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Morning has broken

It was 8am on a summers morning I woke up and looked at my beautiful girlfriend laying fast asl**p on her back' I slid my hand down onto her pussy and started to rub her clit with my finger,she slightly opened her legs and my finger slid right the way in she was soaking wet,her nipples went hard I lent over ad started to gently suck one flicking lightly with my tounge.

I heard her groan with pleasure as I felt my cock getting stiffer as she moaned even more,she whispered fuck me im so horny i got inbetween her legs and my cock slid in her wet hole,her legs wrapped round my waste and I fucked her slowly speeding up as we went along she told me to stop and lay on my back and she got ontop and took control.

her 36DD tits swayed as she moved I played with her nipples making her moan with pleasure,all of sudden she shudered and cum hard and fast her jucies sliding down my shaft she climbed of and went down the bed to suck my cock.

She was awsome at the blow jobs knew what to do and take it all in her mouth,she licked the shaft and gently nibbled the head as she wanked me she started to rub it harder knowing it would make me cum she wasnt wrong I pumped my cum down her throat and she rubbed some on her tits.

We got up had a shower and then breakfast,she got ready as she was going on a girlie day out shopping with her elder s****r. She kissed me goodbye and off she went, I sat down and chilled and listened to some music.

about a hour later the door bell went and it was jenny's(my girlfriend) younger s****r Susan who was 21 very sexy and total cock hardening body if you get what i mean. She said is her s****r at home and i explained she ha gone shopping with the other s****r,she looked dissapointed and I asked if there was anything I could do for her.

She came in and we started chatting,it seems her boyfriend wanted to have oral and anal sex with her but she wasnt sure about it, I laughed and said it was nothing to worry about and we chatted about it as me and the girlfriend done both regular. I could see that Susan was getting a bit turned on as she was fudgeting about I joked and said are you getting wet at the thought of me and jenny having anal she said no she was imagining sucking my cock and reached over and touched it it went hard.

she said it felt huge I unzipped my trousers and pulled it out susan said wow thats massive I said it about 10" would she like to try and suck it,she nodded her head and slowly started to put abit in her mouth,i moaned as it felt good I reached over and started to feel her ass she had a pair of silk panties on and my finger was aiming for her tight snatch.

she was now getting used to sucking my cock so I pulled her panties to one side and slid 2 fingers in her she was wet and was getting horny she stopped and stood up and dropped her panties and skirt to reveal a shaven snatch that wet dripping wet she took her top of to reveal a pair of nice tits no where as big as jenny but dam perfect shape.

She said lefts fuck as she wanted cock being so horny, she she lowered herself onto my cock she moaned and said it felt huge her pussy was tight and it felt hard to get it in I told her to sit on the sofa and open her legs as she did I knelt down and licked her slit making her cum 2 or 3 times her lips where soaking wet I nudged my cock in and it went in no problem.

as I moved slow she gasped and begged me to fuck her hard as I moved faster she started to get louder Jenny (my grlfriend) was quiet but Susan wasn't she begged for me to fuck her as hard as I could as I drove my cock into her young pussy all of a sudden she screamed she was cumming and I felt a warm spurt in her pussy she kept cumming and shuddering as she grabbed her tits skweezing her hard nipples, she told me to stop and colapsed in a heap.

I got up and pulled her up bent her over and started to put my cock in her ass she asked me to be gentle I nodded and slid in she begged for more,and she said it felt good but wanted to feel my cum in her pussy. I pulled out and entered her from behind she said do as I pleased as she had wanted me to fuck her since the first day she met me I had a hot body and had played with herself many nights thinking of me fucking her s****r.

I rammed my cock in and out of her pussy as the jucies where running down her inside leg I felt I was cumming and I errupted in her that gave her a massive orgasm and she squirted her jucices all over my cock. she fell on the sofa her pussy dripping my cum out of her naked i lent over and started to suck her nipples this made her orgasm again and again.

She wanted to suck my cock again so I laid down and she sat on my face whilst she sucked my cock I licked her sweet pussy whilst she sucked me off and made me cum down her throat,we got dressed and had some lunch and talked aout what had happened she said she wanted me more and I had to admit I wanted her as well.

As we finished her s****r came home and asked what w been doing Susan said she had fucked her boyfriend andenjoyed it then laughed, Jenny laughed and said well as long as he satisfied her it was ok Susan said o yes he did kissed me and her s****r ans went off,Jenny showed me what she had bought and enjoyed the evening fucking like mad.

A few weeks later I met up with the s****r and her best mate and fucked both of them all night long watching the 2 of them and then the each of them watching me fuck them both was good and still doing it will have a crack at the elder s****r and the mother if I get the chance as Jenny's father is useless and can't see how he satisfies their mother.

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