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The Ballgame

For being a little town nestled into the hills the roads were as twisting and turning as I have ever seen. The scenery was beautiful if you could take it in for keeping your eye on the road. But eventually we arrived to a clearing in the woods with a double wide and a garage tucked neatly out of view from the main road.

They must have been waiting for I no sooner pulled into the yard when Amy and her son appear out the door headed for the car. He was an image of his ma but unmistakeably a male - I mean nothing sissy about him. He looked about ten and was well built but he walked with eyes to the ground like his confidence was near zero.

I had never seen dressed like that. She was wearing blue shorts which came down to mid-thigh, a white blouse slightly open at the nect and, as she got closer, a white bra was visable beneath it.

"Am I late?

"Oh no," she said, "we just like to be there early."

With her as my guide we took the short cut into town and the Jaycees ballfield finding the "Bears" already assembling at the "Home Team" dugout andTom running toward them even before the engine shut down it seemed.

He was a so-so player because he tened to shy away from the ball what at bat but he was pretty good in the field catching more then a couple pop ups. Mother was watching her baby intently jumping up when caught one - the secondary advantage was that her boobs bounced when she did.

I never realed how 'endowed' she was until today. "D" cups at least. In the office she generally wore a jacket which hid her endowment. So this came as a pleasant surprise. Also, her legs looked as good out of nylons and in them which also was enticing.

The Bears lost and we all went to the DQ on the other side of town to drown out grief in ice cream. When she got out of the car I noticed that her panties must have ridden up cause a camel toe was evident and she must have felt it cause the crotch of her shorts was pulled down with a deft quick tug. Shame.

"Ma! Can I go to Billy Winston's house for awhile?" Her Tom said from across the little courtyard in front of the stand. "Yes, you can if Mrs. Winston is OK with it." replied momma. "She is Ma!"

"OK then but behave yourself." "Yeah, I will ma."

With that Amy and I headed back too the double-wide and getting inside she said, "Take a seat. I have to use the little girls room."

Wneh she came back out the crisp white blouse had been replaced by a tank top and the bra was no where to be seen. Sitting beside me with two beers and two glasses she sits down close to me saying, "I am glad you finally asked me out. I've been hoping you would for sometime." News to me.

After some small talk we watched a romantic girl movie on her TV during which I got my arm around her shoulders giving her a kisss. That turned into a deeper one, which turned into an even deeper one which eventually led to a full blown French kiss.

With her breast pressed against me my cock was getting rock hard and my balls were filling with love cream. With lust building I reach to massage her breast getting a "MMMmmm" in return so with that encouragement I begin searching for a nipple which was rising on its own so it wasn't hard to find.

Now I was ready to slip her tit out but she was getting maternal... the sun was going down and her baby was not home, so to my surprid=se she breaks it off. "Sorry," she said, " but I have tp checck on Tom, he should have called by now." Going to the phone sshe looks back saying, "Mothering is something that never totally leaves a woman... but it was fun doing what we were doing."

My cock begins to drain into my shorts and I am checking to see if anything is visable. She is on the phone: "Alice. Amy. What's my Tom doing? Oh, OK. No, that's fine just call when you're headed over here so I can turn on the drive lights on. OK hun, see you."

"Guess I'll go," getting up. "Why? There still time to be friends," and with that she explains to me the easy way to get to the hiway and hence to the city. Damn, why didn't anyone tell me before?

"I'll be right back," she says as she disappears toward the kitchen reappearing with a couple of sandwiches, chips and dip. As we eat my eye keep drifting to her tits and she see it. She doesn't say anything but accidently or deliberately her hand give them a bounce and she smiles.

"Glad you came," she said... "I've so want you to ask me out." Then gathering up the dishes she disappears. Upon re-appearing, "k**s are at a movie, so we have a couple of hours." Then sitting beside me her arm enclose my neck drawing me to her mouth.

It doesn't take long before both of us are aroused again. But this time she lets me lit her top and massage those beautiful mellons. I am getting ready to burst my cock and balls feel so full, so I go to touch her when "No! I don't know you that well yet."

Looking at the clock she says, "Its getting late and I don't want Alice to see I've a man with me when she bring Tom back home," so I get up to leave...

"Tod!" she say, "you are coming back for the game next week?"

"Yes," I am feeling a resurgance of hope, "In fact I'll be out Wednesday to see another client and I'll stop by to help Tom get over his fear of the ball."

"You would?!?!" is exclaimed.

"Yes," buttoning my shirt as my cock drains again, "I was a boy myself once and know how it feels to want help from a man. My dad worked six days a week supporting his f****y. So I didn't see him much."

She rushes up and kisses me. "Bye for know, see you Wednesday!"

Now what did she say that short cut was?

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