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My Hitch Hiking Adventure

The fantasy that gets me off the most lately is about hitch hiking. It’s late at night. My car breaks down on a lonely road way out in the middle of nowhere. And wouldn’t you know it, there is no cell phone service. Nothing to do now but try to get a ride.

I stand by the car wearing my best helpless look. There isn’t very much traffic at this hour. I don’t feel very optimistic about my chances. Then along comes a car, way out here in the middle of the night.

Guess what? It stops! I gratefully hop in the front seat. There’s a hot guy driving, you know the type. Short hair, fit but not too buff, just the way I like them. I see he’s checking me out while I put on my seat belt.

We drive off. I tell him how grateful I am that he came by. While we drive along, I can see him looking at me when he thinks I don’t notice. He keeps glancing over, and I can tell he’s scoping out at my firm breasts. I keep waiting for him to make a move, but no, he’s a gentleman. Doesn’t say a word.

I’m scoping him out too. The car is just crackling with sexual tension. I can’t keep from looking at his crotch, wondering what he keeps inside those faded blue jeans.

I’m still waiting for him to make a move. Still nothin’. I’m starting to wonder if he’s gay or something. Finally I say to him “I am really grateful to you for picking me up.” I set my hand on his leg. “Really grateful.”

“Oh yeah? Prove it” he says.

That’s all I need. I run my hands over his crotch. Nope, he’s definitely not gay, he’s really hard in there. I unbuckle the seat belt. I strip off my shirt first, then my bra, so that my tits hang free. My nipples are all perky. He’s staring at them now, like I’m wondering if he’s going to drive off the road. My pants come off next. He’s just staring at me while I’m stripping down to my panties right here in his car. I fold them all up neatly. “I don’t want to get cum all over my clothes” I explain.

When I pull down his zipper his cock springs out. Yeah, he’s ready. I lean over across the seat so I can take it in my mouth. That cock is so thick that I have to stretch my lips around it. He just keeps on driving while I suck. I’m taking my time, no rush, just slurping that thick boner while we’re driving along. My hand is inside his pants playing with his balls.

I feel them start to pull up and I know what’s coming next. He starts screaming. That cock starts gushing like there’s no tomorrow. The first blast goes right down my throat and after that I can’t keep up. My mouth is full with his jizz is leaking out the sides and it’s still gushing. I lean over him so I can take it all over my tits. My hand is stroking him and it’s just gushing all over me. All that jizz is dripping down my chin like crazy.

He pulls the car over. We’re stopped on the side of the road. He opens the door and pulls me out. he pushes me down on the hood. Before I know it he’s got my legs open and he’s eating me out like there’s no tomorrow. I grab his hair with my feet up on his shoulders and I’m pushing his head down, grinding all over his face. He’s got a mighty talented tongue, it’s getting busy all over my clit. When he shoves his fingers in it’s all over. I’m screaming like a wild thing, cumming so hard I nearly pass out.

I think that’s it but he has other ideas. He’s already hard again and his boner says it’s time for round 2. He flips me over. Now I’m bent over the hood of his car just like he wants me. His cock just plows into me and oh God does it feel good. He’s grabbing my hair and pulling it hard, just the way I like. The whole time, he’s talking dirty, calling me every name in the book. When he starts gushing again I lose it. I’m cumming even harder than I did the first time. The whole time he’s just ramming into me.

When we’re done I have jizz all over me and leaking out of me. We get back in the car. I sit down and put on the seatbelt. He looks at me funny, like he expected me to put my clothes back on. I smile. “I told you I don’t want to get cum all over my clothes.”

He drives me straight to my house. I thank him for the ride. I pick up my clothes out of the back seat. “I might need a ride back out to my car tomorrow. Do you think you could give me a lift?”

I walk naked into my house, with him watching me the whole way in. I spend the rest of the night jilling myself off, wondering if he will be back tomorrow.

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