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I have had my eye on the Sybian for about a year now. I watched a blonde sort of curvy girl use it once & they way she was convulsing made me envious of the toy. I really enjoyed watching her ride it, I could genuinely tell that she was getting off incredibly hard. Her screams alone made me hard. I finally decided to buy one and give it a test run. When it first arrived at the door & went running like a k** in a candy store. I practically ripped the packing to shreds, lol. When I opened it up I realized that they had sent all the attachments that I had requested. There must be 10 different attachments for my ultimate pleasure. The one that was the most interesting was the monster cock attachment. The man selling them said that 90% of women cannot use it due to it's size, but I ordered it anyways. I like to stretch my ass and feel like I am being used by a big giant cock. :)

After opening up everything I had to give it a test drive. I decided to put on of the larger size cock attachments on it. I got naked and straddled my sybian. I eased the head of the large cock into my eager ass. I knew I was going to have fun & couldn't wait to hit the start button. There are two buttons on it, one is for vibration & the other for rotation. The rotation causes the cock to rotate around in my tight asshole. I started with the vibration, and slowly built up the speed. It was shaking my cock and ball and ass all at once. My whole entire body was feeling good, I was riding the sybian, gyrating my hips back and forth, trying to make it last. I wanted to cum and cum hard!! I wouldn't let myself! I needed to go farther, to play a little harder before I came so hard that I would have to wait at least a few hours before I could touch myself again.

I felt my whole body shaking, in total pleasure. I didn't care if somebody walked in on me and found me masturbating down on the floor, I was way beyond stopping!! I began to buck up and down, back and forth, faster and faster....until I I all my muscles in my lower body clinched down and I had the most mind blowing orgasm ever. I knew my partner would be resentful that we bought the toy at that point, lol. ....I will definitely have to use it in moderation. (lol...yeah right)

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