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Wife swapping with friends - part 2

as we get inside anna leeds me into the lounge room where the bar is and puts her glass down and i place my two on the bar, she turns to face me and reaches out her second hand to hold my cock, i look down at her beautiful full hanging tits and her little hands holding my rock hard cock, she smiles at me and says " your cock is so much stiffer than what mike's gets " " i guess thats one thing " i say " he's got a real big dick "
" yeah, but you get used to it " anna says rolling back my foreskin exposing my knob, she eases it back and forth and watches curiously as it goes over my knob then back again, she is clearly fascinated with my uncut cock, she looks up and our eyes meet and she leans in and kisses me passionately, our bodies come together and my hard cock is pressed up against her tummy, and her massive juggs against my chest, we are out of view of mike and my wife and its getting really sexual and hot, after a long hot steamy tounge kiss we look at each other and laugh at ourselfs, i step back and sit on the bar stool, " holy fuck " i say wipping my hands over my eyes " i can't believe all this " i tell her, taking a moment to think about it all. " are you okay about it ? " she asks " yeah,..... yeah, nah its cool " i say " my wife was just sucking mikes cock "
" i know....i was watching it with you ! " she giggles " did it bother you ? " she asks me " no..... no its actually a massive turn on " i tell her " she sure can suck a cock " anna says " yeah she loves it " i tell her. " mike loves it more " she says," he wasn't far from cumming out there.....if she does that again he will for sure " " she'll swallow it " i say, " she always does " "really ? " anna sounds surprised, " should we check on them ? she asks looking at me...." yeah we better " i tell her as i go to get up she grabs my arm and says " no, come this way " and leads me down the hallway, my cock waving behind her the whole time " we can spy on them from the spare room " she tells me. as she gets to the room and opens the door quietly she stops and pulls down her black panties, she has her back turned and my cock nearly touches her arse as she bends forward, she drops them on the tiles and steps onto the carpet in the room, its pretty dark in there and she moves over to the window, i follow her nude white figure in the dull light and place my hand on her lower back as she gently pulls the curtain back a little to peek out, we both lean in to see out and my cock is against her arse, she reaches back and grabs it as we peer out.

from the spare room we have a pretty close side view of the spa, mike is sitting on the egde with his legs wide open and my wife is perched in between them looking up at him sucking his ball sack again, she holds his big curved cock with her right hand, her left hand is on his hairy leg and she is getting right in and under his hairy balls, she takes one in her mouth and gently pulls back on it applying pressure, then pops it back out before going in again sucking the other one, she looks amazingly hot while doing this, her little hand strokes his length slowly the whole time, "i guess they couldn't wait " anna whispers to me " yeah and they clearly aren't worried about us catching them " i tell her. " should we go back out there ? " she asks " nah, lets see how far they go " i say, " are you prepared to risk that ? " she asks " yeah i trust her " i say as she again licks the length of his shaft and then up, over and back down on his cock head, i lean up against anna from behind and cup both her tits in my hands, they are magnificent to hold and i'm feeling super horny now watching my wife with my best mates big cock, i drop my hand down her stomach and across her belly button and down between her legs, my finger tips feel a short spikey crop of pubes and then down further to a full spongey feeling set of cunt lips, she sighs as i rub across her and circle my finger around her before slipping a bit of my finger in to be greeted with a lot of heat and wetness, " ahh fuck " i whisper to her, " enjoying the show are you ? " i ask her " enjoying everything " she says back as we watch my wife again going for the deep throat, she slowly works her way down his shaft again to about the same point as previous and holds it for a bit " how does she do that " asks anna as i continue to finger her cunt, " i don't know " i tell her, we watch her pull back again and off his cock, takes a breath and is back on it, slowly getting down the shaft again until she reaches her hand but now lets go and cradles his balls as her mouth gets lower and lower and lower, she is just off getting it all, she pulls back quickly and his cock springs out her mouth, its dripping in her saliva and she wipes her eyes looking up at him, catching her breath and he says something to her but we can't hear, she grabs his big curved cock again and again gets it down her throat slowly, nearly to the base again, mike places both hands on her head and gently holds it there, we can see her open her mouth wider and he gentley starts thrusting a bit, his cock doesn't get in any further, it looks to kind of bend slightly but he is fucking her throat ! his eyes close and his head tilts back as he continues to do so to my gorgeous slut wife. its the fucking hottest thing i've ever seen and im shaking with excitement with my heart thumping in my chest, anna can feel me shaking and asks if i'm ok, " yeah fine " i tell her squeezing her ample tit and circling her clit with my finger, my cock is pressed into her back and if she was to grab it and wank me now i'd cum for sure, we are pressed up to the window as mike thrusts a bit harder now, she has been down there a while and must be running short on breath but still she takes it, his final few thrusts are f***eful and really rams her throat but its him that pulls her up, not her that pulls back, he holds her face in his hands and looks down at her before pulling her up to stand on the seat in front of him, he reaches out and runs his hand across her trimmed little pussy, his other hand reaches up and grabs her tit whilst he rubs her clit, its all good as i'm fingering his wife in the darkness of the spare room while watching him, so it seems fair to me. we see him slip his finger into my wifes little cunt up to his knuckle before plunging the whole thing in, he rams it in a few times before pulling it out and standing up in front of her, they are both on the seat about knee deep in the water, he puts his finger into his mouth and tastes my wifes cunt, his big curved cock is pointed just an inch from my wifes little pussy, he places his hand on her hip and pulls her forwards gently until the head of his cock is pressed into the landing stripe of her cunt. she looks down at it and grabs it about mid way down the shaft and directs his cock head up against her clit and starts to rub it back and forwards over it, she is wanking him off against her swollen clit and pretty little pussy, anna whispers " do you think we better go out there.......? " i ask her " do you want them to stop...? " she thinks for a second " i'm not sure " she says " what about you ? " " i'm not sure either " i tell her, ...." come on we better get out there then " she says, we turn for the light of the door and as she rounds the end of the bed she bangs her knee on the timber corner and lets out a " ahh .. fuck ! " " ouch " i say at the noise of it, i'm behind her as she limps a couple of steps then drops to the floor, i crouch down besides her and ask if she's ok " yeah i'm fine, had too much to drink i think " she tells me as she rolls over on her back, we are right near the door way and the light from the hallway shines in and i catch my first look between her legs, she had removed her wet knickers at the entrance to the spare room so they didn't drop water on the carpet, and even though i had been rubbing her pussy i had yet to see it, she is layed back on the carpet now holding her knee up near her waist and i look down and see the dark of her pussy, i touch her knee and gently push it back down for a clear view, there is the most stunning pussy i have ever seen ! " oh fuck " i say " what ? " she asks ......i reach down and run my hand over it, now anna has blonde hair, she always has, ever since i've known her, i knew she had it coloured but i thought she was sort of blonde already, but she has a thick, jet black, wide stripe of cropped hair running above her cunt and down either side of her pouty pussy lips, her lips are so full there appears to be no opening, my wife's pussy is very tidy but the hood of her clit and bottom inner lips are slightly visable, anna however has nothing showing, just perfect shaped full flaps either side, simply amazing ! now i find pubic hair very attractive, i like my wifes landing stripe, i don't like it as much when its bare, thats just me, but my wife is not hairy at all so even her stripe is thin and quite lightish in colour, more a brownish than black, but anna had a thick black coverage, it had been perfectly manicured into a wide stripe and was cropped short so it felt quite spikey, it looked so fucking good ! as i knelt beside her and gently rubbed her perfect cunt i felt her warm mouth on my cock, it took me by surprise, " i looked at her and said " i thought you didn't do that " she just looked and kept on gently tounging my cock, it felt amazing, she was very gentle, nothing like my wife and it wouldn't make you cum , but was awesome all the same, i slipped my finger back into her incredible looking cunt, it was very wet and hot and although she had been getting fucked by monster dick mike for many years i just had to have a go in there, reluctently i pulled my cock from her wet mouth and smiled at her as i moved around between her legs, she smiled back through a very boozed look, i grabbed my cock and rubbed it over her cropped black pubes and across her slit, if she was going to stop me it would be now...... i shuffled to a better position and pushed her legs apart, ever so slightly opening her slit, with that i rubbed the head of my cock through her lips, back and forth a couple of times, and up into her spikey short pubes, my cock head was as big as i'd seen it, bursting with excitement and now covered in my mates wife's wettness, she was sprawled back on the carpet with her head back and arms out, her big tits all across her chest, i lean forward a bit and push the head of my cock into her wet hole, her mouth opens slightly as she feels it, but she doesn't look up, i push in slowly again and don't stop, her perfect puffy cunt lips take my whole cock in the first push, i look down at my light coloured pubes mashed against her cropped dark pubes and my cock buried to the hilt in her, this is the first pussy i've fucked since meeting my wife several years ago, i'd have never thought it would be anna's, my mates wife, i pull back slowly and withdraw my cock completely just for a moment , again looking at her perfect cunt before pushing it back in, i look down and watch her cunt lips buldge as she takes my cock, i can imagine how much they'd buldge with mikes big cock in there, thats something i'd actually love to see. she is still sprawed out over the floor and i'm on my knees between her legs, i lift them up together and hold them in the air by her calves, the sight below is something i'll never forget, i wished there was more light, but theres enough to enjoy the sight, in this position her full pussy lips are clamped around my cock tighter and i get the perfect view of my shaft sliding slowly in and out of her pussy, i can see my shaft covered in her wetness, it drives me wild with lust and i pump her harder and as deep as i can and watch her tits wobble around as i do, her pussy feels hot and silky smooth and i'm just thinking i'll pump her full of cum in no time when she lets out a moan....." ahh yeah baby " i say back, then i feel her tension and she moans again " fuck yeah " i say as i start to pump more, she pulls her legs away and rolls on her side, i manage to keep my cock in and get in a few more strokes of pure delight before she awkwardly gets to her knees and my cock slides out, she mumbles something as she stumbles out into the hallway, i get straight up behind her and see her fumbling her way forwards, she opens the door and falls onto the floor vomiting into the toilet.....i'm standing behind her with my hard cock still covered in her wetness, " are you okay ? " i ask her, she moans into the bowl and again is sick.......i'm left standing with my hard cock watching anna being sick into the toilet, the drinks had caught up with her, she is on the floor leaning into the toilet, her big tits dangle down beneath her....... i really wanted to cum inside her perfect cunt, but thats not going to happen now, she is gone for the night. I put my hand on her back and tell her i'll go get mike....she hardly responds.

with that i turn and head back outside and start to wonder what i'll see when i get there, he's probably cum in her mouth by now.... i go back through the lounge, past the bar and round the corner to head outside, my hard cock wobbling all the way, as i get to the door i see mike fucking my wife from behind........they are still standing knee deep on the seat of the spa, my wife is standing bent forward and mike is standing behind her with his hands on her arse cheeks slowly thusting inside her......i stop in the door way....this is the first time she's fucked another cock since we got married, and its one of my best mates, and he has a really big cock ! should i leave them to it and go inside and wank ? but i want to watch them...before i decide mike looks up and sees me, he smiles and takes one hand off her arse and gives me the thumbs up, i step out the door and walk over, as i get closer i hear my wifes soft groans of pleasure over the spa noise and i get right to the edge of the spa before she even realises im there. " oh honey " she says looking slightly surprised, mike pumps her a couple more times a bit quicker and her hanging tits wobble with each thrust, her eyes close again, she can hardly communicate, she's in heaven, " anna's sick " i tell them, my wife looks up and mike stops fucking her, he doesn't pull his cock out but instead grabs her by the waist and sits on the edge of the spa pulling my wife down with him, she is now sitting on his lap with her legs either side of his, completely impaled on his cock, it takes my breath away and my stomach feels full of butterflies, to see my wife suck another cock is one thing, i've seen her do it a couple of times since we were married, but this is another step again, and its my mate mike, he was at our wedding when i married my gorgeous wife, now i can see her stretched cunt wrapped around his cock, his hairy balls hanging out below, her whole cunt is completely open and exposed, her clit swollen and red with excitement " too many drinks....? " he casually asks leaning around from behind my wife, " yeah i say " i dont even look at him, i can't stop looking at his massive cock inserted in my wife, it makes me so horny and regretful at the same time, " she's being sick in the toilet " i tell them thinking mike might go in and check on her " poor thing " my wife says casually while shes on my mates dick, " she'll be okay " mike says and lifts my wife up slightly, she follows his lead and starts riding his cock again, he grabs hold of one of her tits as she does, i'm still standing watching and i start to stroke my cock, i can't help it, the sight before me is unreal, my wife rises up quite high on his cock, up over the curved shaft but leaves his knob inside, i see his thick veiny shaft covered in her wetness, its all shiney and wet, she rotates her hips around like she is dancing on his cock before dropping back down on it, " ah fuck yeah " mike says, my wife smiles at me and asks " enjoying the show honey ? " as she bounces up and down on mikes cock, she doesn't even hit the base of it, she is loving it, she reaches down and cups his balls and says " oh yeah, fuck me mike " she looks and sounds wild and mike holds her hips and pulls her down hard each time, it looks like he is wrecking her cunt with his thick cock, the pace and f***e of the fucking quickens and mike starts to let out an ahhh each time she drops back down the length of his cock, he's getting close to cumming and my wife senses it, she does what she always does to me, instead of going quicker she slows down and does real long slow strokes to build up the intensity, she holds his shaft at the base and eases up and down gently and slowly and mike is past the point of no return, " ahhhh...fuuuuck " he lets out, as she keeps a slow steady pace of riding his length, " yeah cum inside me mike " my slut wife says, it cuts through me like razors to hear her say that, her wanting another mans cum in her, he lets out another " ahhhh " and i see his legs tension and as she rises up and begins her slow downward slide he twitches and he shoots the first lot of cum into my wife.... she doesn't alter anything just keeps the slow pace of riding his cock, he twitches again as he shoots another stream into her cunt, then again and again and finally says a long " fuuuuck " " oh shit baby " he manages to get out trying to catch his breath, my wife has stopped now and i watch her slide back up and off his big cock, its covered in cum and when the knob pops out a heap of his cum drops from her pussy, she rubs his cock head into her clit again and looks at me and gives me a wink, i've stopped wanking, i just got caught up in watching, she smears his ample cum all over her cunt and clit as his cock starts to soften, it looks nearly bigger now than it did before, its a real good looking cock as much as i hate to admit it, she continues to rub her hand all over it as she starts to finish herself off with her other hand, she is using his cum as lube and rubs her clit hard and fast whilst mike watches, his cock has softened but its so full of bl**d still its like a wobbly hard on, she is speeding up and getting close to orgasm now and decides to put his cock back in her mouth as she orgasms, " fucking hell " mike says as she slurps all over his cock and greedily cleans up the cum, " she's fucking wild " with that she rubs her clit the final time and spasms her hips as she orgasms......i'm still standing in awe like a rabbit in the spot lights, " her once pretty little pussy is a big mess, covered in cum and red and used looking , she squeezes mikes cock hard from the base up towards his helmet and the last of his cum oozes out and she darts her tounge over his cock head and laps it up, looking at him in the eyes as she does " well fuck me " mike says, " now that was something ! " and they both laugh, i'm left there with my hard cock still as those two seem swept away in it all, " i'll check on anna " i say and they hardly respond, fucking mike the bastard, he always was trying to out do me in anything, since we first met, we were great mates but there was this un spoken competition with everything we did, i had the better looking wife but he had just fucked her with his big cock, i get back inside and anna is still leaning against the toilet, her white butt on the floor, i put my hand on her back and ask if she's ok, she doesn't respond, she's really out to it, " mike just fucked elise " i tell her..... no response. i grab my hard cock and run it through her thick straight shoulder length blonde hair, it feels nice and i really need to cum, i lean in and tell her " come on dear, lets get you into bed " i reach in under her arms and start to lift her up, she sort of moans a bit and i tell her again " you're ok, lets get you to bed " she sort of helps me walk her to the bedroom, it half me carrying her, half her stumbling, its awkward with my hard cock sticking out, i get her to thier room finally and lay her on the bed, as i stand next to it and lift her head onto a pillow , her face is right near my cock so i put it against her lips and she sort of pulls away, shes out to it and doesn't really know whats going on, i need to cum bad, i duck back out the room and into the spare room to check on the others, i peek out the window, they are still sitting together on the edge of the spa talking, it looks like she is still holding his cock, i get back into the main room and anna is laying on her side, i walk around the bed to her side and gently roll her onto her back, she hardly makes a sound, i sit on the edge of the bed next to her and start to wank my cock, its like the stuff dreams are made of, my mates wife i've known for ten years sprawled out naked on the bed, the fresh image of my wife taking a pussy full of cum from my mate, my cock is rock hard and super sensitive, i want to wank forever but if the others come inside i'll miss out, i reach out and feel her big tits again, they are beauties, then reach down and run my hand over her closely trimmed cunt, its a perfect looking cunt, i can feel the warmth of it on my hand and i gently place my finger into her pouty lips, i can still feel the wetness, i do it really gentley and she doesn't stir..... i pull my finger and put it in my mouth to taste her, it smells like that perfect pussy, sex scent and it has no taste, i want to fuck her so bad but if she woke up while i was doing it, it would seem really wrong, so i'll have to finish myself off, i get onto the bed inbetween her legs on my knees, and jerk my uncut cock just above her pussy, its fucking amazing and i'm going to cum...... i stop stroking i'm so close to cumming and instead just pull back hard on my shaft, the pressure of my foreskin pulling back from my knob can make me cum when i'm this close, i place my exposed red knob against her prickly black pubes and softly wipe across her cunt, its all i can handle and i feel myself start to cum, the first spirt shoots out and drops on her wide landing stripe, the next shoots further up past her belly button, i pull my cock back a bit and watch my knob pulse and the next shot shoots onto her pussy lips, as does the next one and the next one, i cum a ton, i'm so built up with excitment, i wank the next few spurts out again on her pussy hair, thick milky clear globs of cum all over her pussy, its pooled up thick and some runs down between her lips and i smear it in between them with my cock head, i'm light headed and my mouth dry from excitement, its one of the best orgasms i've ever had, i get off the bed and look at the mess i've made of annas beautiful pussy, i'll leave it there to dry up and hopefully mike see's it, i give anna a kiss on her forehead and thank her, she doesn't wake up..........

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