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New master 2

well after that cocksucking session, my new master told me to go home and he would call me when he needed his bitch again!
about a week later he text me and it said "come over to my house, you have some cocksucking to do"! so i drove over to his house! when i got there he was setting up his web cam to his laptop, then he told me to strip off my clothes and get on my knees! so i did as he asked, he then told me i was going to suck his cock on the cam for his friends to see! i told him i wasnt comfortable with this and to turn off the camera! he said ether start sucking my cock or leave! so i started sucking his cock, he said there were 19 people watching on the internet!!! then he got on his cell phone and call a friend and all i heard was "yes he is here now so come on over" then he started fucking my mouth deep!! he pushed the entire cock down my throat and held it, then he told me he is going to pull out his cock and he wanted me to look into the camera and tell them what i like!! then he pulled out his cock and i said "i love sucking cock and getting throat fucked" right then he rammed his cock back down my throat and fucked the shit out of my mouth! i was choking in front of 19 people and had my masters cock down my throat! all the sudden a knock at the door and he pulled his cock out and went to answer it! he came back with his friend and told me i would serve them both! then his friend pulled out his cock and wow!!! he was at least 8" but very big around and very big head!!! i started to suck his cock and after a few hardcore choking sessions got his whole cock down my throat and was being throat fucked my this new big cock guy!!! after about 10 mins of sucking he said he was going to fuck my ass, so my master and him switched places and i took my master in my mouth, as i could feel him lube my ass up, my master was down my throat in no time, then all at once he pushed his huge cock up my ass until the whole cock was in me! i tryed to screem but my master had his cock to deep for that, so all i could do was groan! then they both started fucking me like a piston!! one would pull out and the other would shove in balls deep! then they got into it so both were pushing in at the same time! my master said "feel how tight his ass is when i choke him" and he laughed at me!! after about 20 mins of hardcore fucking my masters friend said he wanted to cum in my mouth so he pulled out and i turned around and he put his cock in my mouth, i could taste my ass and lube, then he started to cum and i mean he shot what seemed like a gallon of cum in my mouth and down my throat, i swallowed when he pulled his cock back but he would just ram it back down my throat and hold it there saying "thats it bitch drain my balls"! when his cock became limp he pulled out and my master put his in and started fucking my mouth, i looked up to see all of this was on camera! then my master started to cum and he held his cock down my throat until i choked on his cock and cum but i swallowed the best i could!! i had cum down my chin and coming out my nose!
when i was done i sucked his friend once more and his fiend says he is coming over next week too!!

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