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OHGIRL: What Happens In Vegas 2.....

I could have flown out of Vegas and went back home after my three days of working for Jerry. I had made more than enough money to take off work for the next four months, but I needed a break from the regular grind and hanging out in Vegas was fun. Since I wasn’t legally old enough to drink or gamble, I laid by the pool, ate out, went sight seeing and did a lot of shopping to stay busy. I did have a fake ID, but I didn’t want to risk getting caught and drawing attention to myself. It was nice to just read a book by the pool and chill out. A f****y of four sat next to me on my second full day of lying in the sun. They said hi and I politely made chit chat with them as they inquired about my vacation. The husband and wife were named Paul and Marika and they were an African American couple with two young boys. When I say young, I mean around my age. Their boys Lamar and DeShawn were 18 and 19 respectively and they had all come to Vegas for a convention run by one of Paul’s business suppliers. Paul was about 6’ 9” inches tall and according to him and his wife’s stories, had played college basketball and even got drafted into the NBA, but injuries prevented him from passing the physical to sign a contract. His boys were tall themselves, both over 6’ 6” tall, but neither were as tall as their father. Lamar had just graduated from High School and was waiting to enroll in college and DeShawn had already spent one year playing basketball at a small college. They were a friendly f****y and I told them that I was in town with my father, but that he had left early due to business and that I was staying for the rest of the week to enjoy myself. I think that they felt sorry for me, so they invited me to hang out with them and have dinner while they were in town.

After a day at the pool, I met up with my new friends and joined them for dinner at a buffet. Lamar and DeShawn were kind of competing for my attention and it was fun. They would try to put each other down or try to embarrass one another in order to see who could get me laughing. It had been a while since I had hung out with someone my own age and when they invited me to go to an arcade that evening after dinner I accepted. Paul and Marika went to a show and Lamar, DeShawn and I went to a big arcade on the strip. I stayed between them both as we walked the Vegas strip and each of them went out of the way to get me to stand closer to them or to find a reason to touch me or put their arm around me. They took a ton of photos, each time getting me to pose with one or the other in front of the Vegas landmarks or tourist sites. I guess that I was enjoying the attention myself. It had been over a year since I had had fun with or even went on a date with someone my age. We played video games and talked and grabbed a snack before we walked back to our hotel later that night. I was holding both of their hands and it was nice to relax. Since we were staying in the same hotel, we said our goodnights at the lobby. Both of the guys had to give me a kiss on the cheek and a hug. It was sweet and I could tell that they were still competing with one another as they told me that they’d see me at the pool in the morning. I told them that they would have to come up to see my suite sometime and that they would really like it, since it was decked out with all of the amenities.

I stayed up late that evening, doing my nails and hair, after soaking in the Jacuzzi. I began trimming and shaving my pussy into a lightening bolt, for the party at which I was going to be entertaining later in the week. I was hoping it would be grown in and shaped up by then. It was so nice to be by myself and it had been a fun night with both of the guys. I heard a knock on my door and wondered who it could be at 3 am, so I put on my robe and looked out of the peep hole in the door. It was DeShawn and he looked pretty anxious, as he stood there in his sweats and t-shirt, waiting for me to respond. I cracked the door open and asked what he wanted and he asked if we could talk. I let him in and showed him my suite. He was impressed and seemed pretty happy as we walked out on to the balcony and stood under the night sky. I could tell he was checking me out in my robe and since I hadn’t really tied it shut, it had blown open slightly when we went outside on the balcony. He started laughing and walked over to me and put his arms around me to pull my robe closed. He said that he didn’t want me to catch a cold outside or for everyone in Vegas to see me and then he leaned in and kissed me on the lips. He was rather smooth for a young guy and it was funny as he leaned down to kiss me. I had no heels on, so he stood well over a foot taller than me. I was laughing at this and he must have wanted to keep joking, so he pulled my robe open, staring as he held each side wide. I didn’t really care and he seemed to be a little shocked that I didn’t respond like a regular girl, feeling ashamed or embarrassed. He led me back into my suite and then he slipped my robed off of my shoulders and took off his shirt. He stepped into me and I bent my neck to let him kiss me again.

I was actually having fun, so I moved over to the bed and laid on my back and told him to join me. His sweat pants were standing out like a huge circus tent and he immediately pulled them off and exposed his long, hard black cock. He was fully erect already and I have to admit that the size of his member made me gawk. He smiled at me, when he saw me looking so intently at his massive pole and then he grabbed a hold of his shaft and started shaking it back and forth like a long magic wand. He crawled up onto the bed with me and then slid between my legs. I wrapped my thighs around him and he quickly began to press his cock firmly against my vaginal lips. I hadn’t expected to start fucking so soon, but he slid the entire length of his cock into me very quickly. I moaned out loudly as he pushed to the limit of my pussy’s capacity and then he started to rapidly thrust away. My ass was bouncing on the bed and the full weight of his body was pounding into my pelvis as he drilled me with his extra long tool. I was getting pretty loud as he fucked me and he pushed my thighs up higher toward my chest and he really began to ram his huge prick into my cunt. His face scrunched up as his body collapsed onto me and he began grind his spasming cock into my slippery hole. He kept thusting his hips and his cock began to push out his load of cum that he had just filled me with. His warm sticky spunk was running down the crack of my ass and he just kept pumping away. DeShawn never did get soft and before long he was holding himself up with his arms and he was slamming my pussy once again.

He was making a huge mess on my clean blankets, as his sperm was spread all over while he continued to fuck me. I kept moaning loudly as he pounded me with his hard, black club. His cock was making a full length drive to the bottom of my cunt every second that his hips rapidly thrust forward and the bed was banging on the wall like a card against the spokes of a fast moving bike tire. I don’t think that anyone had ever fucked me so hard and fast and it may not have been so intense if his cock wasn’t a foot long. Luckily he came quickly again and this time his limp shaft slipped out of me, releasing a huge surge of his cum that he had blasted deep into my snatch. He stared at my gaping pussy as I laid there breathing heavily and teased me about my pubic hair lightening bolt. We were both soaked in sweat and his long, soft cock was lying across my leg, its still throbbing head inches from my opening and leaking more of his jizz down my thigh and onto the already soaked bed. Deshawn grabbed my breasts and started squeezing, kissing and sucking on them. Then he leaned down to kiss my lips, his tongue sliding into my mouth to join mine. He was really getting into this and his cock started to grow again. His large hand grabbed my opposite thigh and pushed my legs open again as he rolled over onto me and slid all 12 inches of his rigid cock back into me. I’m not really sure that his cock was that long and I doubt that it was, but since he was so tall and I’m only 5’3”, it seemed much bigger than most of the cocks I’d had in the last 6 months.

My mind was kind of lost in thought as DeShawn began another assault on my well used hole. I heard and felt his pelvis and fuzzy ball sack smacking against my pelvis and butt, but my mind was racing through all of the men I had fucked since I had started my new profession. It had just been over six months and although I never kept count, for fear of thinking myself too much of a whore, I knew that I had probably had some sort of sexual relations with well over 200 different men. All of the cocks were racing through my mind and many of the situations in which I had come into contact with them were coming back to me. There were some really big cocks I had experienced, some really long, some thick and some both. DeShawn definitely made that list. His wasn’t as thick as I’d experienced. There was this really freaky guy I had stripped for who had a cock as thick as a big, yellow mustard bottle. Luckily his wasn’t long too, because if he had been as long as DeShawn and as thick as he was, I would have known what it was like to fuck a horse. Flashbacks of me trying to grip that big, round cock with both of my hands ran through my mind. I remembered worrying that I wouldn’t be able to get it into my pussy or that it would hurt. It had been really nice of him to lick and play with my pussy as good as he did, since his lengthy foreplay made my ability to eventually ride his massive cock much easier. I remembered cumming really hard as his thick sausage spread my cunt wide open with each stroke. It was actually nice just sitting on it for a short while before I began to bounce up and down, feeling my lips being spread to their limit. Memories of my strong orgasm from that experience jolted me back to reality as I began to cum under DeShawn’s lean body. He started grunting again and I felt another wave of his warm spunk fill me up.

DeShawn rolled off of me again and this time his chest was heaving as he was trying to catch his breath. He was truly fucking me senseless. My mind was racing with the fact that he was so quick to get erect and that he had already cum in me three times and with such massive amounts. His hand made his way to my dripping twat and he slipped 3 fingers between my stretched out lips. Cum oozed out as he slid his fingers back and forth and then used his thumb to rub my clit. I was so sensitive to his touch that my body started jerking and I rolled over onto my stomach to stop him. He was laughing and so was I when he rolled onto my back and laid his nakedness on top of me. His long cock was laying between my butt cheeks and it started to grow again. Deshawn had only been in my room for little over an our and he was getting hard for the fourth time. He began sliding his cum covered cock against me. It was still lubed with my pussy juices and all of the cum that he had ejaculated. He sat up on my thighs and I looked back as he smacked his long hunk of meat across my ass. I was laughing as he did it a couple of more times, then he guided his missile back into my wide tunnel from behind and started to fuck me all over again. I eased my way up onto my knees after a short while and he gripped my hips with his large hands and slammed me doggy style. His stiff cock was angling up in my pussy and beating away at my cervix like a drum. Each deep thrust felt good until it bottomed out and then it was pretty painful. I was moaning and grunting in pain, but I tolerated it until he finally came once again. I couldn’t believe how soaked we were in sweat and how much cum this guy had filled me with. I had more jizz in me tonight than I had the three days prior, after having sex with over 10 different men. We talked for a short while and then I told DeShawn that he would have to leave. It was nearly 5 am and I didn’t want his parents finding out or his b*****r to start another competition with him. After he left, I fell asl**p without even getting out of bed to clean up. The next morning I soaked in the Jacuzzi again and made plans to hang out by the pool for more relaxation.

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