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Erotic man from the library

As a bookworm I love to spend a lot of time in the library, going through the shelves, all the old books, the feel of the pages, the quietness. I normally keep to myself in the library, just put my headphones in and zone out. This time was different.

I got to the library about lunchtime, I had no plans for the rest of the day so I decided to go find a decent book worth reading. I have short, straight light brown hair, I carry a little weight but not too much. This time I was wearing a tight straight short skirt which came to just a few millimeters bellow my buttocks, underneath I had black sheer tights on and underneath them I had turquoise silk panties on. On the top half I was wearing a baggy white vest showing a few centimeters of cleavage and on top I wore a small blazer, underneath all that I wore a white padded bra, comfy and not made to be sexy, which covered all of my breasts and left only a little bit of cleavage on show.

I was sat on the old leather sofa just reading through an interesting book about photography as it is a big part in my life, I love taking photos. I am sat down on this sofa with my legs crossed, showing a view up the outside of my right thigh, my tights going very see through and showing a little view of the bottom of my ass on the side. A little away there is a very handsome guy, slim, medium curly hair, longish stubble and nose piercing. I had been watching him since I came in, he was gorgeous.

After a while I became more intrigued in this book and gradually forgot about the guy. I only noticed him again when I saw him in the corner of my eye stand up and walk over to me and sit down on the sofa in front on the other side of the coffee table in the middle. I looked up and noticed him looking at me, I lowered my book and removed my headphones. He has the most perfect smile.

"Hi, my name's Jack, nice to meet you." He held out his hand, I lent forward and shook his hand and introduced myself.

I noticed he also had a photography book in his hand. "I see you like photography too." I said pointing to his book.

We got talking about photography for a while before we said about going to get a drink. We stood up and walked out of the library. I asked if he would like to go to a coffee shop or come to mine, I know it was a bit forward but he was so hot. He said he didn't mind and I invited him over to mine.

When we arrived I threw my bag on the sofa and put on the kettle, poured two cups of coffee and sat at the kitchen table across from him and we got talking again. We gradually started leaning in and getting into each others conversations.

We stopped talking after a little and then I stood up, took his hand and took him to the sofa in the front room. We sat down and he lent into me and began kissing me, his hand slid across the side of my face very gently and down onto my neck. I was loving this, I put my hand on his knee and then slowly slid it up his thigh while still passionately kissing. His hand then went down to my thigh and we both gradually moved our hands up each other thigh until I reached his crotch. I could feel his semi hard cock, even at a semi hard he was about 7 inches, I wanted to know what he was like totally hard. I began squeezing a little and it slowly got harder and harder. He slid my skirt up over my waist where it stayed, I was sitting in just my tights and panties, his hand went down the side of my thigh and ass until he then lifted me up and got me straddling him on the sofa.

I was so turned on now. I was breathing heavily and was kissing him really sexually, my tongue going right into his mouth. He was now rock hard and I could feel his cock rubbing on the inside of my thigh. I unbuttoned and un-zipped his trousers leaving him in just his boxers. I adjusted his cock straight up and then lent down rubbing my aching pussy along the underside of his throbbing cock. I let out a quiet moan as he then gripped my ass hard and began pulling me against him really hard.

After a while he stood up picking me up, my legs wrapped around him, I guided him to bedroom which he carried me to, slowly lowered me to the bed. He stood at the foot of the bed as we both undressed frantically, I wriggled around pulling my tights and panties off and took off my top, I was totally naked and I watching his big cock wobble around as he lifted his top up, while his top was over his head I got onto my hands and knees on the bed facing him and began sucking him really deep, I could now see the size of his cock fully erect, he must have been about 9 inches. I could feel my pussy soaking wet, my juices slowly dribbling down the inside of my thigh.

When he got his top off he looked down watching me try my best to fit his big long cock in my tiny throat. He gently held the back of my head as I slowly sucked him deep. I opened my eyes wide and look up at him. This must have drove him mad as I heard him moan, he pushed his waist right forward down my throat and I felt his cock tense up totally erect for a few seconds.

After a few minutes of this I turned around and laid on my back spreading my legs, he crawled across the bed leaning over me, I held his perfect big cock in my hand, feeling it tensing as I then guided it to my aching pussy, feeling it brush against my clit and then my hole made me wriggle and moan and then I got him to my hole and pulled his cock as he lent down sliding so deep inside of me. I let out a loud moan, he was huge, he wasn't really thick, he was long and slim if anything, it was amazing.

He was so deep inside me, and I couldn't control my noises. I was so loud and I was so wet, he was moaning as well as my pussy was clenching around his large tool really hard. His movements began speeding up. I could feel his balls slapping against my pussy, he was fucking me harder and rougher. I began pushing my nails into his back, this made him go faster and harder making me dig deeper. My legs were wrapped around him and were now squeezing against his sides.

We continued this for a good twenty minutes before I lent over turning him onto his back as I began riding him now. He put his hands up and grabbed hold of my breasts. I was bouncing on his huge cock so hard, my ass was wobbling loads and I could feel the ripples every time I landed back down on him. He now went to pinching my nipples, I couldn't control myself and reached my climax, all the excitement lead me to squirt a little over his stomach as I curled up moaning sitting on top of him.

When I regained from this orgasm I got on my knees on the bedroom floor, he stood in front of me with his still rock solid cock in front of my face as I rammed his cock as deep as I could down my throat, I could taste my own juices and wanted to suck even more. After a few minutes sucking I would take him out and toss him off hard and fast and then suck him again until then he told me he was going to cum. I laid back on the bed with my legs spread wide, he lent over and fucked me again, then he pushed all the way in me, really deep shooting his big thick load deep inside me. This was the first time I had been creampied and my god it wouldn't be the last.

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