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Wife Caught With Boss Turns Into Threesome, Part 1

I came home from work early last Friday to find the back door unlocked, I thought we had forgotten to lock it in the morning.

I stepped inside the house and put my keys away, then I heard a noise from our bedroom, I stood still for a minute, I heard my wife's voice so I moved to the hallway and was just about to shout up the stairs to her when, to my surprise I saw a pair of men's shoes by the hall table.

I took off my own shoes and crept up the stairs to our bedroom, the door was nearly shut but I could just see my wife's naked body through the gap by the hinges. I could see that She was sitting on top of a naked man with her hands around his cock, I stood there thinking I should be angry, but I was turned on and could feel my cock getting very hard.

I wanted to get a better view so I slowly pushed the door open just enough to see their reflection in our full length mirror, what a sight it was, I could not believe I was watching my wife with another man's cock in her hands, it looked like I was just in time for the show.

I could not see the guy's face but his cock was impressive and very hard, my wife was clearly enjoying the feel of it between her hands as she rubbed and twisted it, I put my hand on my own cock and started to move it in time with my wife's hands, it felt amazing.

Then, all of a sudden the floorboard creaked under my foot, my wife stopped what she was doing and looked towards me.
As soon as I heard the noise I stepped back very quickly and shut the door to, I thought it was confrontation time, I wondered what to say, what to do, I stood very still waiting for my wife to say something, then I heard the man asking why my wife had stopped, he could not of heard the noise, his voice sounded familiar but I could not think why, it was only after my wife said "sorry Dave, I thought I heard something" that I realised I was right, it was her boss!

My wife then said to Dave "where was I", my wife could not have seen me, I slowly opened the door, she had started to suck his cock, I still could not believe what I was seeing, she was taking it very deep and very slow into her throat, her boss let out a long gasp as she touched his balls with her lips, then she glanced in my direction again, holding her gaze, I was fixed to the spot this time like I was in some sort of trance, she let his cock slip from her mouth and just smiled at me, she knew I was watching!

I could see her rock hard nipples just waiting to be sucked, my cock felt like it was going to burst it was that hard. I pushed the door open a little more to get a better view her boss still didn't know I was there.
My wife knelt up on the bed, I could see a large wet patch on her pink cotton thong, I was so turned on!
She removed her thong and threw it towards me, I caught it and put it up to my mouth, I closed my eyes to savour the gorgeous taste.

When I opened them I was just in time to see Dave's swollen cock being swallowed by my wife's dripping wet cunt, he went in real deep, his balls were pressed against my wife's ass cheeks. She started to twist and grind against it, not pulling upwards, his cock was still totally buried.

My wife looked over to me once more, she saw me with my hand on my cock, I smiled at her, she smiled back and winked at me, then she started to ride her boss like an express train, he stood no chance and shot his hot cum inside her within two minutes. My wife slowly lifted off his cock, pausing while his cum dripped out onto his balls, she then crouched over and licked every last drop of it.

I still had a very stiff cock and I needed to do something about it!

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