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The Ballgame

For a small town it sure had more then its share of twisting roads but eventually I found her house (a double wide actually) out in the middle of no-where.

She came out accompanied by a ten-ish looking boy in a Little League uniform that proclaimed he was a "Bear" and she wore a respectable mommy outfit consisting of shorts, a tank top covered with a denium shirt and a bra beneath that.

They must have been waiting because no sooner pulled in the yard then out they came. "Mom, we're going to be late!" came the plaintiff cry from the "Bear" to which mamma replied, "No dear we'll make it in time cutting across country," looking at me with pleading in her eyes. "You are the native Amy, take the wheel but don't land us in the ditch," as I opened the car door to let her behind the wheel and I moved to the passanger's side...

All I am going to say her real name is probably "Daisy Duke" given the way she whipped around those backroads but we didn't kiss a tree or slide into a ditch so I guess it wasn't that bad...

I noticed that her legs still looked real good without nylons and if the boy hadn't been there I'd probably would have risked putting a hand on one of them; but he was there and she is his mom so we fogoed the "risk" ab=nd given the speed she was traveling it wasn't worth it anway.

We arrived at the park and the Bear" joined the other bears no sooner then the car stopped. Mom and I went to the bleachers where I was introduced to other moms and dads most of whoes names I didn't get but I did notice that almost everyone there seems like "f****y" - I mean, they bore a resembelance to one another.

Her boy got to play but he had the habit of shying away from the ball yet he managed to hit a couple and he was better in the field then at the plate. Mom got excited grabbing me when he made a good play and went off like a match head when the third basemen from the other team tagged him out a little roughly: "Did you see what he did to MY baby!" she screamed high and loud jumping to her feet. "Settle down Amy, it was an accident," I said, "No it wasn't," she said but she let it rest after that.

The best part was that she forgot her decorum for a bit shaking about with her "D" cup boobies bouncing up and down inspite of the restraint of her bra.
"Man, she must be hiding some really nice titties underneath all that cloth," I though and I would have liked to have found out how nice right then and there but...

The "Bear's" lost but we all headed to the DQ anyway mom and I sharing a maled milk shake. "Well, how did he do?" she said staring right into my eyes.

"OK, except he shy's away from the ball." I replied. "That's cause he was hit a couple of years ago," momma said in his defence. "Yeah, that will do it, but he's got to over come that fear. He's good in the field but a bat he needs couching." "Would you help him?" she asked with pleading in her eyes. "Well, I'll try (thinking it get me close to her more)," "Oh thank you Tod!" with a kiss on the cheek.

"Ma, can I go over to Billy Winston's for awhile?"

"Well, if Mrs. Winston has no problem with it neither do I; but behave and call when you need picking up. I do not want you walking home."

"Yes ma," in the typical in one ear out the other tone I use to use with my ma.

Mom and I went to her home. "Take a seat I'll be right back," which gave me some day dreams of her arriving back in a see-through nitie with nothing underneath, but that didn't happen; what did happen was that the shirt came off and so did the bra but the tank top stayed on with my eyes drawn to her breast outlined by the clinging material.

She also brought back two bottles of beer and two glasses sitting beside me on the ccouch. We chit-chatted about stuff then finally got around to our personal lives. "I bet you were heart broken when she left," after I explained about my failed marriage, "Yes, it was a bitter pill but I know she wasn't in her right mind." Then, "what about you?"

"After Tommy's father left," she sighed," I had a couple of boy friends but all they wanted was my ass." She mush have seen my shock hearing her talk like that so she added, "Sex I mean!" and adding, "I am a lady and want to be treated like one not as some pick-up," taking a sip from her glass.

"Wanna watch a movie?" ":Sure," and she put on a girl romance movie into the DVD player. She did sit closer and finally I nudge her taking a kiss. She didn't say anything but did get closer.. I was feeling warm and getting warmer so I risked a full deep kisss on her lips. Amy didn't pull back but wrapped her arms around me to get another. Thinking she was loosening up I glazed her breast...

"Tod," I like you she said breaking it off and sitting up prime and proper, "and I want to see more of you. In fact I'd been hoping you'd ask me out, but I want to take it slow 'cause I've been hurt enough. I don't mean to offend but that's how I feel. Understand?"

"Sure," was about all I could say. Taking a sip of my beer and putting my arm behind her... eventually she came back into my arms and we kissed but she did press her breast into my chest but I knew I'd better not touch.

Ring. ring. ring.

It was Tommy the "Bear" wanting to come home. It was dusk now and I let her drive but this time she drove like a woman not taking any unnecessary chances or speeding. "Tod is going to help you with you batting, Tommy!" "Really, sir, really!" "Yeah, I am Tommy, when the next game?" "Next Saturday,"

Then as we went bya Walmart I pulled in and stopped. Why we stopping she said in a bewildered tone. To get a baseball and bat I reply getting out of the car and heading inside.

I came right out. "OK Tommy, this coming Wednesday I'll be by here to see one of your uncle's competitors and we'll practice after that. Now you after to to play toss up in the mean time." Mother steps into the guy thing adding, "And supper will be ready to," giving me a peck on the cheek.

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