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It was Ania’s first day and she was nervous. She had had enough of school and at 18 she wanted to work to help her mother Paula make ends meet. Paula’s husband had left a long time ago and the Polish wife with broken English had had trouble finding a job until she was recruited by the chocolate packing factory owned by another Polish woman she knew. Paula had never wanted her daughter to work in the factory, even during the summer, and Ania had never known why. But now was the time and Paula was even more nervous than Ania on this first day.
Ania had been put at the same table as her mother by the supervisor, an older Polish woman with white hair, much to Paula’s discomfort. The women’s work consisted in putting small chocolate bars in hand-size plastic bags. There were 10 bars to a bag, no more no less. Everyone was counting bars all day long, mostly in silence. Young Ania was sitting next to Krysta and across from her mother who sat next to Veronika. Krysta and Veronika, two middle-age women, always sat across from each other. Krysta had bleached-blonde hair and a cute turned-up nose while Veronika’s charcoal hair was turning salt and pepper at the temples. Ania could feel the warmth from Krysta’s body and her large thigh touched Krysta’s everytime she moved. But Krysta’s attention was mainly focused on Veronika. The two women smiled as they looked at each other with some intensity. Ania noticed that they made faces at each other by puckering their lips, frowning or winking. The supervisor made her rounds every 15 minutes or so and every time she put her hands on Ania’s shoulders, squeezing them gently while looking at Paula.
“You are good ?”, she would ask.
“Yes…thank you…good”, replied Ania blushing.
At one point, Ania felt Krysta’s body stiffen and saw her eyes were closed for a minute. Veronika giggled, then Krysta put her hand in front of her mouth to hide her laugh. Soon everyone at the table giggled including Paula who blushed when her eyes met Ania’s. The young Polish girl kept hearing a strange sound, a faint squeak of something brushing against nylon fabric. Ania looked down and was surprised to see that Veronika’s foot was between Krysta’s thighs. She also noticed Krysta’s own leg extended horizontally. Ania could only imagine where Krysta’s foot was. She could feel Krysta’s lower body moving back and forth against the foot. The other women at the table were all looking at the two ladies with some excitement but also at Ania whose face had turned beet-red.
“You ready ?”, whispered Veronika licking her lips.
“Yes”, replied Krysta, her voice cracking, “ at break ?”, she then asked.
“Yes….and ok with super”, replied Veronika pointing a a package of cigarettes inside the breast pocket of the blue frock they all wore over their street clothes.
“Ania ?”, whispered Paula from across the table, “stay clear !”, added Paula seriously.
Ania’s table was perpendicular to and about 3 feet from a wall which had a door to a ladies’s room 20 feet away. The older women were tense, waiting in anticipation for the bell which announced the 15-minute morning break. Veronika looked at her watch and began to undo the top buttons of her frock. Her large breasts were covered only by her blouse and Ania could see the hard nipples through the thin fabric. Krysta’s elbow bumped against Ania’s shoulder as she also began to unbutton her frock. Ania could smell Krysta’s sweat and pungent perfume. She gave her mother a panic look. Paula mouthed a silent “it’s ok”. The bell rang.
Veronika and Krysta jumped to their feet and quickly finished unbuttoning their frock. The two women, both wearing medium-length skirts, met at the end of the table and immediately began kissing passionately and pawing at each other’s crotch through their skirt. The rest of the table, including Ania, stood and gathered in front of them, making a barrier of blue frocks preventing the rest of their colleagues from witnessing the action. Veronika and Krysta had purposely come to work without their panties. When Ania peered over her neighbor’s shoulder, the two lovers were already on the floor, their blouse unbuttoned and their skirt hiked around their waist. Ania was wide-eyed. She had never seen lesbians making love before except of course on the cover of those magazines at the corner store. The two middle-age lesbians quickly turned head to toe on their sides and buried their head between the other’s thick thighs. Ania watched as Krysta moved her fingers through Veronika’s hairy bush and was prying open Veronika’s cunt lips. Veronika’s large erect clit vanished as Krysta’s mouth covered it. A strange sound could be heard as the two lesbians furiously sucked on each other’s hairy cunt, their hands grabbing asscheeks and pulling their lover’s curly playground to their own mouth. They rolled about between the wall and the table, bumping into both obstacles as they continued their intense sucking. Ania could see Krysta licking at Veronika’s bulging cunt lips hanging between her rather slim asscheeks, then the view changed to Veronika’s tongue buried inside Krysta’s blonde pubic hair which extended to the base of her large rippled asscheeks. Fingers were lost between asscheeks. Some of the women standing around were quietly encouraging the lovers. Paula made her way to her daughter, put her arm around her shoulder and kissed her gently on the cheek. Ania smiled at her. The girl remembered a particular morning a few months ago. After she got up, she had found a strange woman having coffee with her mother. Paula had assured her the woman was a work colleague who had just dropped over a few minutes before for coffee. She remembered the strange smell as she kissed her mother on the cheek that morning. It became all clear now. The sight of the two lesbians making rough love didn’t shock her anymore. It actually excited her and she felt wetness in her panties and droplets dripping down her leg.
Ania let out a short cry as she felt her ass being squeezed. The supervisor had sneaked in the back of the female pack.
“Nice…yes ?”, the supervisor whispered into Ania’s ear.
Paula glared at the supervisor and she glared back. It was Ania’s turn to mouth a silent “it’s ok” to her mother.
“Yes….nice”, replied Ania with a smile.
The supervisor’s hand went up under Ania’s frock and all the way up the inside of her leg. She pulled it out and rubbed her fingers together. They were wet. The supervisor looked at Paula with a smile and slid her fingers under Paula’s nose. Paula’s face went crimsom red as the supervisor licked her fingers. “You will like it here”, said the supervisor to Ania with a laugh.
Krysta and Veronika were continuing to suck each other, totally oblivious to the crowd. Their bodies suddenly moved faster and faster until, seconds after a mutual muffled cry, they shuddered, their legs kicked the air, and then they stood still.
The supervisor clapped her hands twice and the two women got to their feet slowly. Their clothes were a mess. The super pushed Krysta towards the ladies’s room.
“No …not you”, she cried as Veronika attempted to follow Krysta. “When she come back… no fuck in toilet”, she added, preventing another session between the ladies.
With the help of her colleagues, Veronika got her blouse buttoned up, her skirt pulled up and her frock back on. Paula took out a kleenex and began to wipe the sticky juices from her face. She turned to Ania and handed her another tissue. “Help me”, she asked. Ania began to wipe the liquid from Veronika’s face and recognized the odour from that morning with her mother and the strange woman.
Veronika gave Ania a peck on the cheek and said “Welcome to the factory”.


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