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My Past Life

“Your hands, your mouth are to be helpers to my cock, as are those of your s****r!
She has made me cum, with her hands and mouth, more times than I can count!
At command, she hardens me, strokes me, licks, sucks, until the inevitable end of her skills, and then, what do you think happens? What do you suppose I do?

I shoot my cum, my semen, on her face. That is my greatest pleasure, but not by any means my only one. But soon, you will see for yourself what I will require from you”.

I will make no comment on the above variant version of the Marquis de Sade, except to say that it is a pleasure that I enjoyed in my youth, and still relish.

There is nothing that pleases me more than to shoot my cum, and to see my semen on a woman's body or face.

Of course, one comes inside them, normally; that is what they expect. Inside their cunts, their vaginas. Then one can watch as the semen drips and pools out of them, dripping between their ass cheeks and thighs. If one has pleasured them sufficiently, they do not even know that you have even been looking at them like that. A cream-pie if you like. A drooling cunt or vagina is beautiful, to see.

She has three orifices that are available for cock. Her cunt, her ass, and her mouth. Of those three, only her cunt and mouth are of any interest to me. I have tried anal, when asked by curious girls, but I have found that unsatisfactory, and I avoid it.

A girl's mouth though, that is to me like a second vagina, cunt or pussy. I love shooting my cum, into their mouths. I love them to deep throat me, and that moment when the cum spurts out of me, deep into their mouths and down their throats. Girls will often either spit out the semen or swallow it then, often gagging and choking at that point. Then look at you reproachfully, as if you had violated them.

Another of my simple pleasures is the hand job. Women are not very good at this in general. It can takes years for them to know how to do it well, just as as it can take them a long time to know just how to fellate you properly. The combined skills of mouth and hands in a woman is to be prized, even beyond the skills she naturally, instinctively, has in her vaginal fucking skills.
Fricatrice, Fellatrice, Fuckatrice. Hands, mouth and cunt skills. That is how women should please.

The very first perfect blow-job that I had from a girlfriend was done spontaneously. It was Sunday. morning. I had been fucking her all Saturday night, and had fallen into a deep sl**p, feeling totally satisfied. I did not think that I had any cum left, but she woke me with skilful hand work, and then, when she was sure I was awake started to suck me off. Such was her skill that I quickly shot a load of cum into her mouth in about two minutes. She then showed me my load in her mouth, before swallowing it down. She did this deliberately.

That, in itself, provoked a continuing hardness of my cock. It had been a shattering orgasm for me, but it only took me a few minutes to recover, and she was still working my cock gently with her hands. After a while, she, still working my cock with her hands, I said:- “That was incredible! Can you do it again?”

She smiled. “Yes”. She started to suck me off again, her mouth, tongue and hands working in perfect unity, her tongue licking the key nerve point, on the tip of my cock, then her whole mouth engulfing me, taking it deep as her hands stroked the base of my cock and balls. She would come up to breath, keeping her hands working, and watching me, then her mouth swallowed me again, taking my entire length into her mouth and beyond. Deep throat, several years before the movie with Linda Lovelace, that made the technique famous.

It took her a bit longer this time, perhaps all of five minutes, before I shot another load deep into her throat. I had never come that fast or in that intensity before. This time she did not show the cum, in her mouth, since she had swallowed it all. She even licked of my last drops, cleaning my cock off with her mouth and tongue, then rested her head on my lap, seemingly going to sl**p.

I was shattered. No girl that I had ever been in a relationship with had been able or willing to do this before. Certainly, not twice in about only 20 minutes.

After a while, I asked her:- “How did you do that?”

“Hmm. What?”

“Suck me off like that?”

“Oh that! I am very proud of what I can do with my mouth”

Then she dozed of again, as did I, in a state of satiation.

I was young then, and after a short sl**p, I fucked her again, and then again, and perhaps again, over the rest of the afternoon. I do not really know now, how many times I shot my semen into her, but I do remember that afterwards, going home that my cock and balls were aching. This was not the syndrome of pent up frustration, that a cock teaser might provoke (many girls played that game in those days). No, she had totally drained me of all I had.

I was with her for about two months, during which I explored many possibilities with her. Oral sex was always part of it. She liked that as much as fucking, if not more. Prolonged “69” sex she was particularly fond of. She wanted to be licked and kissed on her vagina and clitoris and liked sucking my cock at the same time.

She knew exactly the timing with her mouth to make me come at the moment she did. As she climaxed, her thighs would grip tight round my neck, as her contractions took her, a final wriggle, near suffocating me , and then she did one last thing with her mouth on my cock, that always made me ejaculate copiously, simultaneously with her orgasm, my semen gushing into her mouth and down her throat. She always swallowed, never rejecting my semen. And in those days, I would ejaculate a lot .

Sometimes, we might be watching TV, or just talking, listening to music. She would suddenly kneel before me, stroking, hardening my cock, unzip my flies, take out my cock and suck me off, until I shot my load. She would hold my cum as I ejaculated into her mouth, not swallowing, waiting until she had all of it, then she would pull back, open her mouth to show me, roll it around, and only then would she swallow it, showing that she had.

She could always make me cum in less than five minutes that way. It was also a signal to go to bed, where she could quickly get me hard again, to fuck her, or lick her out in turn.

She decided, however, to cool it off. She did not want a permanent relationship she explained. And so, with regret, I accepted her decision.

What she had done for me I tried to explain to other girlfriends subsequently, but it was hard to find one that had her skills, or one that could be trained in them.

And, in that, there is a lot more to tell, as well as how I came to favour coming on my women as well as in them.

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