This is a print version of story i creamed pied my passed out hafe s****r one nig by ddanny from

I creamed pied my passed out hafe s****r one nig

hello all iam daniel and this is how i cream pied my s****r this happend a few nights a go and i was thinking that it would be a good story to be put on here now then i have 3 hafe s****rs tanika stephaine and twila the oldest iam second then tanika then stephaine well i use to sl**p with tan and step when i was a k** but not twila she did not live with us noing has happend in years we were just k**s when i did them we did not know what sex was or that it was worng all we knew was we seen others do and and tryed it it felt good to us so we keep doing it it felt good thats all we knew a bout it we was told its worng but not why so we keep doing it well a few nights a go i had to watch my s*s k**s for her while her and my cousin will went out to a bar her and him got in to it at bar and she walked home she was wasted how she walked i never know she could have been killed by a car or something anyways she only lives dont the street from me after she got there she ask if her k**s were ok i said ya she was wasted said ty and said here is ten i own you the other ten i will give you tomorrw when i get it ok i said she has her bed in the leveing room you see so i did not have far to go made it her room because she lives in a two bedroom home and her k**s got the other two rooms and i had locked there doors after i checked on them so i know they would stay in room and not try to stay up i sit there the hole night and watched tv and looked at porn from here on cell phone movie videos she went us stears to put night gown on and came back down she said good night iam going to sl**p when you leave lock the door i told her that after i smoked my cig i would do that i sat on bet looking at the tv watching it as i smoked my cig well no more then ten minutes passed when i got done with my cig i said to self ok daniel time to go home i looked at step i knew she was on the pill i heard her tell my mom this a few weeks be for then when my mom said you are geting fat are you prego she said hell np i have not been fucking no one and iam on the pill so i cant get prego now looking at the videos on phone had made me a little horny and i knew that step was passed out and i said hell no one will ever know so i undressed and got in bed by her i pulled up her night gown and to my shock she had not put any panties on this made it easyer to fuck her i rubed on her pussy till i got hard then i opend her legs and moved on her i spit on it to lube it and slid it in my dick is small fut fat when it was in i was like omg she was tight i dont remmber her being tight as a k** i started doing her real slow as i did she mones a little mmmmm oh mmmm she was likeing it i did her slow then picked up speed when i could not hold back any mor i cumed load in her i was like fuck yes i got dressed and left she dont know what i did and i wont tell her i hope you wont eather after all pussy is pussy the end

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