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My wee girl and her hairy 'pits...

When my little girl was aged about 11 or so she decided she wanted to have her armpits hair free (just like her late bitch of a Mum had) and tried to shave them with an open razor which my ex had given me.
She told me I was not to help and that she could manage on her own but unfortunately she cut herself quite badly and I ended up taking her to hospital to have the cut looked at.
After checking the cut and repairing the damage, the Doctor told her that she would be ok but he also suggested that she does not shave for quite a while to allow the cut to heal, but fortunately all was well and she did in fact make a full and complete recovery but from that day she has NEVER shaved her armpits, or in fact any hair from anywhere else either for 24 years, by the way she is now 35.
Carolyn knows how I feel about her not shaving and how I hated it when her Mum always shaved every where especially when I had got down on my knees and begged her not to.
As often as she can Carolyn gives me lots of views of her extremely hairy bits whenever she can ie; when she is in the bath or if she is having a shower as we have a large wet room and she never shuts the door and even when she is getting dressed she comes to me and says, 'Does this top look really sexy if I don't wear a bra and does it really show off my hairy pits & arms, and does this mini skirt look sexy enough without panties?, in fact she refuses to wear underwear at all now even when we are out together, I have asked her if she really should wear undies but the answer I always get is 'I love to show off my hairy thighs & legs' and she always tells me 'I like doing this because I love you seeing me when I am really hairy, because I know that mum NEVER would have'.
So, yes I do indeed love this woman with hairy armpits, but she is my wee lassie after all...

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