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My idea first story taboo,ft,incst,hc

835pm 11/24
I go to the keurig and make coffee for my mom, i get an inconspicuous opaque mug and I add one capsule,coffee,sugar,creamer,capsule, and then i stir it with an automatic mixer until the powder is desolved. Then I hand her the mug, and she drinks it all in 12 minutes.

She annonces to me that she is tired and says she is going to get changed (only in langere and a robe) but first she annonces "I'm going to take a shower, you should be in bed by 915 because tommorow is sunday", "I plan too."
She shuts water off, she gets dressed, and then feels tired.

She shuts lights off, lays in bed, yells goodnight loudly assuming i am on the bottom level, which i am not.

Usually she is a heavy sl**per and after and hour the medicine kicks in along with the fact that she has just entered R.e.m (**p#sl**p_stages)
After anxiously waiting all night I slip into her room and take off my bottoms and shirt. Leaving my fully erect penis jetting straight out towards my mom. I can see she is deep asl**p but just to make sure I clap my hands, and yell helo loudly. She doesn't stir a bit.

I slowly remove her shirt and bra. Then her pants and panties.
I open up her legs and spread her eagle and with one thrust dick slipped into her. As it went in I heard mom let out a gasp and a moan causing her to hug me and pull me into her. This caused my dick to sink even further in to her. I held my breath pondering whether she was going to wake up. I waited a crucial moment I knew that she was still sl**ping. Then she sighed and relaxed even more pushing her hips back into me driving my dick even deeper in to her warm soft canal.

Then I pulled out for a second and hit her clit instead waking her up voilentley! She had a violent orgasm simutaniousley causing her to scream “AY!” as she released warm liquids from her tight pussy. Then she screamed "no honey what are you doing", then seeing the sight of my face she said "pull it out, pull it out, Nooo!"

As I then felt my dick swelling up inside mom's twitching cunt causing me then to blast long hot streams of cum deep inside of her. I could feel them splashing deep into her womb. Shot after shot. I seemed to keep cumming forever. I must of passsed out with and on top of mom. Because I woke up while she was still sl**ping with my morning hardon still in her. So I quickly put the covers on her , got dressed, and left to my bedroom.

Still amazed!

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