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My first sex part 2

after i had my first sex with my maid ,,,
and she liked it..
we took the advantage of every second when there was no one at home we made sex

once we were alone,.. dad in late night shift work .,. and my grandma in her b*****rs house spending her weekend there,,
i needed to make sex but in a new way ,,
i waited till night ..
roza the maid had a warm bath ,,,
i joined her,,,
she messaged me with cream ,,, all over my body,,
played with my dick till it got hard ..
she gave me a great blowjob,,
and the warm water falling on us...
i sucked her nipples ,, it was large dark hard nipples
i was sucking them like a hungry babe breast feeding,,,
and my finger was in her pussy,,
she liked that,,
she sucked my lips and bite them ,,
she wouldn't stop,, she was so hungry for sex , she wanted more,,
we dried ourselves and went to her room..
she stared to suck me ,,, my balls and suddenly she sucked my ass hole ,,
never had that feeling ,, it was great and i was suprised ,,she asked : is it ok with u?
i was in my climax it was a great feeling
i said : dont stop..
she asked me to close my eyes
i agreed ,,,
and then ,,i felt something cold on my dick,,,i opened my eyes and found that he poured some honey on my dick,,,
she started to suck ,,,
and i had a blast cum she swollen it with the honey,,, i was in great pleasure..
she sucked every drop of my cum ,,in fact she cleaned my dick by her mouth ,,,
she raised up ,,
and said ,: come on ,, do your job,!
it was like an order,,
i laid her on bed opened her legs and sucked her well shaved pussy ,, it was soft and warm and clean ,, i lasted for 10 minutes sucking it till my mouth was sore couldn't feel it any more..
i got hard again ,,
i fucked her will all my energy ,,, i was so fast ,,, she moaned ,, i put my hand on her mouth so no one from the neighbors hears us.....
i was ready to cum ..
she said ,, cum on my tits ,,
and i did ,,
i had an another blast cum ,,
i was sweating ,,she wiped the cum all over her tits,,
i didn't want to stop fucking her ,,
but it was time to dad come,,
i had to get dressed ,, she f***ed me to do ,
i was completely tired ,,
she helped me ,,
and not more than ten minutes dad came and opened the door ,
,, i was lucky ,,,
i slept all night like a dead man
and thinking all night when i will fuck her the next time,,
wait part three ,,,
thank u

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