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How I learned to masterbate

I had grown up through my younger years living with my grandmother down south. My mom and Dad split up when I was very young and my mom took a job as a nanny for a distant relative. He had been married and had seven c***dren and his wife got into a deadly accident leaving him a widower.

After some time had passed by my mom and soon to be step dad started seeking comfort in each other and my mom got pregnant. After they got married my mom came and picked me up to meet my new f****y, it was awkward to say the least. I'd grown through several years of my youth on my own.

Now in the new house with all my step b*****rs and s****rs we had to share bedrooms, I was paired up with Willy, he was a couple years older than me - I think he felt as awkward about the arrangement as I did.

Well one night Willy brought a buddy over to spend the night. I was already in bed when they came in. Their talking and noises they were making woke me up - I whispered to Willy "What on earth are you two doing over there!" Willy said were jacking off. I laid there thinking about that comment, I had never heard of that before. He then asked Don't you ever jack off ? I said I don't even know what it is ! So he tip toed over to my bed and laid next to me, he said grab my dick - I said WHAT ? He said you'll like it I promise, go ahead grab it. So I reached across and wrapped my fingers around his cock. It felt had yet silky smooth and very warm. I said well now what - he said jack it.....I said like jacking up a bumper jack on a car. He said let me show you on yours. So He reached into my briefs and started rubbing me until I was hard. Then he pulled my underwear down and started stroking - man it felt great.
Willy said ok come on do me while I do you. So I did I started stroking Willy and he shot a thick wad of cum on my waist. I said wow now what do we do to clean this up ? He said use your underwear, so what else could I do. I grabbed my underwear and wiped up. I felt like I had to take a leak so I told Willy I'm going to sneak into the bathroom and clean up, I think I have some underwear I just tossed into the hamper. So Willy went back in his bed with his buddy.

I peeked down the hall and the coast was clear, I ran into the bathroom, it was just the next room over from our bedroom. I stood at the toilet to try to pee and couldn't. My dick was still hard. I next wanted to stuff my wet underwear down into the dirty close hamper and try to find another pair to put on. That's when I found my step s****rs soiled panty's, as I head my head down into the hamper I smelled her panty's they smelled musky. I pulled them out and rubbed them across my hard cock - man that felt good, I then began wondering how they would feel if I put them on, so I did. My cock got even harder now and was sticking out above the waste band. I rubbed myself through those silky panties and I started to get that feeling again like I needed to pee so I pointed my cock into the toilet bowl and I begin the shudder uncontrollably and this clear fluid came out of my cock. I stood there still shaking in the aftermath of my first real climax, not knowing what was happening to me, but I liked it and I began to take a liking to my new arrangement and my new f****y.

I then cleaned up and found the decent used briefs I knew was in there. I looked around to make sure I put everything back in it's place and peeked into the hall and snuck back into my room. By this time Willy and his buddy were snoring. So I snuck back under my covers and proceeded to have one of the first wet dreams I recall having as well. When I went to pee in the morning it felt like someone had glued my shorts to me - it was a little painful between needing to pee bad and prying my dick loose from my shorts.

This was just the beginning of things to come..............

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