortured.

I wasn't allowed to wash my face until he dressed and left.

He never even talked dirty.

Better me that his daughter or son or whatever he had at home.

i was YOUNG years old.
he was a long term client.
i never learned his name nor did i want to

BIG RULE: Do NOT ask questions, just give them
what they want
another guy jerked off on floors or tables and other flat
surfaces and watched while i licked it up.
I was naked but he never touched me.
VERY weird.
Wait - I think he fingered and spanked me a few times.

I licked it up slowly so he enjoyed the show.

Most of my other clients just did “normal” sex.
(With a ** YO Ladyboy/girl !!!
There was a 'condom rule' but most of them
ignored it.
They were "safe" and I couldn't get pregnant.
I remember my mom telling me "Don't get yourself knocked up"
or "Try not to get pregnant" and things like that when she
saw me dressed slutty or going out on a 'date.'
She knew and she was always making “slut” jokes.
Sometimes I laughed, sometimes I got pissed off.

Another rule was never show up at the club dressed slutty
or wear a long coat to cover up.
Never draw attention.
Then a driver took me to places like hotels or 'associated'
bars or private homes. (I serviced couples too.)
or i serviced my perv in a room at the club or
on a small stage for other patrons to watch with their “dates”
or before or after a date or they just came for a drink and
a show to go home with an erection for their wife or mistress.

IIt was a wild fucking life.

I was at a real whorehouse bar to meet a regular who liked
acting out fantasies.
They rushed me in through a back door, took my coat.
heehee i wore this little micro mini with that catholic
schoolgirl pattern, no panties so my ass was totally exposed
So was my pussy and tiny cock. i didn't have my plastic 'balls' yet
I was pressured to get plastic surgery years later but I refused to
let them remove my vagina.

I also wore a large weave black fishnet 'bra' that covered
nothing and my fav shoes, clear plastic toeless strappy 4 inch
sandal heals.
one of the regular girls, like 25 or so grabbed my ass, I
think just to see if i'd be embarrassed and i told her,
maybe later, girl, i'm working right now and we exchanged
filthy smirks.
my date was sitting at a table with two untouched martinis
sitting there so i sat in front of my drink and asked
'is this seat taken?'
it is now, he answered.
'my date seems to have stood me up'
that's a shame, i said. anything i can do, baby?

'keep me company?"

"i can do that."

"and fuck?"

"sure." I giggled.

I tongued the olive off the tooth pick and
drank at the same speed he did - a little too fast.

The music wasn't loud so we could hear each other.

"nice tits"
"thank you," i said as i stared into his eyes with lust.
i was serious too. I liked him. I dommed him once too.
he always had a new fantasy, never dull.

"i hope you're over 1*." he quipped
"just turned 1*"
i looked two years younger so my 'career'
didn't end at **.

"i have a room rented in back. Let's go"

That one drink had me d***k but thankfully not too d***k.

i took his arm and headed for a whorehouse fuck room feeling
more excited about the experience than dirty.

that same prostitute that grabbed my ass was still there,
now with a few others, staring at me with curiosity.
as we passed i heard "she must be 1* "

I stopped and told my date, "Wait, please gimme a minute?"
he said OK and i prowled up to my ass grabber, who had an
even more curious look on her face, grabbed her hands and placed
them on my tits and told her "check em out."
She thoroughly checked them, squeezed, yanked to see if they were
glued on. She didn't let go ;))
"How old?" i asked
I dunno, ** ?
I motioned with my finger to whisper in her ear " ** "

I gently pulled away as my tits stretched slightly
and snapped back, then rejoined my date.

"I’d fuck the little bitch" i heard as we continued on.

OK, my date and i sucked, fucked, he used a condom as
part of the whore fantasy.
Finally we broke character.
as i sat in his lap lightly kissing him, I
impulsively said, "can I have a gift right now?
what? he asked, stunned.
you know that brunette who groped my tits? I
want her to eat my pussy and dildo my ass" then i
quickly added, "while you watch. OH, and can i have
a double martini? but please watch over me?"
I knew he would.
he dressed quickly, left the room and
came back with my gifts.
he handed me my drink and introduced me to Sandy or Sally
or whatever her working name was. I gulped half my drink and set it down.
Sandy took a wet wipe off the nightstand and cleaned all
of the thick, gloss covered lipstick off, took off her skimpy silk top,
left on her shorts and half smothered me with an overwhelming
full mouth kiss and complete body suck that lasted forever
and had me yelping in orgasms.

Prostitutes as a rule don't kiss their johns but I was a scrumptious
little “jane.”

She didn't just eat me, she consumed my whole being.

She didn't dildo me but that didn't matter.

I lay there totally spent, i think she called me cutie or cutie pie

Those were the best days of my life

My date got me dressed, i drank the rest of my martini
right before the driver/bouncer came in looking for us

My date (never learned his name) told him
'she didn't break any rules. she was done working and
I treated her to some lesbian oral with a regular girl.
he told him she was clean, no diseases, no genital contact.
another rule - NEVER get d***k while working and
NEVER catch a disease!!

as we left a group of girls applauded and hooted,
my lez lover was suddenly next to me, arm around my waist
and we both bowed like three times.
i opened my coat to hug her and she gave me another
powerful kiss to more cheering.
even the driver was grinning and he was a stone cold killer.
the girls (and boys) were valuable property.
I knew what kind of men were driving me around.
I never saw Sandy again after that night.

I got in no trouble at all but everyone teased me for weeks. :)

I wish i could digitize myself and get into
a computer sim and live those times forever.

I once saw a client on TV.
OMG I thought and I peed myself.

I never mentioned it to anybody

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