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Shy Wife Tied and Displayed

My beautiful wife is a bit shy, but sexually very trusting. I get a huge rush from showing her off without her knowing. Like last Saturday when our lazy morning at the apartment turned to lust. Before long I had her bare-butt naked and at the edge of a climax. The more turned on she gets the more adventurous she gets, the perfect time to suggest a little light bondage!

She readily agreed knowing this would lead to multiple orgasms! I slipped a blindfold into place making sure she couldn’t see and tied her hands behind her with the belt from her robe. Then stepped back to enjoy my handiwork. There is nothing more arousing than a gorgeous woman naked and completely vulnerable.

While she waited, wondering what was coming next, I silently made my way to the living room and turned the recliner toward the picture window. Threw a couple pillows onto the recliner to get her hips up in the air and opened the curtains all the way. We are on the ground floor of a 3 story apartment building facing the street and the apartments across the street. And our windows are at ground level.

After a few more minutes, I led her into the living room watching her full breasts bounce gently with each step. She was so turned on her nipples were already erect by the time I helped her into the recliner and laid her back. The pillows worked perfectly, she was leaning slightly toward the window and completely exposed. I retied her hands, still with the belt behind her, but with her arms to her side to display them all the way to the beautifully painted nails on her finger tips. Finally I raised her legs until she was spread wide open, and tied each foot to the footrest.

Time again to step back and enjoy my handiwork. I sat on the couch under our picture window and was enraptured by the vision before me. There lay my beautiful wife, totally vulnerable with every inch of her body completely exposed to anyone who walked or drove by or looked out of their apartment window across the street.

With as much restraint as I could muster I started kissing her all over her body finally sucking her sensitive, erect nipples. I reached down and gently stroked her moist swollen clit. She moaned and raised her hips to meet my willing finger. She was so turned on that within moments she was rocking and thrusting into a massive orgasm and I was reminded of another reason why I liked tying her arms to her side as I watched her full luscious breasts swing unrestrainedly with every thrust.

Then I remembered we were in front of the window. Looking across the street I saw one of the second floor neighbors giving me a huge thumbs-up. But we were not done yet!

I told her I wanted to step outside to make sure no one could see through the curtains. I opened the front door and stepped out into the hallway. Turning back toward the door I saw my beautiful wife, her curvaceous naked body tied to the chair in the living room and framed in the doorway… so hot, so vulnerable, so completely exposed to anyone who might be walking down the hallway.

Leaving the door opened, I stepped outside and milled around in front of the apartment totally enjoying the view. The street was quiet, but after a couple minutes I heard someone call my name. I turned to see Jim, our building superintendent and friend. We often hung out with Jim and Claire at their apartment or ours. My heart raced as Jim came over and stood with me in front of our window. We were making small talk when I saw his eyes widen and he exclaimed, “Oh my God! What are you doing? She’s amazing! Whoa, to be honest, I always fantasized about her and she is more perfect than I ever imagined!”

Jim was beside himself and I could tell he was about to shoot his load right there on the front lawn. So I said, “Jim, if you don’t spoil this you can come in with me and you'll see her as you've never seen her before! But you have to be completely quiet; she can never know you were there!” Jim, not believing his luck, quickly agreed and practically ran down the stairs and into the apartment. He quietly drank in the vision of his beautiful naked friend so close he could smell her perfume! He quietly slid onto the sofa as I shut the door and approached her from the side.

She startled when I kissed her lips and her nipples were instantly erect… this girl was still ready to pop! For Jim’s benefit I started kissing and licking her all over settling in between her legs. Soon after I began licking her swollen clit, her moaning started in earnest and her back arched… she was just about there. I quickly moved back to her side so Jim could have an unobstructed view of her explosion. While fingering her wet clit I inserted my ring finger into her anus and she immediately exploded into a massive bucking orgasm!

I looked over at Jim. His hand was on autopilot stroking his erection and his eyes were transfixed on her bouncing boobs. I had noticed him checking out her boobs before and always figured him for breast man. This orgasm was longer than the first, an amazing display for our friend. When she was finally done with the afterglow thrusts I leaned down and kissed her full lips. She lay there totally exhausted and speechless. Her pink nipples slowly relaxed back to their full size and Jim wasn’t missing a thing.

I motioned for Jim to quietly get on his knees between her legs. I reached around her legs and spread her butt cheeks wide so Jim got a close up view of her most private parts. Then I spread her moist outer lips wide open and motioned for him to gently stroke her clitoris. It was not long before his finger was moving from clitoris to vagina and her hips were rising to the rhythm of his fingers. He pointed to her erect nipples, and with a sudden loud moan she rocked into another astonishing orgasm! This was more than I could have ever imagined or hoped for. My wife was doing one of the most intimate, private things a woman could do, convulsing with pleasure at the hand of my friend.

He did not want to stop stroking her, but I motioned him back over to the sofa and gave him one last show. I untied her ankles and stood her up literally bare-butt naked right in front of him. I slowly turned her all the way around so he could take in every square inch of her naked body. The size and color of her nipples, the shape of her breasts, the color of her pubic hair, the soft curve of her hips, every normally hidden freckle and mole. He leaned forward to take in the aroma of her clitoris which was still somewhat swollen and protruding between her full outer labia. Finally, facing Jim and the window, I reached between her arms from behind and gave her boobs a final squeeze and bounce a few inches away from his face. I motioned for him to quietly close the curtains and leave as I walked her back into the bedroom.

More to come…

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