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Lacey's Girl Round Two

Lacey's Girl
round two
It was a friday night and it was late everybody was out except
for Lacey and me! I was laying in my bed thinking about the first time we had done it and I started feeling horny I thought what the heck might as well go for it! So in the dark I crept over to his bed and reached into his underwear pulled his cock out the fly got busy sucking on his big rubbery dickhead it began to expand and get longer and harder the more attention I gave it! He began to stir and suddenly his hand was behind my head bobbing me up and down I gave into this for a few minutes playing with his balls stroking myself a little too! I wanted him inside me so I stopped sucking and got up went over to my bed got on my stomach and raised my ass up high spreading my legs I got some lotion that I had stashed along side the bed good for jerking off with and squirted a big blob into my asscrack all nice and lubed up I was ready when he came over minus his underwear and still sporting that rock hard penis! He slid it in between my cheeks and made a direct hit on my rosebud it opened for him and I gasped as it stretched me out in no hurry this time he rocked it in and out until it popped itself inside me "Oh God! Fuck Me Baby!" I whispered pushing my ass back against him taking him deep! His balls were nestled right up against my own aching nuts I grabbed my cock and began to jerk slowly not wanting to cum too fast! He drove his huge black dick deep slamming into my asscheeks I moaned and cried out his name begging him to go slow I wanted it to last a while! Suddenly I couldn't breathe a cock was stuck in my mouth I spit it out and said " who's there?" I heard a laugh and knew who it was "Gary" I said where did you come from? He said he came back early and heard someone down here so he came to investigate and figured Lacey and me were getting busy! " You knew!" I thought we were being discreet! You were he chuckled I was surprised but now that I know we can all have some fun! What the heck I thought lets make an oreo fuck cookie! I grabbed his big pecker and stuffed it back in my mouth he wasted no time sliding that monster down my throat I gagged a few times then I got used to it and was able to breathe in between strokes! Lacey was really giving it to me slamming my ass raw driving me onto Gary's cock I knew I was going to get cock hosed real soon! He grunted behind me his big black dick swelling and spraying cum all up inside me and as he came so did Gary my mouth was awash in cum and then he slid it down my throat driving all that cum down my gullet! I had my own orgasm myself cumming on my sheets and my hand! As both cocks pulled out of me I felt empty and more completely satisified then I had ever been before! "Thanks guys I needed that!" They both laughed and went off to was off their spent cocks I just lay there drowned in cum with a big smile on my face! Maybe they'll change places next time! I hope so!!!

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