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How my BBC fantasy for My Wife Went Wrong CH1

Handcuffed together Melinda and I looked into each other's eyes across the hotel bed. We had our cuffed hands together in the middle of the bed. We each knelt on an opposite side of the bed and were nearly face to face. She looked pleadingly through tears into my eyes and huffed hard into the duct tape over her mouth with each thrust the heavily tattooed, muscular and well-endowed black stranger behind her made into her anus. I watched him pull back his full 11 inches and slam it home again up into Melinda's rectum over and over again. She squealed behind the tape. She had been an anal virgin until a few mnutes ago. Now here she was squealing as she was viciously ass-fucked by a total stranger as her loving husband looked in her eyes unable to help. Little did she know how hard my cock was watching this.

The night had started out as a chance to fulfill my darkest fantasy. After years of begging she had agreed to see if we could meet a black starnger who would fuck her in front of me. I took a lot of convincing even though she had long admitted having sex with a hung black man had always been a fantasy of hers. She had never cheated on me in 8 years of marriage and had only been with 2 men before me.She was always a sexy woman: blonde, 5'3 with amazing 44DD tits. Carrying our three k**s had put curves in all the right places. She was playful sexually. Every Sunday after k**s went down we took turns shaving each other. Her chubby pink pussy looked amazing smooth and hairless. Shaving it would always lead to me licking it then fucking it. I would eat that pussy and then lick her cute asshole but she would never let me fuck that. That was fine. She had told her previous lovers no, too and her pussy was plenty for me to enjoy.

During sex we often talked fantasies. Ours varied a bit. I imagined her sucking her bosses cock for a raise or getting fucked by all her old high school boyfriends in front of me. She had romantic fastasies like slowly making love to a beautiful woman or us making love in exotic places. The one thing we both fantisized about was a muscular, hung and dominate black man fucking her furiously. We imagined it many times over the years.

I really put some effort into convincing her to do it for real this year. Our anniversary was coming up and I booked the fanciest hotel in a nearby city. I sat Melinda down one night and talked seriously instead of during sex. I told her how much I would really like to see her with a black man on our anniversary weekend out of town.

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