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How I Became Lacey's Girl


It began when I was 24 and I had just broken up with my wife and I went to stay with my friend Gary who was a black guy that I used to work with he was a great guy and felt sorry for me! Things had kind of went to shit pretty quickly for me! I totalled my car and then couldn't get to work so I was screwed my marriage was done anyway so I just split! I wound up sharing a room in his basement with another homeless guy named Lacey an older black dude with a serious drinking problem but not a bad guy at all! We got along pretty well and I wound up getting another job that I could walk to so things were beginning to look up for a change! Anyway it was a hot night in August and I was alone in our room as Lacey was out somewhere it didn't matter we came and went as we pleased! I was laying on my bed trying to sl**p but it was stuffy and warm so I took off my clothes except for my boxers and lay back down I must have dozed off because I awoke when I felt someone climb onto my bed with me??? I was sl**ping on my stomach and whoever it was climbed on top of me and was propped over me with his arms on either side of me! What the fuck I thought did he forget where his bed was or does he want to do something to me? I figured I'd find out what was going on then he said "Don't say nothin" It was Lacey alright so I felt better about that but I needed to see what he was up to so I reached behind me and felt around floating above me was a huge cock I wrapped my hand around it or at least part way around it he was hung really well for an old guy hell he was probably more than twice my age! I had a choice to make right then either have sex with him and have my first anal experience or chase him off and go back to sl**p! I noticed that my hand hadn't left his cock and that I was still stroking him and with that a strange feeling came over me and at that moment I wanted it wanted it bad!! So I pulled down my boxers as far as I could and got some lotion form my bottle I kept especially for jerking off and lubricated the hell out of my asshole and rubbed it all over his big brown fuckpole too! I took a deep breath and guided it to my rosebud i expected to be skewered right then but i waited and nothing happened I backed up a bit and wedged his bulbous dickhead into the opening still nothing! Then I realized that he was too d***k to notice what I was offering! Screw this I was going to get fucked that night even if I had to fuck myself!!! I began to rock back and forth pushing a little harder each time until at last he popped into me just his fat cockhead at first then slowly the rest of him dissapeared into me what a feeling OH MY GOD! I was full of cock and I could feel his pubic hair chafing my asscrack I almost came it felt so awesome he still didn't notice me yet so I began rocking harder and faster driving that black monster deep into my white ass WOW this was great I hoped he came to soon so I could feel him fucking me and just relax and enjoy it!! After about 10 minutes of this he suddenly lay down on top of me and whispered into my ear " I didn't know you were a woman!" " Shut up and fuck me Lacey I've been doing all the work all night and I just want to be fucked right now so do it!" "You got it baby" he purred into me ear and with that he raised himself up and began to screw the shit out of me pounding that huge black phallus into my aching rear!!! I hoped that it would take a while numb as he was from drinking and it sure did I was fucked like I never dreamed my insides felt like jelly my asshole was on fire and my prostate was getting pounded too he was so long I had an erection so hard it was almost painful I took matters in hand and began masturbating to his strokes hoping to make myself cum when he did and a short time later we did! He erupted with a huge grunt into me his cock was dancing around inside me spraying hot spunk all over my insides I groaned and came too shooting hot jizz all over my sheets!!! He collapsed on top of me breathing heavy and we lay there for awhile I figured he would pull out and go but he stayed inside me I felt him deflate but not completely he stayed inside me then he began to move inside me again and I felt him getting hard again! No way I thought no way is he going to do me again but he was! I got fucked again for almost an hour but we changed positions after awhile I wound up on my back with my feet on either side of his head! He began to cum again and pulled out of me this time shooting all over me it flew into my face, my mouth and all down my body where did he put all this stuff my GOD I was soaked in cum! I was jerking myself off again and I got off too shooting myself in the face both our cum mixing on my skin... finally he got up and before he climbed off me he said " Now your Lacey's girl!" and I said "Yes I am!" We had a few more go rounds before I left but thats for another story!

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