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Little Tim EPISODE #1

My name is Tim.
I'm white, 18 about 6' tall brown hair with light stubble. I'm a freshman at Flowood university  in California. It's my first time out of my home state of Arkansas. So far all I can say is that the people here are beautiful. I, on the other Hand, am not as good looking. Not to say that am ugly I'm just very average. I'm staying in a coed dorm on the north side of the school.I can't help but notice that my dorm is girl heavy. Heh I think this is going to be a great year. Room 218. I walk in to find a shirtless guy unpacking. He turns around and says "Oh hey I'm Jones Bakerson." I shake his hand and introduce myself. Wow this guy must be a model or something. He is the picture perfect man. I'll go ahead and say I'm not gay. He is muscled and tan with a LARGE bulge in his pants.
We chat for a few minutes then this girl walks into our room. I think I fell in love with her at first sight. She is so sexy. Blonde about 5'8" with amazing curves. She walks as if she is the most important person in the room. Her booty is nice with a thong strap peeking over her shorts. 
"hey mom packed some of your stuff in my bag." she says to jones. "oh thanks here mom packed some of your panties in my bag. Uh kind of skanky." Jones says with a laugh. "real funny. Hey is this your room mate?" she says with the cutest smile. "Yea this is Tim he's here on a swimming scholarship."
"Oh cool I'm  Kenzie, jones' big s****r. Oh and I almost forgot my sorority is throwing a party tonight you guys should come." 
She leaves the room. Shit I hope she didn't see my boner. 
"So that's your s****r. What's her story." I say 
"Uh she is an english major. She has a boyfriend though if you're wondering." Jones tells me.
Later that night ...
I have to be the only guy at this party without a six pack. I don't see kenzie but I think she is a junior anyway so I doubt I'm on her radar. After about an hour Kenzie and another beautiful girl walk onto a makeshift stage. "Hey everybody! Tonight we have a couple freshmen here and I think it's time to play a little game. Welcome to the stage our own Kenzie Bakerson's little b*****r!" 
Jones walks onto the stage as the party cheers. Once up there the crowd starts to chant "STRIP!" Within a few minutes jones is standing on stage with only his boxers on. Still the crowd chants "strip!" what happens next I almost couldn't believe. Jones has his boxers yanked to his ankles. His dick was huge. He must be 9 inches and his balls are so big and loose and without a hair. Even kenzie looks. A bunch of girls begin to giggle as he pulls his pants back up. After a half hour later I meet this girl named Jane Kingsly. She is so sexy. Her big boobs bounce in her bra free tank top. Her sweat pants show her nice round ass. She grinds on me the whole night. Around three she asks if I want to go to her place. She lives in an apartment just off campus. We make out a little until she says that she only does oral on the first night. I say okay and begin to unzip my pants but she stops me. She says that I have to give her head first. She takes her pants off and lays on the bed. I pull her thong off and wow. She is so sexy. Waxed and all. I start licking  and then I slip my fingers in her. She starts to moan my name. I don't mean to brag but I give head like a champ. I'm about to rip through my pants when she taps my head.  She say that it's my turn. I lay on the bed with my boxers on. She stands up and takes off her shirt exposing her huge boobs. They are round with great nipples. "here let's take this off." she says as she pulls off my boxers. My dick pops right out of my boxers. She tries not to laugh at my barely five inches. "um you are uh well uh you're a good size." she says while fighting laughter. I think I lasted fifty seconds before I came s huge load on her boobs leaving her drenched. I know what you're thinking wow his has a tiny dick. Well I do and I get kind of turned on when girls laugh at it.   
The next day I go to find my classes and meet my teachers. My first class is business with Ms. Bee. She is maybe mid thirties with huge mom boobs. I imagine her boobs are saggy but she has them pulled up into a tight pants suit. She has a nice fat booty and is pretty but kind of thick. She calls roll but stops at my name.
"Timmothy Williamson, wait are you the swimmer?"
"um yes ma'am."
"oh cool I was a swimmer here when I was a freshman. I might come watch you swim at next week's meet"
Man, what I would do to see her in a speedo.
I spend the rest of the class trying to hind my boner. My next class is Journalism with Mrs. Chase. Mrs. Chase is an older woman who says that we will each be assigned a job in the school's newspaper. I get the current events column. My partner is Lanie Johnson. She is a brown haired girl with geeky glasses. She is skinny with small boobs and a decent white girl booty. She is wearing a grey hoodie and a black Weezer shirt. She is kind of shy but her laugh is amazingly geeky and really cute. At the end of class she gives me her number and says that if I want to work on a story or something to call her. She is so funny and nice, I just wish she was better looking. I have third period off so I go back to my room. I hear some people talking in my room. It's Kenzie and Jones. I talk for a moment and then a girl walks in the room. It's Jane. Before I can say anything Jones interrupts me.
"hey Tim this is Jane, My Step s****r."
To be continued
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