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My Premature Near Minute of Love with Lisa ...

This account is nothing too unusual but is a personnel memory that turns me on to this day however humiliating it seemed at the time. I will always remember my first time with a girl.

I was still a virgin at nineteen with aching balls, I really needed a good shag. All my friends had girlfriends and had already slept with them.
I met an eighteen year old plump brunette called Lisa; she was a nice girl, fat but had large breasts that I really loved, she was highly sexed and I found her attractive.

I first felt her pussy in the back of a cinema when I kissed and fingered her nervously in the dark. I also remember pulling her bra off to reveal her big fat tits. I’d never fondled girls tits before and squeezed and sucked the beauties so lustfully. I was so naive that I'm sure I was trying to get milk from Lisa’s tits as I sucked her large nipples.

Lisa wasn’t a virgin, she’d slept with two different guys already. She told me that it hurt her having sex for the first time and the guy she slept with had been so insensitive with her. I’d made up a story that I’d had sex before. It bothered me at first that she had shagged two guys but she always said that I should have been her first.

We’d been dating for 2 weeks and the afternoon came when we were alone; she dressed in a tight white blouse that really emphasized those big fat boobs of hers, a knee length skirt, nylon tights on her thick legs, and boots. I remember her stripping to her bra, tights and knickers. My heart pounded knowing that I was actually going to put my virgin dick inside her. I was so excited…

She was a big curvy girl and turned me on a lot, between the sheets I kissed her and felt those curves and my dick was so hard. I helped her peel off her sweaty tights and then I fumbled like a foolish amateur at her bra until she laughed and took it off herself.
Her big tits flopped out and hung there beautifully. She then took off her knickers and exposed her hairy pussy. My dick was swelling like crazy. I desperately wanted to get inside her…

She insisted I wore protection so I awkwardly slipped it on, it always used to turn me on wearing condoms, at this point I’d never had a pussy so didn’t know any different!
I was excited but a bit shit scared too and went for it. She helped probe my dick in as I pushed gently but to no avail but then I suddenly smoothly slid into her moistness. As my foreskin was drawn back I could already feel an incredible desire to orgasm, I felt her large tits and it felt superb.

I slowly thrust in her at least three times and I could already feel the tickly sensation of my orgasm approaching… SHIT …NO...not now! Not yet! I stopped but it was no use.I was too overwhelmed by her... I felt myself uncontrollably prematurely ejaculate in her….

It felt so good and so urgent, I’m sure she could tell I’d cum and I tried to carry on shagging her…
“Oh, you’ve cum already”,she looked slightly shocked and disappointed.
“I have… I’m sorry hun” I said in a shameful tone as I pulled out of her.
I felt like an absolute fool, an idiot and a real disappointment. I’d been a failure in the sack. I was crap in bed.

I had lasted less than a minute but was lucky to actually get my dick inside Lisa’s pussy without cumming over myself or inside the rubber and at least I’d lost my virginity (Hurrah)
“You really need some practise sweetheart” she said smiling. It sounded promising. She hadn’t run off laughing but would often tease me a little and call me Speedy!

However about 15 minutes later she let me have more pussy and by now I at least lasted about three minutes and emptied my sack properly inside her.
Lisa taught me a lot over the next few weeks until I was able to last over 5 minutes and actually make Lisa cum too!
She then went on the pill and I was able to shag her pussy without the rubbers. My premature ejaculation returned and I shot my load inside her pussy on the first thrust I was so excited and it felt wonderful but yet again, humiliating.

Nearly 20 years later I have a massive fetish for BBW and fat women now, nearly all my girlfriends have been chunky or plump and it probably relates to my first sexual experiences with big Lisa. I love marathon sex sessions with women but I often wish I could be humiliated the way I was that day in bed with Lisa. To just uncontrollably prematurely ejaculate and shoot my load anyway, anyhow with a woman as she laughs and teases me about my boy like inability to hold my cum and tell me how futile I've been and in the process make a cummy mess of the bitch.

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