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Eu sou Brenda becerra romagnoli ( estudou beunos Aires, Argentina

Ok it's like this I'm a great believer in the fact that if you keep your man well fucked he will never stray but it also works the same the other way round. Me and my husband have always had a good sex life but just recently he seems to have lost interest in me. I've tried everything from dressing sexy when the k**s are in bed, flashing him my tits, arse in public but nothing. To get some relief I've been looking at porn on the internet and fingering myself to orgasm. I found a web site that has some big cocks on it and they make me so horny,my cunt drips with juice and I can not resist putting my fingers in me and rubbing my clit. A couple of months ago a guy called bob started in our office, he's a lot older than me,ok looking, very friendly and well dressed. One day I went into the office and we got talking about general thing's and I was thinking to myself how nice a guy he was. He was stood over by a filing cabinet talking to me as he was working and he bent down to reach into the bottom draw, I was thinking he had a nice arse when I noticed a large bulge in the back of his suit trousers. I joked with my self saying in my head "if that's his cock tucked underneath then it must be huge". For the next two weeks me and bob would have the office to ourselves as it was getting close to Xmas and people were taking holidays. So I through I would have some fun with bob, I wore a knee length skirt at first to see if he noticed me and he did the moment I walked in the office he said I looked very smart. Bod was doing some filing. So I told myself go for it, I pushed my chair out and crossed my letting my skirt ride up reveling lots of thigh. He could not keep his eyes off me and as he walked back and forth I was watching his bulge in the rear of his pants. When I returned home I got in the shower and fingered myself to orgasm. The next morning I wore a slightly shorter skirt,stockings , matching bra. I noticed bobs car was in the car park already so when I walked into the office his eyes would be straight on me. I walked in very casually pulled my chair out and sat down. Bob told me how hot I looked and as I said thank you I crossed my legs reveling my stocking tops. I just needed to know if that lump in his pants was his cock but I had not been successful in getting it hard so far. Lunch time came and he asked me if I would join him for a drink in the pub so as I know that the local pub is quiet I excepted. Bob went to the bar for the drinks and I went to the ladies and removed my bra and knickers. I was going to find out if that bulge was his cock if it was the last thing I did. When I returned from the ladies bob was sat down at a table and I went to join him as I sat down I crossed my legs so he could see my stockings. His eyes were all over me and as he watched me it made me want to perform. I crossed and uncrossed my legs so my skirt would ride way up and letting him see my shaved cunt. Bob was watching me like a hawk my cunt was dripping wet and finally I started to see some action in his pants the snake had started to uncoil. I could tell he was uncomfortable as he moved around trying to get his big cock in a comfy position. He called me a dirty bitch which turned me on even more, I asked him if the bulge in the back of his pants was his cock and he replied yes I have to fold it between my legs and what I could see in the office as the end of it when he bent over. I asked him how big it was and he answered 13inches. Fuck me I don't believe you. 13inches he said when it's rock hard and if you keep flashing me your cunt like that It's going to be there soon. Well that was like a red rag to a bull I looked around to make sure no one could see and I parted my legs so he could see all my open cunt and lifted my top to reveal my tits. I started to rub my nipples and squeeze my tits witn one hand and part my cunt, rub my clit with the other. I lifted my legs up so the heels of my shoes rested in the cloth of the bench seat and I let my knees fall apart and as wide as they'd go. I felt so horny with my skirt round my waist and my tits and cunt on full show for a relative stranger. Bob's cock must have been at full hardness and he started to wank it through his trousers. He was calling me alsorts of dirty names while he was wanking. I could feel a orgasm building in me and I started to buck on my fingers violently, I looked across at Bob and a large dark patch started to appear down his leg then I started to cum. I bit my lip as I came. When I looked down the seats were soaked with my cum.
We returned back to work and had a laugh about what we had done. But when I returned home I still needed some cock. Keeping my stockings on I tried tempting my fella into Fucking me but he was not taking the bait.
A week had gone by and the Xmas party was looming, this was my chance. I planned everything to military prosecution,want to wear,want to say and the empty room I could Fuck him in.
It was party night in the office, I got changed at work so my husband could not see what I was wearing or not as the case my be. I wore a short red skirt, tight black top,stocking suspenders no bra or knickers and some killer heels. The party was in the conference room and it was packed when I got there so no one really saw me arrive. I was getting a drink for the drinks table when I felt someone's hand going up my skirt when I turned round it was bob. Do I get to see that big cock today I asked. The room was so full we were pressed up against each other taking.i needed to get him horny so I lifted the front of my skirt and told him to finger my cunt. This was the first time he had touched me and before he had even got to the tops of my stockings my cunt was dripping wet. I hitched my skirt so it rjust covering my stockings and spread my legs so he could get his fingers in me, he wet his fingers with my juices then started working on my clit..god I felt such a slut. I pulled his zip down and pushed my hand inside feeling the base of his cock I tried pushing my hand further down trying to find the end. Fuck it was so thick at he base I could not get my hand round it. By now my cunt jucies were running down Bobs fingers and I was trying to wank his cock I was getting more frustrated as I still hand not seen if in the flesh and then god I started cumming. Fuck this dirty old bastard had done it again I had cum and still not see it. I told him how pissed off I was and he laughed and said one day maybe.
Over the Xmas break I had to go into work of some cover and knowing that I would be the only one in I put on a skirt and no knickers so I could have a play with my cunt if I got board. I was sat at my desk when the door opened and in walked Bob. What are you doing here I asked him, I've just dropped my wife off shopping and come to keep you company and wondered how I can make it up to you. You could start by not pissing me about and show me your cock I said. Ok he replied and with that he started to unzip his pants, my Xing was off again but this time it was as if I had pissed myself my juice was in full flow in anticipation of seeing his big cock please let him go all the way I said to myself. He slowly unzip his pants and then undid his buton, then he pulled them down to reveal a small pare of pants that were struggling to hold there contents. He slow pulled them down to reveal the biggest cock I had ever seen, it was half hard and look so Fucking thick and lond but he wasn't even hard yet. I think BOb was only planning on showing me it but I had other plan's. He had watched me rub my clit in the pud so I told him I wanted to watch him wank his cock he slowly pulled his foreskin back and forth. He could not get his hand round it fully as it must of been 6 inches thick. I watch it stiffen and grow in lenght. I started to walk over to him feeling my jucies starting to wet the insides of my thighs. I put my hands out wanting to touch it and he lifted it placing his big cock in my hands. I slowly wanked his monster cock and by now it was at full strength. I squat down to look at it closely and as I did my skirt rode up exposing my cunt. I slid my hand between my legs to see how wet I was my cunt was running wet so I slipped a finger inside me. Pulling his foreskin back I cautiously put his bell end to my lips pre cum was dripping from his cock. I lick his jucie and opened my mouth as wide as I could, I started sucking him hard while I fingered myself. I needed him to Fuck me so I stood up and walked over to my desk wiggling my bare arse for him. I sat up on my desk and spread my legs, I ran a finger up the middle of my Xing parting my lips. Please Fuck me I said, he walked over to me with his hard cock leading the way and stood between my legs. Slapping my clit with his bell end he smiled. Put it in me I begged. He started push his cock up me and l yelled out god it was so fucking big. He pushed it half way in then pulled out for another push as he did I screamed as I started to cum all over his cock. He was Fucking me faster and pushing further in as my cum lubricant his cock. I pulled up my top revealing my tits and I rubbed my nipples hard for him to suck. He lick my nipples between thrust and I pulled on them hard. I had never cum while been fucked from behind so I thought I would let him try. I pushed him out of me and turned round, bending over my desk I spread my legs and he entered me again, Bob was Fuck me from behind at full speed, I squeezed my tits as I started to cum on his cock for the second time. I could tell he was close to cum so I turned back round and sat back on my desk. I let him enter me again and he started pumping me hard I quickly pulled out his cock and wanked him all over my face, tits and cunt. His cum was everywhere. I rubbed his spunk into my cunt and tits as his cock was still shouting sperm. I sat up and sucked his cock clean before we dressed AMD he left to collect his wife. That night I told my husband what I had done and he fucked me crazy. Fucking Bob was the best thing I've ever done.

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